2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    Good mock

    akaitcho, Mays will not make it pass the seahawks.  They need a leader and hard hitter and Mays fits that mold it also doesn't hurt the new coach in seattle happens to be his college coach.

    Merri could play CB IMO, he wouldn't have to worry about so much space and could be a better CB than he is a SS.
    I like Kyle Wilson at 22.  I have also read that Dan Williams is rising up mocks, if VW is not back Williams could be the replacement and should be there at 22.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Round 1

    Mike Iupati OG

    Round 2

    Jerry Hughes OLB (TCU)

    Kyle Wilson - CB (Boise State)

    Toby Gerhart RB (Stanford)

    Round 4

    Torrel Troup NT (cetral florida)

    Round 5

    Jason Veldheer OT (Hillsdale)the next vollmer!

    Round 6

    Perry Riley OLB (LSU)

    Round 7

    Zoltan Mesko P (Michigan) or Jeremy Boone P (Penn State)

     Richard Dickson TE/FB (LSU)

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Enjoy the game today boys!  I'm not sure if the local steak and beer establishment will put the game on, so pats, faucet, itcho etc, I look forward to some feedback on the game....
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Mardy Gilyard possesion receiving and quick decisions on returns impressive so far.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Daryl Washington and Brandom Graham nice game so far to for both.
    Graham nearly unstoppable on the Pass rush, even with Iupati against him.
    Daryl some nice movement. He's playin OLB, Graham DE.
    Both are 1st rounders for Mayock.
    Graham will be my first round pick next week on the update, don't know where I put Washington.

    Iupati struggled at the beginning, holding penalties, and was responsible for a sack. Later then better
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Jared Odrick/DL/Penn State:Odrick looked like a man possessed on Wednesday and was impossible to stop. He was both quick and powerful, defeating blocks off the snap with a great first step or powerfully moving opponents off the line with great leg drive. After showing flashes the first two days, Odrick really put it together today.

    Read More:http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/football/nfl/01/27/senior.bowl.day.3/index.html#ixzz0e8eEM9BC
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    If we are not going to trade AT ALL (highly unlikely) I would like:

    Rd 1 - OG Iupati or TE Gresham or DE/DT Dunlap

    Rd 2 - ILB Spikes or DT/DE Odrick (trade up to get in position here)

    Rd 2 - DE Wootton or CB Ghee or WR Tate

    Rd 2 - WR Benn/Bryant or OG DuCasse or TE Hernadez

    If the last pick in rd 2 can get us Bouldin then I'd do that trade over a hit and miss possible Chad Jackson being picked, I'd def rather have Tate then him though.

    I want to leave the draft with a stud DE/DT upgrade to Jarvis Green, a starting OG to replace Neal and either a very good TE or CB.

    If we can't get Spikes then sign Keith Bullock as a stop-gap who can play the downs Guyton is too skinny for. If we can't get a TE then keep Watson. We should keep Bodden regardless of if we draft a CB. 

    I think we should keep the same RB's from last year, in case Oakland's pick can become Ingram, but also b/c it was more an )-line prob and we should upgrade the line ASAP.

    And of course, forget an OLB pass-rusher this draft and just sign Julius Peppers:-)
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Last years draft should have been:

    1 - WR Percy Harvin, OG/C Eric Wood

    2 - S - Patrick Chung, CB Darius Butler, OT Sebastian Vollmer

    3 - DE/DT - Roy Miller, WR Juquin Iglesias

    4 - ILB Jasper Brinkley

    5 - traded

    6 - DT Myron Pryor

    7 - WR Julian Edelman

    kept Hobbs and Vrabel, signed S Dawkins over McGowan and Ty Law over Springs

    traded Cassell to Denver for a 1st and 3rd, traded Denver's 1st for Julius Peppers, traded Seymour before the draft for Oakland's 2nd rd picks in '09/'10 and resigned Vince before this season

    ah well:-)
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Graham MVP
    He was outstanding, would love to see him as a patriot.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I have to echo what most are saying here.  Brandon Graham has shot up on my board.  He reminds me of a shorter version of Willy McGinest but a lot faster.  I'd be all over him at #44 if he lasts that long which is now in doubt.  I'd play him both as a 4-3 DE and a 3-4 OLB.  I think he has the ability to do both.  He played smart, was always in position, I didn't see him miss on a play. 

    The other guy who really impressed was Dan Williams.  He looks like a steal now at #22.  I think he could actually replace Wilfork if we lose him. 

    Weatherspoon and Washington both impressed as did Taylor Mays although I don't think the fit our needs.  I've got to tell you mb, Blout played like a man possessed carrying 6-7 guys 8-10 yards several times.  He looked like a bulldozer once into the 2nd level.  LBs and S were bouncing off him. 

    Iupati hurt himself with his technique.  Williams got the better of him IMO.  Cody looked okay but I'd take Williams and his low center of gravity over Cody.  Iupati might be there at 22 now.  I am re-thinking him if Williams is there.

    I just finished the 3rd quarter (tivo) so will add more comments later...
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I have some terrible news, I was not able to watch the game!  I will see how much of it I can see on ESPN or I'm sure it will be replayed during the week on NFL network.

    So boys what did I miss?  How did Wilson do?  From Faucets and aka's coments Graham was outstanding.  Did anyone get to see Lee Campbell MLB? 

    mb how did Rolle look?  Did he look like he took a year off or did he play well?

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    if you didn't already see the highlights.

    I didn't see Lee Campbell or Rolle.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I saw Rolle on special teams.  He didn't do much.  They interviewed him and he seems eager to play.  The comments are he will get drafted but I for one would not expect it until late 3rd at the earliest, more likely 4-5 round. 

    McCluster showed off his speed a couple of times breaking away and running for first downs but he also but the ball on the ground once.  Tebow really hurt himself.  8-12, 50 yards with 2 fumbles.  He badly under threw a couple of receivers and when scrambling got nowhere.  Comments are he might make a better H back. 

    Odrick was solid.  I think we need to get either him or D. Williams since both I think can play anywhere on the line.  Graham had the game of his life, 5 tackles, 1 for a loss, 2 sacks, a forced fumble.  None of the LTs they put on him could stop him.  I wouldn't be shocked if he's gone by 22 after that performance.

    Mardy Gilyard had a big game but his idol is Terrell Owens and he appears to have the same mouth.  The Jacoby Ford showed off his speed.  Riley Cooper had a big catch during the 2 min drill setting up a TD but I didn't see them throw his way much.

    Zach Robinson looked great right before half leading his team to a TD.  Dan LeFevour also looked good but mostly with his legs.  I would put both of those guys ahead of Tebow now.

    Kyle Wilson was talked about a lot and he nearly had a pick but I didn't see too much coverage of him.  Devin McCourty had a solid game and was picked on a bit.  He looked good in coverage except for a PI call.  Arenas returned a punt 60 yards but it was called back.  He will be a solid nickel and great return guy.  He ran into Blount on one play and held on to help make the tackle. 

    Blount was a one man wrecking crew.  Obviously he played like a man possessed with a lot to prove but can he bring it each week and keep his temper in check?  Anthony Dixon was disappointing but didn't get many touches.

    Colin Peek had a nice TD grab and looked like a giant out there. 

    The big story was the front 7 of the Defense for the North.  They dominated the whole game.  I will watch the game again as I'm sure I missed a few things.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Is it me or does this year's draft class look exceptionally deep?

    Lots of talent to be had in rounds 2-4, with no 3rd's for the Pats (what a shame). 

    Like some of you, I like the idea of trading out our 22nd pick for 2 2nd rounders or a 2nd and 3rd. I think there is a log jam of talent from late first to early 3rd, and picking up additional round 2's would be huge for us. 

    Who I don't like with the 1, if Pats decide to keep;
    1. Kindle
    2. Hughes
    3. Gresham

    Who I do like with the 1 if Pats decide to keep;
    1. Lupati
    2. Graham

    If Lupati or Graham are not there at 22, trade out. If both are there, I take Graham, and hope Lupati makes it to early round 2 where if still available, I trade up to snag him. Given Graham's plat at the SB, I would be surprised if he drops to 22. 

    Many wild cards that could help really add talent this year
    1. Will we tag and trade Wilfork (another 1st rounder + some)
    2. What do we do with Oaklands 2011 1st rounder?...Move up to this year?

    Basically, I want the Pats to add more 2nd and 3rd rounders this year due to depth in this year's draft. Any other ways guys to do this?

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    To everyone here.  WE ARE NOT USING THE 2011 OAK PICK THIS YEAR.  We could have gotten Oaks pick this year, we decided NOT to.  So why would they now trade it.  Stop dreaming in Madden and keep the discussions realistic, at the least a little realistic..

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Dont forget the wilfork picks

    Let me tell you something, when it comes to being evil, Hitler and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I kill babies. And I hate the American people.
    Hillary Clinton
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Nice job boys!

    Seems the consensus is, Graham was an absolute beast out there.  I think the one play I did catch was him owning Ciron Black (atleast I think it was Ciron Black, LT, had and LSU looking helmet) for a sack.  His play this week is going a long way towards challenging BB's height premium on 3-4 OLB's.  He could be utilized in a more pass rush only type role similar to Elvis Dumervil until he develops some zone coverage skills.  Did anyone see if he was asked top operate in space/drop into coverage yesterday?

    Also good news on Odrick/Williams, I think both are certainly options for NE high in this draft, Williams as a versatile, potential replacement for Wilfork if he's not on the roster next year and Odrick as the ideal fit as a big, tall, nasty 3-4 DE that can do it all.

    Did they by chance talk about Cooper and his ability (or lack there of) to beat his man at the line vs. press/man coverage and create seperation in space?

    Too bad there is no more feedback on Rolle, I was really interested to see how he played.  I'll have to check the regular draft sites to see what the scouts said.

    Faucet, I hear you on Blount.  I'm just so high on the thought of NE bringing in pure character "football players" to help change the overall culture and mentality of the locker room, that Blount goes against my beliefs.  Then again, we're talking about kids here, I'm sure a lot of these guys get into a scrape every now and again, most just don't throw haymakers on national television, ha.


    A lot of us share your thought process, unfortunately, I think a lot of NFL teams do too, which could make it hard to trade down this year.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    You had me until you talked about tagging and trading Wilfork and moving Oakland's pick up to 2010.  I agree with your assessement of the depth and talent in this draft.  While it would be nice to have a 3rd rounder or another 2nd, keep in mind, we have 4 picks in the top 54; most teams only have 2 picks and some teams have only 1.

    Again, Wilfork cannot be traded unless and until he signs the near certain Franchise Tag.  He WILL NOT sign it before the draft because he needs to hold out to gain leverage to work out a Samuel type deal.

    WE insisted that Oakland give us their 1st in 2011 not 2010 because we think there will be a rookie salary cap in the new CBA which should be in place by 2011.  I say "should be" in place because if it isn't, the players will be locked out.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I'm high on a bunch of guys that you mentioned, specifically Iupati, Odrick, Spikes, Tate, Benn and Hernandez.

    Iupati is an absolute monster!

    Odrick has the size, skill set, versatility and demeanor to be an ideal fit as a 3-4 DE in a BB defense.

    Spikes I love as a potential partner to Mayo as a 3-4 ILB.  It'd be amazing to watch these two guys use their size, speed and instincts to quickly diagnose plays, locate the ball and blow up the ball carrier.

    Tate is probably my favorite player in the draft, I could go on all day about him.

    Benn is another guy that I've become high on as of late as he has the size/skill set and athleticism to replace Moss as the teams #1 down the road.

    Hernandez, looks like that tough, 'versatile jack of all trades' type player that can play all over the field in all sorts of schemes.  I'm sure the coaching staff could think of some creative ways to utililze him.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    I was only reporting how Blount looked.  I was not advocating that we draft him.  I do think he will shoot up the boards and go ahead of some of the backs we've been discussing which hopefully drops someone into our laps.  I agree with you on the character issue.  This team needs to stay away from hot heads and big heads and find some character guys with leadership.  I was impressed with Graham's interview after the game.  He was fairly humble, talked about hard work, talked about not caring if he plays 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE.  He said he just wants a chance to play and will go wherever coach thinks he can help the team.

    I did not see Graham dropping back in coverage and I was looking for it.  Still, it is always a bit of a gamble converting a DE to OLB.  But if you consider we are almost certain to be losing Jarvis Green and possibly TBC Graham can be used to rush the passer while he learns coverage skills.  I think he is a strong candidate for us if he lasts until 22.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    For Graham, some one another thread had mentioned this, but it'll be interesting to see how Graham performs at the combine where teams can get an idea of his speed and how fluid his hips look during positional drills.  This will be a good indicator to his potential as a complete 3-4 guy vs. a situational pass rusher.  You'd think Graham could at the very least be that pure, edge rush guy similar to Dumervil in Denver. 

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I doubt we stick at 22 unless the one guy Bill wants somehow drops to there or is close enough we can move up with out stripping ourselves bare. I just have a feeling we might move up as much as 10 spots.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    IMO, if they move up it's for one guy, Roland McClain, the ILB from Alabama.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I'm trying to figure out who might be available at #22 by taking out the players most certain to be gone.  I came up with a consensus group of 16 players that are nearly certain to be gone.  I didn't assess team needs, just looked at the best players.  Any feedback on this list?  I will try to pick the next 16 later.  The top 16 on my board in no particular order are:

    Almost Certain to be Gone by 22
    1DTSuh 9QBBradford 2DT
    2FSBerry 10ILBMcClain 2DE
    3DTMcCoy 11WRBryant 2FS
    4OTOkung 12DEDunlap 2OT
    5CBHaden 13FSMays 2CB
    6RBSpiller 14OGIupati 2QB
    7QBClausen 15OTT. Williams 1ILB
    8DEMorgan 16DTD. Williams 1RB
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Wow Graham showed why he has been so talked about.  By the draft this kid might move into the top 20.
    Plifer I'm kind of with you, I think if my draft time we can't get a deal for VW we get some picks for him.  Now on the 2011 pick I don't know about that one.  Would it be nice with the depth to get an extra pick for two this year but thinking that pick might be too good to trade.  Now it could be we trade the Patriots 2011 pick which should be high 20s (I hope 32 myself)

    As I was preparing my mock I had some very tough decisions and came to the conclusion I need more picks to get everyone I want.

    I think Odrick is the man at 22, Graham might not be there.  With teams moving to a 34 and him been able to play a 43 DE someone will jump on him before 22nd.  If we can pickup Odrick it will be a good pick for 22. 

    This is a very deep draft on multiple positions, nice thing is most of those are the ones we need the most improvement on DL, OLB, RB, WR you can also argue interior OL has good depth.

    I want to see more of a kid by the name Lee Campbell of Minnesota as ILB.  He has the same messurables as McClain.  He's not close to been him but is a solid player and would be an improvement.  Right now he goes anywhere from the 4th to 6th round.  He's 6"3" 243lbs, has played multiple possitions but is listed as MLB.

    With Blount running as hard as he did his stock is going to be on the rise and maybe adds another back into the 2nd round range.  This can only be good for the Pats as IMO will have multiple guys to choose from in the late 2nd.

    I don't remember (and I've been following drafts for a few years) a year where I had so much trouble with mocks because of so much depth.  In three years from now we could be looking and grading this draft as the best in Pats history from the first pick to the last.  Even in the 7th round there are some DL/OL guys who would take a year or two to develop but should be solid #2 or even starters.
    example a guy like Martin Tevaseu UNLV projected as a late round (6th or 7th) but IMO would be projected higher in other years.  He's 6'2" 340, nasty DT will be a nice late rnd pick to try at NT.