2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    we have two picks in the first 34 ..........we won't keep either of them.............BB will trade down...........AGAIN
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I think the Pats can pickup a punter as a UFA or before through FA.  Kosh from the ravens avg is 44.7 yards a punt I would like to sign him away from Baltimore.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

      Defencive line and Offencive line.

     Fix those problems first. We have plenty of skill position players.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Hey guys.
    I think the priorities should be on the DL and OLB spot.
    Suh and McCoy would be great, but I don't think it will happen. This years first round and next years (ours or Oaklands) for Suh or McCoy and a 2nd oder 3rd rounder this year could be possible, but I don't think BB will do it.
    But just imagination of suh(McCoy) wilfork and brace on the same line is great.
    I think BB sticks with his DL, and drafts an OLB first.
    I can't say who they will draft, 'cause I'm in Germany and don't have a good overview of the draft class..

    But who knows, BB is unpredictable at times.

    What do you think to draft Tebow in the second round if he falls to one of our picks?

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

     I like Spikes in round 1 but I think the Pat's need to find a way to get Golden Tate on the roster. I think his stock will rise the closer it gets to draft day. It looks like it will take a late 1st round pick to land him. Maybe we could put a package together together to move into the end of round one to get him. He reminds me of Percy Harvin the way he runs after the catch, I think he will be a better receiver than Harvin. He has great hands and tremendous YAC, he doesn't go down easily. Here are some highlights

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Tate for Oaklands first round pick next year would be great but I don't see BB doin it.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    dfitzp, if what brad Childress said last year is true I think you might be on to something.

    Childress the Viks coach said he pulled one over BB and the Patriots.  Childress was convinced the Pats were sitting and waiting to pickup Harvin and that is part of the reason they traded that pick to the ravens.

    If it is true the Pats 1st round target last year was harvin I can see the same mentality this year.  I agree Tate looks like a better receiver, he's got amazing vertical and I trully believe he made the QB look better at ND than the other way around.  He's a talented player I just don't know about a 5'11 receiver as the 1st pick even as talented as Tate seems to be.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Tate also has a good understanding of Charlie Weis' pro style offense which is similar to the one currently utilized by NE (and butchered by O'Brien).  That kind of knowledge would certainly accelerate his acclimation into the offense allowing him to be productive more quickly.  The kid fights to get open, wants the ball during crunch time and has the hands and toughness to make plays over the middle.

    Personally I don't see BB trading into rd 1 to get him, but I could see him moving up in rd 2 if he slips a bit.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    What about getting Tebow in Round 1 and use him as a RB and TE and wildcat QB. 
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    aka, why pick Tebow in rnd 1 to play any position when there are players who are experienced on that position and play at a much higher level tebow would?

    He's a 3rd or 4th round pick, they only way he goes in the first is if the Jags figure they need him (which they do) to sell tickets and do not want any other team reaching for him.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Tebow may not make it past pick 10 as its rumored that both Buffalo (9) and Jax (10) have interest in him. 

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    It sounds a bit crazy. I was thinking that the patriots could go with 2 QB's in the shotgun formation, Brady and then Tebow as RB. 2nd QB, so it would be the patriots way of wildcat. sometimes tebow blocks the pass rushers, sometimes he runs and other times he throws the ball, and in a few years he can be the heir of brady.
    It's a crazy thought I know but who knows what BB thinks. 

    I hope you understand how i mean it, and my english isnt that bad, I'm from germany...
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Your english is very good.

    I'm as high on Tebow as anyone on this board and personally think he could be the future NE QB as I love what he brings to the table in regards to intangibles, leadership, athleticism, versatility, size and arm strength etc.

    He's also going to need quite a bit of fine tuning to his mechanics and throwing motion as its currently far too long and slow.  He also  hasn't been used much under center so he'd probably need some refinement on his drops etc.

    I think NE will extend Brady after next year to atleast a 3 year deal so he would have some extended time for said refinement.  That wouldn't stop BB from using him creatively though as you mentioned above, though I prefer to see the ball in Brady's hands as much as possible. 
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    On the other hand the patriots still have plenty of time to get a heir for Brady.
    And to get 2 young LB beside Mayo sounds also sweet, Spikes in the first round and Hughes/Sapp/Kindle (if he drops this deep) in the second, alongside with an RB like Mathews or WR like Lafell or Tate if he drops and OL like Ducass.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Please, please, not Tebow.  Nothing against the kid, but ...

    (1) We have far greater needs

    (2) If you wanted to run wildcat, you could use Edelman.  Edelman has already shown elusive ability and is tough to bring down by one guy. Plus, he too has a QB background.  And Edelman has proven he can succeed at the next level.  Tebow could turn out to be Eric Crouch II

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    It's inevitable that any thread about the draft will eventually turn down the Tebow road.  Whether he turns out to be a good nfl player or not, he's one of the most intriguing players to come out in a long time, IMO.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    Hey Guys, 

    I had a bit time to browse and would like to know what you think of my mock.


    First Round: 

    C.J.Spiller - We need a new playmaker at RB. Maroney had his chance and blew it several times. With Spiller we would have a much more balanced offense like we had in every SB season under BB. He's explosive and has pretty good hands too.


    Tim Tebow - Like I said before I like this guy, his athleticism, strength, and work ethic. He smart enough to play  hybrid QB/TE/RB as a Patriots version of wildcat, and in a few years could replace Tom Terrific. He's a leader and proven winner.


    Second Round:

    Jerry Hughes - Versatile, athletic and smart, but a bit too small for BB's likings 

    Option:Brandan Graham -  see Patsfan

    Brandon Lafell - He's big, has good ball skills, is tough and physical, gets yards after the catch by breaking tackles and is a good blocker.

    Ricky Sapp - Another DE/OLB, because we need to get younger.


    Forth Round:

    Charles Scott - I would see him as great supplement for Spiller, blocking for him or punching it through at the goal line, would be a great 1-2 punch.

    Option: A DL or ILB


    Sixth Round:

    Jimmy Graham -  Same as Patsfan.


    Now my explanation.

    I like yours Patsfan, but I don't think ILB is our first pick, we have McKenzie coming back and Guyton isn't that bad. So we have three young ILB, maybe add one through FA or later in the draft for depth.

    I think we need some real good Passrushing OLB, but there is such a depth that I don't think our first pick will be an OLB either.

    Our OL already has some youth and when Mankins comes back we will be fine, perhaps trade Light and get an OT with that pick.

    Our DBs will be fine too with a better pass rush and the hopefully longterm signing of Leigh Bodden.

    The WRs should be fine too with Lafell coming in opposite Moss and Edelman in the slot till Welker returns.

    The RBs would be great with Spiller and Scott alongside Taylor and Faulk as Mentors, and Green-Ellis as part time FB.


    That are the reasons I would draft 2 OLBs and 2 RBs.



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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    The theory of a 2 QB formation is interesting.  I don't see the Pats doing it, I'm not sure any team would do it.  The Eagles used it a little with Vick, but he is probably leaving after this year.  The NFL isn't very innovative, and a coach that tried that would not be given much time to make it work.  I would like to see more exotic plays in the NFL like college football does, but it's a risk most teams are not willing to take.  I would think someone like St. Louis or Detroit would be willing to try anything to get something going. 

    Somebody will get Tebow, and whoever does would probably be better off if they don't just keep him in the pocket to be a traditional passer.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I can't say that I know about Charlie Scott and Spiller won't be available when the Patriots draft in the first round. They might have a shot at Matthews in the 22nd spot and he would be a solid choice but BB tends to go after Trench guys with his picks. I really think he would prefer to trade out and gain more picks,value is what he'll be looking for also he can sign 2nd round picks for longer contracts. So unless he can move up into the top 10 he more than likely moves out of the 1rst round.Quality and Quantity is all over this draft. 15 DB's,16 LB's,9 DE's,10 DT's,8 RB's,15 wr's,14 OT's,6 g's,3 C's,3 FB's,5 TE's,and 10 QB's=109 total top shelf Draft choices and these are just the top players with pedigrees,there are probably another 150 I've never heard of or who have played in obscurity.I think this a very deep draft.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    Thanks man!  You seem to be pretty knowledgable as well based on your analyis.

    We certainly appear to have similar tastes in players as I'm high on Graham, Scott, Tate and Arenas.

    As much as I'd love for them to go after a 3-4 rush OLB high, the more I think about it, the more I think they won't do it....unless BB has completely changed his views on the position and the premium he places on said heigh requirement of 6-4, 6-5.  The passed multiple times on a guy I was high on last year Connor Barwin, he's an extremely athletic 6-4 256 OLB/TE prospect with a skill set and appearance similar to Vrabel.  He brought ideal size, athleticism, versatility, smarts, and toughness etc and they still passed (though appearing to show a great interest in him leading up to the draft).  He eventually went 46th overall (2nd round) to Houston and ended his rookie year with 3.5 sacks.

    Ironically, they seem to have no problem employing 6-2 OLB's as AD is 6-2 270, TBC is 6-2 250(a 2003 7th rd pick by NE), D. Burgess 6-2 260 are currently on the roster and see the field frequently, they just don't like to draft them high.  If the good is a 'football player' and you think he'd be a great fit on your team, what's a few inches (assumeing he has the 'sand in his pants' size to set the edge vs the run, which graham and hughes appear to have.

    As for Golden Tate, he could be my favorite player in the draft, check the first post on this thread for my thoughts no my, not to mention the other threads I've started strictly on the subject of Golden Tate and his potential value to NE.  The only problem is, I don't think he'll be available outside of Rd 1 at the latest early rd 2 so NE may have the move up to get him. 

    I share your thoughts on Charles Scott, I just think that Mathews brings more to the table as an overall back and also isn't shy with hammering the ball between the tackles.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I think it's a given that NE isn't trading into the top 5, though I've stated before that trading into the top 15 is a possibility for a player like Rolando McClain.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Spiller is projected to go in the top 15, while I think NE trading into the top 15 is possible for a player like Rolando McClain, I don't see them moving up for a RB.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    24-7 I like the players you have, they are playmakers the only one I tend to lean on agreeing with mb is MLB.  I do not like Guyton at all, not even as a sub.  He was an OLB who was converted into a MLB, I think we would actually do better as a rush specialist. 

    We need a Mayo like ML, our LBs are the streanth of a 34 D yes you need a beast of a NT but LBs have a lot of assignments.  Getting someone that can stop the run and add some pressure off the middle would be great and i agree picking up Spikes would make our D (pending we sign VW, Bodden) a top ten for years to come.  We also need to pickup a DE to help but having those two at MLBs would be a dream for defensive fans like myself.  I love watching our offense but prefer to see our D if I had to choose.  Spikes would bring some toughness that's lacking.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    This team needs help in a lot of areas.   I love draft speculation as much as anybody but to really assess the team needs, we have to look at which F/As we might lose and gain.  If we lose Wilfork, we are screwed.  So, here's my take on who stays/who goes among our key F/A.  I'm not counting Mankins because he is restricted.  In an undrafted year with tons of money to spend and a chance to play on the team of the decade with one of the best QB/Head Coaches of all time, I think a couple of marquis F/A will join the Pats - Peppers perhaps.

    Stay-  Kevin Faulk, Vince Wilfork (unhappy franchise tag?), Leigh Bodden, Gary Guyton, Stephen Goskowski, and Tully Banta-Cain

    Lost - Ben Watson, Jarvis Green, Stephen Neal, Pierre Woods, Derrick Burgess, Chris Hanson and Junior Seau (for awhile), Cut - Adalius Thomas and possibly Matt Light.

    Given that Welker is likely lost until Week 12 and nothing we tried as a #3 WR worked (Galloway, Lewis, Aiken).  Moss was inconsistent at time and getting up there in age.  Brandon Tate could contribute next year but I think WR is among our top need.  Edelman can do a decent job filling in for Welker in the slot but we have to make up for the loss of Gaffney.  When we had a solid #3; i.e., Givens, at times Brown, Stallworth, and Gaffney we were deadly because they are almost always one-on-one.

    When your best player is your QB, you have to give him weapons and protect him, which includes being able to run the ball.  That's why for all of you who put a premium on RBs, WR, and OL help have it right IMO.  Keep in mind that Watson is a free agent and Baker didn't do much last year.  If we lose Watson which I think is likely, TE jumps up the needs list.  I think the Pats actually like their OL as constructed even if Neal retires and Light is deemed too expensive.  If they draft OL help I think it would be a OG perhaps with the final of their 2nd or down the board for depth.  I'm sure to get an argument here.

    We obviously need help on the defensive side.  With the loss of Seymour, likely loss of Green, contract limbo of Wilfork and the failure of Brace to emerge, DL has to be a major priority.  BB is known for building his DL with top picks.  This draft is deep in DL talent so BB could wait for value further down the board.  But the biggest need is pass rush from the front 7.  OLB, MLB and CB also appear as needs.  The question is does BB feel like he has LB help coming off the PUP in Crable and McKenzie.   One of these young CBs perhaps Butler needs to step up.  If Meriweather can cover I'd like to see what Chung can do at SS next year.  I would hope we don't need to go CB with our top 4 picks.

    Special Teams- We were weak specifically in the kick return game.  The loss of Hobbs was HUGE.  I hate seeing Welker used to return punts given his importance to the offense.  That's why I agree with those who like Arenas or Dexter McCluster.  Both are solid 3rd rounders so we have to move up from the 4th or down from the 2nd to land one.  Otherwise we continue with the platooning of Faulk, Butler, Slater.

    I'll be back later with my mock.