2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

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    2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Ok, so given the new draft rules, New England will have the 22nd selection in this year's draft. 

    I think we should discuss what NE needs to address first this off-season before specific players are really mentioned. 

    In general NE needs a few players on defense, but they appear to need an offensive overhaul. It is a pity that I can't see where the talent is going to come from to round this "O" unit out. But they need to be able to a.) get open, and b.) run the ball much more effectively, and c.) stop a pass rush. 

    WR/TE, RB, OL, OL, OL. 

    On defense, many thing will get better if they can improve the pass rush. While TBC was better than what they had last season, Thomas took a step back and Burgess was almost a complete no show, effectively levelling the gain. For that matter, TBC cannot beat a double team. Period. 

    So one big player on "D" and several big players on "O".

    1.) OLB is key here, as NE is losing Burgess, and it would not be shocking to see Adalius gone as well. That leaves Banta-Cain, Woods, Ninkovich and Crable as the only players signed and not disgruntled. 

    We can assume Crable will break something getting out of his car at training camp, so NE needs to account for that too. 

    An OLD/DE who can set an edge and rush the passer is something NE needs to get. Opponents ran at their perimeter all season long.

    This season seems average at this position, and we all know NE has been hesitant to pull the trigger on DE/OLB converts, which almost seems to thin the ranks too. 

    That names that pop up reasonably are Jerry Hughes (TCU), Jason Pierre-Paul (USF), Sergio Kindle (UT), Brandon Graham (M), and Derrick Morgan. 

    2.) OT/G. It has been evident that NE's offensive line is not the elite group people thought they were a few years ago. Light seems aged. Mankins is overrated, but solid. Neal is injured every other game. Koppen is smart, but has zero athletic ability. Vollmer was a pleasant surprise. 

    At any rate, Light is a target to be cut, IMO. Not saying he will be, but he carries a very high tag for what he is delivering. 

    Is it just me, or is this season oddly thin at OL coming in? It seems there is Russel Okung, Trent Williams and a handful of other guys scrapping around down there. My guess is that NE waits until the second to address this.  

    3.) CB. I am going to assume that NE will not pay Bodden, because it seems like they enjoy letting one of their best defensive players go every other season. I am also going to assume that Wilhite won't get better. That leaves the promising Butler, and Shawn Springs. Ouch. 

    Thin here too, with Joe Haden being the only guy I give a solid first round rank too. I'll cross my fingers and hope that Butler continues to develop and that they actually re-ink Bodden, who knows how to play here. 

    4.) RB. Refresh my memory, but Maroney is signed through as is Taylor, but Taylor's contract is funny money, and Faulk and Morris are both FA. Law Firm is a practice squad guy. 

    There are players to be had. I think the consensus here is Jahvid Best, at least from what I have noticed. Spiller will be off the board. John Dwyer is intriguing, because bringing a back like him in would signal a change in offensive philosophy. 

    5.) WR. OK, Ne needs a third WR or a TE who can get open. That is manifestly evident. The funny thing is that I don't think it makes a tremendous difference if Welker comes back 100% next season, because he isn't the answer. Ne needs a possession type threat out there. The good thing is that the FA class this season is exceptionally deep at WR, and there are solid pickups like Walter out there for the taking, and some stars too. This takes some pressure off in the draft. With Watson's time being up here, and little talent to make resigning him enticing, TE is still an open slot. 

    There is Gresham, and then there is the rest. Brandon LaFell could be a great option in the second round, and Benn who is very similar but somewhat smaller could be there two lower in the first. Otherwise, I would be tempted to pass on some talent in the first, Golden Tate isn't the answer, as NE doesn't need another deep threat WR given the amount of sacks they yield. 

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    If anything, Bill will probably focus on the trenches with the first pick. Here's a few guys that I think could recieve some looks from the Pats:

    1) Corey Wooton - DE - Northwestern: 6'6" 270 lbs - Wooton is an ideal fit for a 3-4 DE, as he possesses protoypical size for that position. Wooton has still yet to grow into his massive frame; his body could still support another 10-20 lbs. Wooton's 40 time hangs around a 4.8, only .1 less than what Mario Williams runs. In his time at Northwestern, Wooton's stats are: 156 tackles, 19 sacks, 4 interceptions, and 1 forced fumble.

    2) Greg Romeus - DE - Pittsburgh (Junior): 6'5" 265 lbs - Originally a basketball prospect, Romeus played first played football during his senior year of high school, and was subsequently recruited by Pittsburgh. In that time, Romeus has blossomed into a top-shelf pass rusher. However, the most intriguing thing about Romeus is what position he might play in the NFL. According to nfldraftscout.com, Romeus' 40 time is a 4.64, which would indicate that along with his size, he has the speed necessary to play OLB in a 3-4 scheme. As a DE, Romeus was the best pass rusher on the best pass-rushing team in all of college football. In his time at Pittsburgh, Romeus' stats are: 135 tackles, 19 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 interception.

    Mike Iupati - OG - Iowa: 6'6" 330 lbs - Stephen Neal is a free agent, and after this season's performance, I doubt that the Patriots will look to bring him back. Iupati has the size, footwork, and athleticism to play either inside or outside in the NFL, and he should be available when the Patriots are on the clock for the first time. Iupati would potentially bring some youth and athleticism back to the offensive line, which would benefit them against teams with good pass rushing units (which they'll see plenty of next season).
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    At the very least.....they have to do a better job of identifying decent talent.....busts like Brace and the recent poor drafts have to be fixed.  Eventually you start to pay the piper.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    "We can assume Crable will break something getting out of his car at training camp, so NE needs to account for that too"
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Oh yes..how rude of me...I forgot to add......another insightful post zbellino!
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Thanks Shwank. I think it is a bit early to talk bust on 2009 draftees. I usually wait like three seasons to start that going.

    We have seen some pretty unimpressive guys blossom late: Vrabel, Bruschi, Samuel, and others. So the jury is still out. 

    But overall, I think what NE does need to change about their draft philosophy is trading down for more selections. What they have are a collection of players on defense that are good, but no one who is great. They need one more player in there. They need to take a home run swing at a major pass rush threat. 

    TBC is a GREAT *SECOND* OLB, but isn't a number one. 

    The old philosophies do not work. CBs are hamstrung by these league rules. The teams that won in the early 2000's wouldn't be winners now, because they couldn't get after the QB enough and relied on having solid corners generate coverage sacks. 

    Now that the NFL doesn't let you cover WR's your options are getting someone truly elite at making the QB rush his throws. 

    That said, getting a pass rusher, and losing Bodden would be even steven. A lateral move. They need both to be truly elite on defense. That is a fact. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I would be ecstatic if Damian Williams fell to us in the second round. He has a great pair of hands and possesses an uncanny route-running ability. He's just what the passing game needs. If he's not there in the second round, Brandon LaFell or Golden Tate could be options at receiver as well. Like I said in another thread, I would hope the Pats hold off on a RB this year until the later rounds, as a certain Mark Ingram might be in the draft next year. Of all the backs I've looked at recently, nobody impresses me more than Ingram. He reminds of a Ray Rice/Maurice Jones-Drew type of back: lots of power with the ability to break a large number of tackles. Even better, Ingram possesses decent speed as well.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Z, I agree with everything in your post, except for it not mattering if Welker gets back healthy.  Without a healthy Welker in the second half of next season/playoffs, I don't see us having a chance.  Welker is phenomenal (and he is a "possession type")

    I think we need an explosive outside receiver to complement them all.  I think that is the #1 need on the team.  I would trade up into the top 10 to get Dez Bryant.  I think he is that good.  I read that Todd McShay ranks him above Michael Crabtree because he is more explosive.

    The second need is definitely a pass rusher to complement TBC.  

    And I would like to see a fresh offensive mind added to the coaching staff.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Ingram is a sophomore, and I don't think he is coming out. So as impressive as he is  . . .  next season. 

    Dexter McCluster is also coming out. The kid is a dynamic playmaker, like Darren Sproles, but more experience at WR. 

    He could be worth a look. 

    NE needs a meat and potatoes WR. 

    I mentioned this many times, but having Moss and Welker is like having only steak knives and a great bottle of wine for a steak dinner. 

    The only problem is you needs plates and silverwear to go with it. 

    IOW, one really deep threat, and one slot guy do not make an offense. They make a very specific package. 

    A possesion type WR like Dwayne Bowe AND/OR a RB who can a.) be an every dwopn workhorse or b.) be a dynamic threat in the spread would answer these issues. 

    The offense has zero cohesion, and relies on other teams weaknesses as opposed to imposing a single strength. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Wes Welker will not play next year. Many assume he will be fine coming back in August, but that is not the case. This team needs a tall physical 2nd receiver like Marshall.  Randy Moss is getting to a point where the end of his career is near, unfortunately.  It is amazing how quickly things have unraveled. Only 2 seasons ago Patriots were maybe the best team in decades and two minutes from a perfect season. Now we get cannot win any road games, cannot beat good teams and get crushed in the playoffs. It is time to rebuild this offense and get Brady some help. In 2007 he had very good 3rd and 4th wide receivers. Now without Welker, he has only 1.

    What was the deal with the running game today? I know we were down big early, but couldnt they have at least established momentum a little bit. 4 carries COMBINED by Maroney, Taylor and Morris. Are you kidding me?
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Kevin Walter, Houston Texans (29) 
    Malcom Floyd, San Chargers (28)
    Steve Breaston, Arizona Cardinals (27)
    Antonio Bryant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29) 
    Braylon Edwards, New York Jets(27) 
    Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys (26)
    Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers (27)
    Brandon Marshall, Denver Broncos (26)

    There is a list of some FA WR's of note. 

    I would trade Moss for Vincent Jackson right now. That is the kind of WR NE needs. Not someone who needs 5 seconds for every route to develop. 

    Kevin Walter or Antonio Bryant would be a good fit here. NE needs someone who can get open, AND catch the ball. 

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Nice job Z.

    Maybe I'm overreacting because of what I witnessed today, but the needs are vast.
    We have plenty of draft picks, but I wonder if we have lost the ability, or have the right people shopping for the groceries.
    I am so down on Matt Light ... he has to go. 
    Ben Watson ... we saw today why we have no tight end game - he can't catch a football.
    AT ... don't let the door hit you on the way out.
    Hanson - gotta go.

    I can take a loss.  What I can't take is a loss where we are physically beaten down on both sides of the ball.  That happened today and it cannot continue.

    Start and end with solidifying BOTH lines and the rest will take care of itself.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Everyone agrees on our needs...EVERYTHING! I mean from rec to rb, from d-end to olb, ilb to o-line, hhmm anything else, oh yea a lil' help in the secondary. You could make a case for all of those being a top need. Welker wont be back until prolly around Nov-Dec, and hes never going to be the same. Sorry but weve seen the last of him at 100%. So we need a #2 and 3 rec. And you cant convince me that olb is more of a need than ilb or d-end. Not having Sey really hurt us despite what anyone says. And I for one am very uneasy about taking a 34 olb, as many bust as studs. I love some of the talent in the upcoming f/a. Marshell, Walter, Breaston, D Ryans, B-Rudd, maybe Elvis as an olb? Plenty of talent to choose and build from in the draft and f/a. Just need to start somewhere.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I think BB needs to review his philosophy before even considering the draft. Talent should be given more weight over character. Too many times we see talented players go to other teams becoz they are not smart enough or have character issues. The thing to remember is that these are kids(who for the most part can get over whatever character issues in the right environment). Let the coaches earn their money and groom/manage these!

    Having said that, here is what I see for needs:


    QB - set at both starter and BU.

    Tackle - Vollmer can play L or R so draft the best available T

    Guard - Pay Mankins and draft a RG (did Ornberger even get snap?)

    Receiver - Draft a possesion WR (Deep threat/Slot(Moss/Welker/Edelman) will be fine.

    Tight End - Draft pass catching TE. Watson is a smart nice guy but need a little more consistency catching the ball.

    Running Back - Draft a clock killing RB. (to address all those blown 4th Qtr leads)


    - Draft a RDE. Pay Wilfork!!!! Cant keep bleeding talent and expect to remain elite.

    Draft a pass rushing OLB!!! Banta Cain would be even better with a good rusher on the opposite side.
    Draft a good pass covering MLB. Not quite sure what Mayo is good at.

    - Draft a DB for depth. Need to pay Bodden!!! Keep Springs for 1 more season while Butler continues to develop.

    Safety - Seems like they are set at this position.

    High Priorities:

    1 - Pass Rushing OLB - Besides getting to QB, this also helps the secondary!! So this is a no brainer!!

    2- RB - This is more urgent than a 3rd WR. Need to be able to kill the chew the clock in the 4th Qtr when holding a lead or need a 3rd/4th and short.

    3- T (L or R)- with Vollmer on the other side, this will free up TE to avaiable to run pass routes.

    4- WR. To play opposite Moss.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1


    The problem with 34 Ends is that Odrick is no better than what they currently have. If there were a REAL chance at landing the next Richard Seymour, I would be all over it, but the guys coming out just aren't that player. 

    I think at 34 end, maybe Dunlap would be interesting as a pass rush specialist. But I don't see him as part of an every down package. 

    Yeah, OLB is hard to p[redict, but you know what? NE spends like 1/3 of their game in a 4 LB set, and most games against good opponents it is less than that because they never had a chance to get out of nickel type defenses against Indy and NO (for instance). 

    I think they can be more safe taking a look at some guys who are DE/OLB hybrids, given the amount of time they spend in four man fronts. 

    I love LaFell and watched him for most of his career. I don't know where the hands knock comes from because he has really soft hands. Decker is a good option after him, and would let Ne use that higher pick to get another position. 

    They both address the need I am talking about which is a Dwayne Bowe/Plax Burress possession type guy. Who is big and quick, but not necessarily fast. 

    NE has small and quick in Edelman and Welker.
    Big and fast in Moss. 

    They need something normal. No more freak players.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Sorry Moss is not the problem, thats a uneducated fan for ya. Can 81 pass block or run the ball out of the backfield. And Jackson took 4 years to develop and has been hit or miss all year. You wanna trade someone who averages more yrds and td's than Jerry Rice and still has 3 more years with 11-1200yrds and 12-15 td's. Not smart buddy.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Great way to start off draft season Z!

    I'll start with a couple questions:

    Is TBC a strong or weak side LB? If he's our Colvin replacement, and assuming A Thomas is released (a pretty safe bet), is run stopping and pass coverage more important in our new OLB than pass rushing?

    I know it's not very popular around here, but what do you think about a conversion to 4-3 as a base defense? Pryor and Wright seem like solid 4-3 tackles, and our first round stud could be a DE/OLB elephant or whatever who can play both.

    If 3-4 is to remain our base defense, finding an end opposite Warren who is a pass rushing specialist might not be a bad idea.

    Our pass rush from the ILBs has been pretty non-existent for a while now. Ray Lewis showed today how the pass rush doesn't have to just come from the outside.

    I think 2 picks on offence and 2 on defense in the first 2 rounds seems about right.

    Green is gone at DE, correct?

    Also, who looks like they could be next year's Shonn Greene?

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Good post Geoff. I go back and forth in my head about RB vs WR need. 

    Then again, a feature RB (you realize) takes Welker and Edelman off the field, which aggravates the need for a real split end WR and a TE who can catch/block. 

    I agree, though, NE needs to seriously re-evaluate the spread offense OR look into putting a dome on top of Gillette stadium.

    The gap in performance inside and outside domes on this offense is probably staggering. They are built for a fast track in good conditions. 

    On cold windy days like today you get seven drops, with two getting bounced up in the air for picks. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Sorry ZBELL but just cause we play a 34 system doesnt mean we can take more of a chance on an olb. Hey I want one more than anyone, but Ill match you stud for dud in recent years. And no-one can make the case that we need a olb more than a ilb or 34 d-end. Also you dont like Odrick cause hes not the next Sey, but is Hughes the next Merriman(b4 the injury), Wooten the next Cush or Maybin. Spikes and McClain are far more sure bets and we need big help at ilb. Mayo needs someone else who has as much or more talent.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Yeah Arod. I think TBC improved in coverage enough to play either side. 

    Like I said in the first post. The "O" needs a few small players to put around the stars. Or one really good RB. 

    The "D" is nearly complete, IMO, but needs an elite pass rusher to become an elite defense. 

    So point taken.


    Damian Williams is another value pick. That is why I like LaFell. They don't need a #1 WR who gets 17 TDs and 1500 yards, but one guy who can get like 900 yards and GET OPEN against single coverage. 

    I think LaFell fits that bill best out of who is out there. But I have no desire for NE to think about Dez Bryant. Anyhow he is off the radar with players like McClain, Suh, Okung.

    Although, given the tradition here, you will get your share of pie-in-the-sky posters who start threads about NE *needs* to draft a guy (my guess is that Suh will be this year's "guy") who they could never have a shot at anyhow. But I try to ignore those posts. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I personally think that the Pats will go after a DE in the first round for two reasons:
    1). Belichick's 1st round history shows that a DE is much more likely than an OLB in Round 1.
    2). I don't think that there is anyone at OLB that might be available when the Pats pick that Belichick and Co. might go after.

    A DE makes more sense for the Pats right now. In short, a DE would improve the pass rush much quicker and more effectively than an OLB would. Part of the problem is that the line is unbalanced; whoever plays opposite Wilfork and Warren does not scare anybody. A huge part of pass-rushing is the numbers game. A team with three outstanding d-linemen has an advantage because the opposing o-line must commit to blocking those d-linemen first, otherwise they'll just wreak havok if they get single-blocked. Having three d-linemen that are serious pass-rushing threats might open things up for the linebackers a bit.

    @ Z, I know that Ingram is a sophmore. My thinking is that the Pats look at a servicable FA to carry us (no pun intended) through next year and take some pressure off of Ingram if we do land him in 2011 (or possibly 2012 if he stays for his senior year).
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    If we drafted TE Gresham, would that make everybody more satisfied with our current receiving corp?

    He might still be available with our first 2nd rounder.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    they only need a few players on defense?11 players couldnt stop two running backs.they couldnt tackle.they have no pass rush.and the secondary has been burned plenty all year.the main thing they need on offense is some real good OL men.and and a good receiver.if you have a solid O-Line.everything else will take care of it self.no way a good O-Line allows three or four pass rushers get to the QB all day long.