2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Trading down (while not popular with most fans) is certainly an option for them, it all depends on what prospects are available at 22.  You'd have to assume that KC and TB are aware of the assumed depth in this draft as well and may also value the qty of picks vs. quality of slot.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Thats possible, but hopefully someone falls to 22nd they really want and they wanna trade up.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I would be happy with Kindle as our #1 pick.  One thing is his head in the right place. then for sure take him.  If he is still there. 
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    What do you think of picking Iupati with the 22nd. He is versatile, can play nearly every position on the OL. I think it depends on what BB think of Conolly etc.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Iupati is definitely an option.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    This weeks updates to my original mock in Red:

    1st rd #22 (assigned)   Brandon Spikes          ILB     Florida            6-3 257            He’s a tough, aggressive and instinctive player with good size/speed (6-3 250 4.7) and decent coverage/ball skills (6 career INT’s returning 4 for TD) who appears to be a possible 3 down backer at the next level. He’s was the emotional defensive leader for Gators and the Patriots are in need of some defensive leadership.  The Urban Meyer connection also comes into play and BB loves SEC players.  He'd look great playing next to Mayo. *Alternative*- Jared Odrick 6-5 300 DE Penn State-  On size and skill set alone he appears to be an ideal fit as a 3-4 DE for NE, however his excellent showing thus far at the SB can only help to boost his stock.  If he continues to play/show well through the pre-draft season (SB/Combine/Pro-Day), he could certainly play himself into Rd 1 and would be an option for NE at 22.

    2nd rd #44 (from Titans)        Ryan Mathews            RB       Fresno State   5-11
          Good size and speed, he can hammer the ball between the tackles or take it the distance.  He finished second in the nation with 1,808 yards to go along with 19 TD's while acting as one of the more consistent performers in the country (his only sub-100 game was one in which he got injured and only had 8 carries) and there is the Pat Hill connection to consider.  *Alternative* Jonathan Dwyer 6-0 235 RB Georgia Tech- He’s another big, tough, fast and explosive back that would be an ideal fit for NE as an every down sledge hammer between the tackles that can also take it the distance.  Has an excellent size/speed ratio and has been extremely productive in the Big East (517 car 3,226 yds and 35 td in his career).  

    2nd rd #47 (assigned) Kyle Wilson     CB       Boise State      5-10 190
    *I flip-flopped Wilson and Calloway from my previous mock based on his showing at the SB* With the futures of Leigh Bodden (potential free agent), Jonathan Wilhite (does his best to ensure other teams complete as many passes as possible) and Terrence Wheatley (not yet able to get consistent burn) the team could use an influx of youth and talent at the CB position.  Wilson is a guy who shows excellent instincts and ball skills (11 career INT's, 2 TD's) with the speed, quickness and COD skills necessary to be left on an island in man or work his area in zone coverage.  He also shows some special teams potential with an 8.8 average on 90 career punt returns with 3 TD's and you know how Belichick loves players with versatility. 

    2nd rd  #53 (from Jags)         Kyle Calloway OT       Iowa    6-7 315
                Matt Light's contract expires following the 2010 season.   Sunday's game against Baltimore proved yet again that his time has passed as they need to get younger and more athletic along the OL.  Vollmer should be moved over to LT and I think they should draft another quality OT to eventually fill the RT position.  Kyle Calloway is a big, tough and athletic tackle that could fill the need.  He's a durable player who's effective blocking or the run and pass and has no problem getting to the second level to take on LB's.  There's also the Kirk Ferentz connection to keep in mind.  *Alternative* Mike Johnson (OG/OT, 6-5 305 Alabama)- He has 27 career starts at 4 positions across the OL, primarily at left guard and right tackle.  Big, tough, durable and versatile, he looks to be an ideal fit with NE.  There’s also the Saban connection. 

    4th rd (assigned)         Jermaine Cunningham         OLB    Florida            6-3 252
                Good athleticism, show's good speed and first step off the snap. He was a DE in Florida's scheme, but projects to more of a 3-4 OLB at the NFL level and has experience dropping into zone coverage, he's also been effective rushing the passer with 18 career sacks.  He's a tough player that has played through injury who plays to the whistle and was a two year captain for Florida.  He also has experience playing special teams which should be appealing to BB and again, the Urban Meyer connection comes into play. *Alternative*  Riley Cooper 6-3 215 WR Florida-  Big, tough and athletic (drafted multiple times by MLB but chose football) possession receiver that runs good routes catches the ball well and can create separation in coverage.  A potential fit as the #3 outside receiver opposite Moss.

    6th rd (assigned)         Jimmy Graham          TE       Miami 6-8 260
                            Former UM basketball player who joined the football team for the 2009 season.  He's extremely raw, but has excellent athleticism.  He had 14 Rec for 185 yrdas and 5 TD's on the year.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    For those that know me from previous years I will be updating my mock as we go based on developments.  I don't speculate about trading and moving around in the draft although I know it usually happens.  I also don't try to predict what BB will do, this is what I would do if the draft were held today. 

    Round 1, Pick 22:  Mike Iupati, OG Idaho, 6-5, 330, 520

    You want a can't miss pick in the first round.  It is in question whether Iupati lasts to us at #22 because he has flown up everybody's board.  Some suggest he may move to OT, but I see him as a pulling guard that will also maul people in the run game.  Iupati will be a prenial Pro Bowler and Hall of Famer, IMO.  With Neal rumored to be retiring and Mankins becoming a RFA and soon UFA, the time is now to shore up that right side.  I don't want to bank on Connolly protecting Brady in Neal's spot.  In short, this is a need pick but a very safe and smart pick although I doubt Bill will do it.

    Round 2, Pick 44:  Dan Williams, DT Tennessee, 6-2, 329, 5.23

    Given Vince Wilfork's comments the other day I think it possible he might be gone or hold out if tagged.  At this point I think it likely the Wilfork situation will not be resolved by draft day.  I am also very much in doubt about Ron Brace.  I thought he was slow and lethargic at BC and the Combines and he was pushed around all day against Baltimore in the play-off loss.  So, this becomes a need pick.  If Wilfork stays we go a different direction here.  So Bill, PAY THE MAN so this pick doesn't become necessary!!  Some have William ranked higher than this but either he or Cody should be there since I see a lot of teams holding off a bit on DTs given the depth and quality in this draft.

    Round 2, Pick 47:  Kyle Wilson, CB Boise State, 5-10, 190, 4.42 or
                              Donovan Warren, CB Michigan, 6-0, 188, 4.42

    Take your pick if either of them are still here.  After Joe Haden these two guys are #2 and #3 CBs on my board.  A lot of people don't agree yet which will hopefully ensure one of them are here.  If we sign Wilfork then we can make this pick at 44 to be safe.  At this point we aren't assured of Bodden coming back and Springs is washed up leaving us with Wheatley, Wilhite and Butler none of whom have proven they are starting corners.  Wilson or Warren can flat out cover and hit and could (hopefully) become the next Ty Law.

    Round 2, Pick 53:  Anthony Dixon, RB Mississippi State, 6-1, 245, 4.59.  I struggled with where and who to take at RB but not that we needed to take one.  Of the four guys I rate higher (Spiller, Dwyer, Best and Mathews), Dixon has more of what I think we need and that is a power rusher.  Fred Taylor was a mistake even if he doesn't miss as many games this year.  Sammy Moris can't stay healthy so the Pats are left with nobody with this combination of size and quickness.  Maroney might bust out in his final contract year and learn to hang on to the ball.  If so, a big bruising back would make the perfect compliment.  Dixon is remarkably quick and shifty for his size and I think this is about the right spot for him.

    Round 4, Pick 117: Riley Cooper, WR Florida 6-4, 214, 4.49.  Sold guys from all the talk about this kid.  Gives us a ligit threat opposite Moss without spending a top pick.  With a good combine showing, i.e., sub 4.55 speed,, this kid could move out of reach.  I think it very likely that BB picks up a veteran WR via F/A or trade before the draft.  He's shown a pattern for doing that recently.

    Round 6, Pick 195: Clifton Geathers, DE, South Carolina, 6-7, 281, 4.89.  While very raw and coming out after his junior year this kid has NFL pedigree, the size and speed to warrant spending a late round pick.  With a good Combine, he could move up to the 4th round.  The NFL advisory Committee gave him a 4-7 or possible F/A grade.  Geathers certainly has the frame and youth to add a good 30-40 lbs and with that speed and size could be deadly in a year or two.

    Round 7, Pick 220: Nate Byham, TE Pittsburgh, 6-4, 268, 4.76.  Concerns over the possible loss of Watson cause the Pats to add a TE in the draft.  They could go earlier with one of the top receiving TEs should they keep Wilfork and free up that pick 47 with a guy like Hernandez.  But for now I think finding a big solid blocking TE that can help in the running game along the goal line or an short yardage has been missing.  The Pats just don't emphasis TE much in the passing game likely because of the great play they get from their slot receivers.  Chris Baker, one of the new kids and Byham should be able to provide enough depth to get us through the year with a look to upgrade TE next season.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    What do you think of switching the defense to a Base 43 and trade VW for a 1st and 3rd (or 2nd next year) like Pats said earlier, and draft Morgan or Dunlap. Should be 43 DE or am I mistaken?
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    You can only trade Wilfork if he signs a new contract, be it a new long term deal (in which case why not keep him), or if he signs the franchise tag.  Wilfork already stated he would consider the tag an insult meaning he will likely hold out.  If he holds out, he cannot be traded.  If he signs the tag, he can be traded but the new team will need to lock him up long term so it will have to be a team where Wilfork would want to go.  Otherwise he refuses to negotiate, plays out his final year (with a promise not to be tagged again - like Samuel) then he can go where ever he wants.  Wilfork has decent leverage here and now.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Hey mbeaulieu07,

    I was working on my mock while you were posting yours so I didn't see yours until after.  We think a lot alike.  I would likely jump on Spikes too if he's there at #22 based purely on need.  However, I think he is more of a gamble than Iupati but it could be Iupati is gone, then Spikes if there, is a no brainer.

    Even if Light is cut or leaves after 2010, I see our need at Guard as more immediate.  Vollmer can step in at LT right now and be an upgrade and Kaczur signed a rich extension last year so we would be picking for depth at OT.  Personally I'd like to keep Light around in an uncapped year, start Vollmer ahead of him.  Vollmer gets hurt, bringing Light off the bench would be a great luxury.  Kaczur gets hurt, you move Vollmer over to RT and Light is back in at LT.  Therefore, no need for a OT. 

    I love your selection and choice for CBs - Concur.

    I like Mathews at #44 but only if it is decided that it's time to get rid of Maroney.  Otherwise I would prefer Dixon a little further down.  However, your draft would be very good indeed - nice job.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    Thanks man!

    We do have very similar thoughts on the draft.

    I like the Iupati and Williams picks, both look like good potential fits with NE and we're also in lock-step with Wilson/Cooper. 

    Iupati looks to be a sure thing and potential pro-bowler while Williams looks to have some scheme and position versatility to go along with the SEC pedigree which will make him appearling to BB.

    Dixon on the positive side, he could be a good fit as a big, tough, between tackles type that can move the chains and wear down oppising defenses. On the negative side,  I'm just not sure he has the mental capacity needed to operate in a complex offense after listening to him during an interview.   Overall, I'm just not as high on him as some others, though he's certainly a possibility.

    Some solid picks overall!
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Faucet I also like all your picks except for Dixon in the second round, I think at that spot Tobby Gebhart would have more value because I believe he's a smarter player.  Neither has blow away speed and both are built to run between the tackles.  I also had Dixon as a pick but in the 4th rnd where I think is where he'll be picked.  In the second I would take Gebhart over Dixon.

    I think I've said enough about Kyle Wilson, hope someone in the Pats org. sees this and looks at tape from Wilson's workouts and agrees with us. 
    Really like the Iupati pick, I was not high on the guy and didn't know much about him.  Knew mb was really high on the kid so when I heard his name at the SB practice I began watching him.  This guy is an animal, he would bring some toughness to that line.  I agree that he might not even be there at 22 if he keeps working out the way he is.  I woudn't move him to RT, keep him at guard and let him knock the heck out of some LBs.

    I think there's higher value if you switch Cooper and Dixon, Cooper has been impresive and moving up boards.  If he can run under 4.5 50 he'll certainly be a 2nd rounder.  He looks faster than that on pads at the practices.  He's running great routes, sticking his hands out and catching the ball away from the body.  He could turn into a play maker sooner than first thought goin into the senior bowl
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I like your mock Faucet, although I wouldn't draft an RB this year, fix the other holes first.
    This said I would like to draft Daryl Washington with 53th pick, an ILB in college and likely an OLB in the PROs. He showed some good things at practice and has the speed to get to the QB. He probably is a bit small at 6-3 and 228, but worth a try with the 53th pick.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    akaitcho you are right on about Washington, can't remember if it was Mayock's or in ESPN where he is been ranked #3OLB and team mate Hughes #4.  He has been very consistant at the SB and looks to be moving up.  He's on the light side there's room to put some weight on.

    he's a guy to keep an eye on.

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I too prefer Gerhart to Dixon overall.  Gotta love Dixon's production on a mediocre team in the countries toughest conference though.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Washington measured in at 6016-226 at the Senior Bowl which would be really small for a BB 3-4 ILB, he'd need to gain another 15-20 pounds.  I like him as a player and think he's had a good week, I just don't know how his size translates to their 3-4 scheme.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I'm not against drafting a pass rush OLB, but I also don't think they'll draft one high just to draft one.  If the value isn't their in round 1, they'll take someone at another position.

    Out of Kindle, Hughes and Graham, I like Hughes and Graham, however BB will have to drop his height premium on high round edge guys (6-4 6-5) if either player is to be considered.  I think ILB/DE is more likely in rd 1, but that's just my opinion.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Here's what Mel Kiper says about the Pats and his first two rounds of mocks for us

    New England Patriots
    Top needs: A 3-4 DE, OLB, RB, WR, OL
    First round (22): OLB Ricky Sapp
    Second-round options (44, 47, 53): DE Greg Hardy, RB Ryan Mathews, OT Charles Brown, LB Sean Weatherspoon, WR Brandon LaFell, WR Damian Williams, QB Tim Tebow
    Third-round options: No third-round picks
    Summary: The Patriots are set up for a huge weekend, with lots of high-value picks in a deep draft. At No. 22 they get value at their second-biggest need with Sapp (OLB in a 3-4) and then could go after a natural (and versatile) 3-4 DE like Hardy in Round 2. But they also can add a solid RB with Mathews and another good LB before addressing WR with the last of three picks in Round 2. With Julian Edelman's growth behind Wes Welker as a slot guy, I think they could look for a better downfield threat to back up the aging Randy Moss. Williams was in a pro-style offense and could be a good get in the late second. They could also take a good tackle in Round 2 if they don't like the WR value left at that stage. Tebow? He'd be a bad value here, and I highly doubt it, but hey, they have three picks ...
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Granted we need OLB help and a pass rush.  Sapp worries me at #22.  I agree he has the size, speed and athleticism to rush the QB, that's his forte but he has no experience as a 3-4 OLB dropping back into coverage.  To me he's another TBC, build to rush the QB.  At #22, we need a can't miss Pro Bowler.  Sapp is a bit full of himself too and this team was built on team first. 

    As for the RBs, good debate.  As I mentioned I struggled on that one because of Maroney.  Mathews is basically the same build and make up of Maroney and Maroney was much higher touted coming out of college.  Has BB given up on Maroney?  If so then I say yes to Mathews.  If not, we know Taylor and Morris are washed up or can't be counted on to stay healthy for 8 games let alone 16.  I like Dixon but agree 53 is a little high for him.  I have him in the mid 60s, top of the 3rd. 

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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I agree that the long term face of the RB position is dependent on BB's thoughts on Maroney.  With that being said, the evidence IMO shows that his confidence in Maroney is waning.  Maroney fumbles, he's benched...Maroney misses a blocking assignment, he's benched....how do you go into a season with a guy as your "lead back" and not even trust him enough to recover from a mistake?  The reason I think is that he makes them far too often.

    I think he'll be on the roster next season as he's still young, has some talent and is still on the relative cheap, but I also think they need to bring someone else in.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    I agree with all that mb.  But I also heard that BB has a special place in his heart for Maroney, that they watch game tape alone together.  BB acts as if he's the father and Maroney is his kid.  He loves him but won't hesitate to punish him when he messes up.

    I think a fast back like Mathews with decent size is needed if and once Maroney's days as a Pat are over.  We could have two guys that are very similar to share the load but the Pats are a passing first team, using the passing game to set up the running game with all the draws we run. 

    We struggled picking up short distances especially on third and fourth down.  I think Iupati, if we get him, will help any back but I'd feel more confident with a big pile pushing back to get that tough yard in those situations.  Let's face it, the Pats don't really feature a back; it's running back by committee and they've been realitively successful at it.  The Pats run the ball 10th most in the league but no back had more than 758 yards.  Maroney was sort of forced into the roll because of injuries to others.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    Pass rush - smash puss!  If you can rush the QB, but can't set the corner defending the run your 3 - 4 round material.  Stop looking at the one dimensional studs.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6

    That's what I like about Mathews, he's a tough north/south slashing type runner that isn't afraid to hammer the ball between the tackles (220 is a good size back, Dillon was only 225) while also possessing the speed and explosion to take it the distance at any time.  He also has the Pat Hill connection (HC at Fresno State), he was one of BB's assistants in Cleveland and has sent multiple players to Foxboro (Sanders and Mankins were both starting).

    I also dont put much stock into BB keeping Maroney because he has the fatherly bond as he's always made moves based on "whats best for the football team" and that involves cutting/trading guys who were starters and big time contributors.  I think he'll be back, but I also think they're bringing someone else in.
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    Re: 2010 Mock Rounds 1-6


    You are certainly right about BB not allowing personal likes to be put ahead of what he feels is best for the team.  The list of stars and heroes who were cut or traded is too long to name.  I for one have given up on Maroney being a 1,000 yard back but again it isn't all his fault.  He had decent yards/carry just not enough touches which probably was his fault.

    I mentioned in my mock that I put Mathews ahead of Dixon and I understand he has those attributes you mentioned.  He could very well be a star at the next level.  If we sign Wilfork, then there is no need to take a Dan Williams at 44 meaning we could take Mathews there and fill another need at 53.

    I'm not sure who Kildogs remarks were directed too but he's right, we struggled setting the edge at times and gave up a lot of first down runs to the outside, and to the middle for that matter.  Shoring up the DL is critical. So maybe adding a decent DT is a better play since Williams can slide over and play beside Wilfork especially on those 4-3 sets.  Part of me thinks we are migrating more to a 4-3 anyway.