2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

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    2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    You'll notice that I don't have a receiver in my mock, as much as I love Golden Tate (ND), I think he may find his way into round 1 and I don't think BB would take him that high, though anything is possible.  He reminds me of Deion Branch in regards to size, speed and athleticism who knows how to get open and is a big play waiting to happen.  He also has a good understanding of the Charlie Weis offense and can provide additional value as a punt return man.

    With that being said, I believe they'll fill the 3rd receiver need through free agency and see how Brandon Tate develops.

    Below is my projection:

    1st rd #22 (assigned)   Brandon Spikes          ILB     Florida            6-3 257            He’s a tough, aggressive and instinctive player with good size/speed (6-3 250 4.7) and decent coverage/ball skills (6 career INT’s returning 4 for TD) who appears to be a possible 3 down backer at the next level. He’s was the emotional defensive leader for Gators and the Patriots are in need of some defensive leadership.  The Urban Meyer connection also comes into play and BB loves SEC players.  He'd look great playing next to Mayo. 

    2nd rd #44 (from Titans)        Ryan Mathews            RB       Fresno State   5-11
          Good size and speed, he can hammer the ball between the tackles or take it the distance.  He finished second in the nation with 1,808 yards to go along with 19 TD's while acting as one of the more consistent performers in the country (his only sub-100 game was one in which he got injured and only had 8 carries) and there is the Pat Hill connection to consider.  If Jonathan Dwyer slips to the bottom of the 1st or top of the second, he could be an option. 

    2nd rd  #47 (from Jags)         Kyle Calloway OT       Iowa    6-7 315

    Matt Light's contract expires following the 2010 season.   Sunday's game against Baltimore proved yet again that his time has passed as they need to get younger and more athletic along the OL.  Vollmer should be moved over to LT and I think they should draft another quality OT to eventually fill the RT position.  Kyle Calloway is a big, tough and athletic tackle that could fill the need.  He's a durable player who's effective blocking or the run and pass and has no problem getting to the second level to take on LB's.  There's also the Kirk Ferentz connection to keep in mind.  Mike Johnson (OG/OT, 6-5 305 Alabama) is another option. 

    2nd rd #53 (assigned) Kyle Wilson     CB       Boise State      5-10 190

    With the futures of Leigh Bodden (potential free agent), Jonathan Wilhite (does his best to ensure other teams complete as many passes as possible) and Terrence Wheatley (not yet able to get consistent burn) the team could use an influx of youth and talent at the CB position.  Wilson is a guy who shows excellent instincts and ball skills (11 career INT's, 2 TD's) with the speed, quickness and COD skills necessary to be left on an island in man or work his area in zone coverage.  He also shows some special teams potential with an 8.8 average on 90 career punt returns with 3 TD's and you know how Belichick loves players with versatility. 

    4th rd (assigned)         Jermaine Cunningham         OLB    Florida            6-3 252

    Good athleticism, show's good speed and first step off the snap. He was a DE in Florida's scheme, but projects to more of a 3-4 OLB at the NFL level and has experience dropping into zone coverage, he's also been effective rushing the passer with 18 career sacks.  He's a tough player that has played through injury who plays to the whistle and was a two year captain for Florida.  He also has experience playing special teams which should be appealing to BB and again, the Urban Meyer connection comes into play. 

    6th rd (assigned)         Jimmy Graham          TE       Miami 6-8 260

                Former UM basketball player who joined the football team for the 2009 season.  He's extremely raw, but has excellent athleticism.  He had 14 Rec for 185 yrdas and 5 TD's on the year.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    you left out undrafted free agents
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I think I'd flip your #1 and #2s as i see the need at RB as the more crucial. I'd like to see the pats do whatever it takes to get a blue chip, true feature back instead of hanging onto collossal flops or bargain basement retreads with threads showing. 
    WE can't afford to simply draft the best athlete available any more. We have needs that need to be filled ASAP! 

    OLB/DE should be our second pick, maybe even second and third. We can't depend on anything from Crable or AT, which leaves two gaping holes.

    I like spikes as a LB and callaway at T. If they're still available, grab either with our third second rounder.

    I suspect we might see our draft positions changing due to BB trading oakland's pick for several 2nd and 3rd rounders this year. Wuth those 3-4 picks, we look for Olline, CB and WR. 

    Jimmie graham sounds like a monster. They could afford to take a flyer on a guy like that at a position that's not in critical need with a 6th rounder.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    i think that DE/OLB is most crucial so we should take care of that in the first.  if brandon graham from michigan is available i say we jump all over that.  in the second round we should get the best available OL, another DE/OLB, and solid RB.  in that order.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Do they make CB any bigger or are we trying to corner the market on Smurfs who get eaten alive?
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Love your picture!
    Also agree we need bigger CBs.  Wilhite and Wilhelm are busts.  BB allowed a lot of good CBs to get past us the last few drafts.  Hopefully he will do better this draft.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

     I posted this on a couple of other threads, below is a list of dual threat lead backs currently in the NFL that were acquired after, so I'm not worried about burning the 1st pick on a back:

    Forte, Matt- 40th (rd 2)

    Rice, Ray- 55th (rd 2)

    Jones-Drew, Maurice- 60th (rd 2)

    Smith, Kevin- 64th (rd 3)

    Gore, Frank- 65th (rd 3)

    Charles, Jamaal- 73rd (rd 3)

    Harrison, Jerome- 145th (rd 5)

    Grant, Ryan- Undrafted

    Jackson, Fred- Undrafted

    Thomas, Pierre- Undrafted 

    I also don't think they draft a DE/OLB high just because it's an apparent need.  I think they stick with the philosophy of drafting the best available player, though I think Hughes, Kindle and Graham will certainly be in the mix.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Tcal2, FLACFAN,
    I think every team would like to have 6 ft +, 200 lb + CB's to help offset the size of bigger NFL receivers, however it's not always possible to find big corners who move quick in and out of breaks and have good change of directions skills.  This is why BB and his personnel staff generally lean towards smaller corners with mixed results over the years.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I don't want a RB that high.  I want OL and DL and OLB.  TE has been a black hole for years now, so even using a 6th rounder for that seems a waste, unless we decide to change the offense.

    I loved Vrabel, but did anyone feel like I did whenever he caught a TD with the offense, that if we had a TE that could catch the ball and block we wouldn't have needed Vrabel that way?
    I do like Golden Tate also, particularly his ability to come down with tough catches and almost never drop a catchable ball.  If his stock rises I'd consider offering next year's Raiders pick for him.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    A DE/OLB that can get after the QB and make plays behind the line of scrimmage is certainly a huge need for this team though it doesn't necessarily mean they'll fill that need in rd 1.  I do see Graham, Hughes and Kindle as options their though.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I don't think we will pick at 22, I do think we trade out and I think it will be the bucs calling, they have two 2nd round picks and a third.  The point value for our 22nd equals their 35th and 67th so with that in mind here's my first what i'm hopping for.

    2nd 35th (from Bucs-my mock) Ricky Sapp DE/OLB 6'4" 245 Clemson
    2nd 44th (from Titans) Ryan Matthew RB 5'11 223 Fresno State
    2nd 47th (from Jags) Jared Odrick DT 6'4" 306 Penn State
    2nd 50th (from Chief for Matt Light-my mock) Eric Decker WR 6'3" 207 Minnesota
    2nd 53rd (assigned) Tony Washington OT 6'6" 300 Abilene Christian 
    3rd 67th (from Bucs-my mock) Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB 6'0" 199 Indiana (PA)
    4th (assigned) Kam Chancellor S 6'3" 225 Virginia Tech
    6th (assigned) Josh Hull ILB 6'3" Penn State
    7th (assigned) Danny Batten DE/OLB 6'3" 250 South Dakota State
    7th (Philly) Jeff Owens DT 6'3" 306 Georgia

    Dreaming I know but wouldn't this put the team back on tract?

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    I like most of your position choices (can't render a qualified opinion about the specific guys).
    But you have only 1 OL pick.  Is that enough?  Who is going to block for Mathews?  I'm no Maroney fan, but this OL is getting old and blown off the ball.  I see them needing a RT and OG.  I'd pass on the WR 2nd round you have, hope B. Tate comes back strong and pick an OL-man in that spot instead.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    It would certainly be nice to have 5 second rd picks, though I think it's unrealistic, especially getting a 2nd rounder for Matt Light, IMO they'd be lucky to get a 5th for him.

    I'm a huge Mathews guy and I also love Decker as an option, he'd be a great fit as a #3 receiver that could play outside opposite Moss, he's big, tough, smart and runs good routes, he's also been extremely productive in the Big Ten (227 REC, 3,119 YDS AND 24 TD in his career).  He may slip in the draft (possibly rounds 3-5) as he's not scheduled to be  healed from his foot injury until the May-June timeframe which will cause him to miss all post season bowls, the combine as well as any pro-days.

    I could see them trying Chancellor at the S/LB hybrid role that they envisioned for Tank Williams.

    Hull is another guy I've read some decent press on, he has good size and comes from LB U, so that can't hurt.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    Here's what I invision for the OL

    2010 Roster LT Vollmer, LG Mankins, C Connolly, RG Ohrnberger, RT Tony Washington

    mb Matthews is a stud and I would love to see him as a Patriot with Toby G. as my second option.  I know getting all those 2nd rounders is not totally realistic specially the 2nd for Light but who knows maybe a 4th I think. 
    I really hope the Pats take a chance on Chancellor, IMO this guy will be a very solid player.  Heck put 20lbs on him and put him next to Mayo, I think he would have no problems there but he would certainly be an asset.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I'm still holding out some hope for this guy....

    Strengths: Strong linebacker with an ideal frame…stout player with good bulk…has the strength to play SAM linebacker at the next level…good athleticism for his size…terrific blitzer for a linebacker…solid lower body strength…able to hold his own at the point of attack…does an adequate job covering tight ends, using his strength to jam them well…disruptive force in the backfield…

    Weaknesses: Only two years as a starter…instincts are a bit questionable…attempts to use his strength too frequently…does not understand leverage use…can be sucked in by play action…not a playmaker in coverage…needs to develop a better pass rush repertoire…work ethic is questioned…

    Overall: Crable stands out as one of the top prospects for the SAM position at the NFL level. He also fits the 3-4 scheme as an OLB, where he would be an ideal fit next to a pure pass rusher. He is a terrific athlete with a good frame, and he had a very productive season in 2007 for Michigan, with an obscene 28.5 tackles for a loss. His versatility and high upside make him a very attractive prospect for a number of teams

    Shawn Crable, I'm probably being too optimistic but he should know the system by now.  Wrap him in bubble wrap so he can see a football feild before he retires.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Crable had potential, now he is just gravy if he ever contributes
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    1st Round- Brandon Graham,OLB                       Height: 6-2 Weight: 268

    2nd Round- Ryan Matthews,RB         Height: 5-11 Weight: 215

    2nd Round- Devin McCourty,CB       Height: 5-11 Weight: 190

    2nd Round- Mardy Gilyard,WR         Height: 6-1 Weight: 187

    4th Round- O’Brien Schofield,OLB    Height: 6-3 Weight: 242

    6th Round- Andrew Quarless,TE        Height: 6-5 Weight: 253

    7th Round- Brent Bowden,P               Height: 6-3 Weight: 206

    7th Round- Emmanuel Sanders,WR   Height: 5-11 Weight: 180

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Kindle, Wooten, Hughes, none of them seperate themselves from one an another. And teams will lay off them because of all the bust the past couple years. If we dont take one at 22, and I dont think we should, theres not a big need from teams below us. Most will be available in the 2nd, Im glad all you guys screaming about a pass rush arnt running this team. And most of you dont know what your talking about, your just saying the same things everyone else is to sound like you know what your talking about. This draft is deep, but theres not many guys that clear cut studs. I have 4-5 DT's, 5-6 olinemen, 3-4 DE's taking in the first , maybe even 7-8 olinemen, most OLB's will be there in the 2nd.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I won't spoil anyone's dreams and I like the ideas being bantied about.The Patriots were high on 2 LB's off their practice squad at the end of the season and they have McKenzie coming back next year after a full year of rehab,the other two guys came from USC and UCLA Thomas Williams and Bruce Davis,so though they could use a stud backer I'm not sure that BB will spend his chips on one in the first round,I counted no less than 16 OLB,ILB and hybrid DE's in this years draft,so they can be set aside for the second round.As for RB I like Matthews,Tate,Gerhart,though I think Spiller is a game breaker.WR someone mentioned Decker and that is my Brothers favorite rookie coming out but I like the 3 unsung WR's Donald Brown from Youngstown St.,Freddie Barnes from Bowling Green,and Seyo Ajirotutu from Fresno ST. Here's another thing you can watch and that is what KC does with Cassel now that Charlie Wies is the OC,you could see them trade Matt and draft both Golden Tate and Claussen it would be a risk but Charlie knows what he had in ND.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    Sure there are guys from later rounds who have become big time backs. But the list of guys from those later rounds who are not even in football is many, many times longer.  We've seen here a 6th round QB who became an MVP. A miracle for sure in Tommy's case but what are the odds overall of a 6th rounder even making the team? Slim at best. Probably something along the lines of 250:1.

    Its always a crap shoot in the draft but the odds are better that a 3rd rounder becomes a keeper than a 4th rounder. Odds are better for a 2nd rounder becoming an all-pro than a 3rd, and so on up the line.

    My point is that taking an elite RB high in the first round maximizes the odds that we'll actually end up with the feature back that we need.  Sure, he could be a bust. Look at maroney baloney and vernon gholston. But, the odds of getting a star are much better in the first round than they are  in the 3rd, 4th, etc., etc.

    I know we have other critical needs but I think the most critical of all is a solid, dependable, kick-azz 1000+ yard non-fumbling RB if we're to become a contender again. Nevermind WRs; a dominant running game will greatly improve our passing game.

    We've got months to BS about the draft and, if we can't be in the SB, this is the second best thing!
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    It's a given that the higher the round generally means the better your chance of landing a quality player.  This draft isn't heavy top 15 RB talent with only one back (CJ Spiller) projected to go that high.  That leaves multiple potential lead backs (Mathews, Dwyer, Best etc) available in the late 1st early 2nd which is where I project them taking Ryan Mathews (early 2nd). The draft could certainly shake out differently...

    I don't see NE drafting a RB in the 1st round just to draft a RB in the 1st round, nor do I see them trading into the top 15 for Spiller.

    I agree, I love me some draft talk.....

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    It would be a pleasant surprise if he were to be healthy for a full season well for a few games.  He has the upside and frame that BB loves in an OLB but we can't keep waiting for him.  I think he's talent alone merits a spot on the roster but we must move on and pick another or two OLBs. 

    If he can finally play and turns out to be what he was projected to become that will be more than we could have hopped for.  I hope Crable comes back healthy, finally, and plays lights out.  He's got something to prove now, I think he will play like a man playing to remain in the league which is actually reality.  If he gets hurt again cut him.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    WE need to draft someone to take Seymore's place on the d-line.Green/ Wright CAN'T GET IT DONE on a regular basis.Also in the later rounds pick up a punter.Your thoughts?
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I agree Dwhite,

    When the Pats brought three and dropped Linebackers into coverage there was zero pressure.  Bringing 3 is the same as bringing zero, they need to be able to create a push or that defense is useless, the QB was able to wait as long as he wanted for openings.  Blitzing didn't do much better.  Overall they need something from the D-line and OLB position to be competitive.

    Right now AD, Banta-Cain or Crable could all be on the team next year or none of them may be on the team.  BB's assessment of those 3 will decide how high the Pats look for an OLB.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Drafting a DL or P is certainly a possibility though expecting the player to 'replace' Seymour's production, leadership and versatility might be a bit unrealistic, assuming they're not trading into the top 3 to grab Suh or McCoy.  He was a key player in building the foundation of the Patriot's Dynasty.