2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    If Jarvis Green bolts, that's a serious need, correct? Is Wright or anybody else even adequate as a 3/4 DE?

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I believe our picks are as follows:

    22, 42, 48, and 54.

    10th pick in 2nd
    16th pick in 2nd
    22nd pick in 2nd
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Question: How would Toby Gerhart fit in with the NE offense.  he's an absolute beast at Stanford, and probably has the brains to go with it.  
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Would love Miles Austin. Moss, Austin, Welker, Edelman and Tate? Awesome.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    My response can be read at www.patriotsfootballplace.com
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Offense- priorities should be to focus top draft picks on this side of the ball giving the unit some life. On the flipside, i think we let mankins walk if it is a capped year and part ways with neal. I also think taylor or morris or both need to go (great older players, but production does not justify all the missed time due to injuries). Otherwise, keep Maroney (solid player/cheap contract), BJGE (depth), and re-sign faulk (still productive and a winner!)

    With the 4 picks in the 1st 2 rounds i propose the pats draft-

    Gresham-- dynamic te that is a true receiving threat-

    Iupati- Add talent and nastiness to the o-line and make up for the loss of mankins/neil

    Decker- solid possession receiver- that would thrive if not asked to be more than that

    Ryan mathews or anthony dixon- 2 rbs that would give the run game a shot in the arm and be a nice mix with faulk, lm, and bjge


    I believe the key is to try to keep this young unit together by resigning wilfork (great player/great attitude) and Bodden (need to keep the db's intact for more than a year). Cut AD, let burgess and green go. This would leave our safeties and corners as the same unit as this year (this young unit will only get better with age).

    The D-line would have wilfork, warren, wright, pryor, and brace- this unit would be alright if we remain in a 3-4.

    The ILB's seems set with mayo/guyton/mcenzie (although i hope mayo steps up).

    This leaves the OLB's and other than tbc, and adequate depth in woods and ninkovich, a huge hole opposite him. What ever money is available needs to go to a proven pass rusher (this should be the big pat's fa splash)


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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    ctpat, so u are saying we use all 4 high picks on O?  Leave our D to get crushed with huge holes?  That is what I am reading based on those picks.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I think we need to trade down AGAIN and stock pile pick for that fictional team somewhere in the future...
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I am saying to focus the draft on the offense more than the defense-- i would be thrilled if we got the players listed above-- However, I am also saying focus FA money on the defense (to keep players and get an olb). The defense is young and will get better, but there is no need to go after many more young players on defense. They need to keep the good ones they can build around (wilfork and bodden) and spend some money on a proven difference maker at olb and allow time for the group to grow.

    The offense needs the young talented guys to mix in with brady, moss, welker, faulk, etc-- the defense needs stability and a specific and proven difference maker (OLB).
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Forgot to add-- pray that crable has been worth the wait-
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Geez, I can't tell you what a nice distraction this is.  Thanks Z!

    Yep, things really don't get cranking until after the senior bowl.

    #1 priority.  Defensive pash rush.  We are not going anywhere in the playoffs until we get one.

    I agree with you on the offensive line.  All of a sudden the Pats are not atheletic, are slow and are getting over powered.  What happened?  Vollmer is a huge find but it's like you said we could use 3 more pretty easily. 

    With all of our needs I would like to think we could fix the WR with FA.  The draft choices are going to be needed elsewhere like RB, TE, OL, OLB/DE. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    can edelman play on the outside in the future or is he slot only?
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Maybe Carlos Dunlap drops to 22
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    This team needs help EVERYWHERE! Yea, yea 3rd rec, well now we need a 2nd rec. not to metion a tight end, who can actually perform tight end duties. You like go over the middle and make a tough catch, not just run a couple of seem routs and see what happens. Also this team must commit to the run if were going to keep the o-line as is. Their just not made to pass-block at all, they love getting down field on screens, draws, and quick outs. I think Spiller and/or Dywer will be there at 22. This is also a decent rec group, even though rec's in the first round is very risky. Bryant, Tate, Benn, Shipley, Decker all will be 1's and 2's in the league, IMO of coarse. This is the year to actually stay put at 22, there will be alot of talent-ready guys ready to play from day one there. Shipley, Benn, Decker and Tate I think will all fall to the 2nd round and would be great value. Im really big on the ilb position, I know we need a olb, believe I know. But their very hard to project from college to pros, and this years class isnt jumping out at me. None I think are worth taking in the first, You wanna go Hughes at 43/45, ok Ill buy it. But McClain looks like he might be the one of best D players in this draft. Dont even try and tell me that were all set at that spot, ilb needs just as much help as olb. Backs have consistently got to the edge on this D and I dont think Mayo can do it with someone who has less talent and skills as he does. I dont see him as a Willis, Lewis, Ryans, Rudd, Ryans, type of guy. Speaking of which, we could try and get into the mix with Ryans or Rudd in f/a, both are top ilb, both are leaders and we could sure up a need for the next 7-8 years.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I'd rate the Pats 2010 needs are the following:

    1. OLB we need to bring in a 3 down pass rusher, then the other side could have a 2 down OLB with TBC coming in on 3rd and long. Others in the linebacker mix (Thomas, Woods, Crable).

    2. WR we need to bring in a respectable 3rd WR. Doesn't have to be a HOF just someone that other teams will respect and take some heat off of the rest of the offense. Rather go through a trade or FA here for this position. Moss and Edlemann as the other two starters beginning of the season. Don't expect Welker back until mid-season(hopefully I'm wrong). Aiken or Tate will stay on as a special teamer.

    3. RB we need to add a workhorse running back and finally get some consistency with the running game. This will also make are passing game more effective. I'd like to see them resign Faulk for one more year. Keep Maroney hopefully as a backup and maybe see how he can do as a Faulk replacement, and dump Taylor and Morris both just too injury prone and have seen better days. Getting a fulltime dedicated FB with a low round pick might not be a bad idea.

    4. DE, I'm hoping we bring back Wilfork, and I like Warren (although hopefully he can make it through a season with out missing games). I'd like to see a good replacment that brought a game like Seymour did. Green wasn't the guy and as a FA might not be back. Liked the development of Pryor but he might not be ready for starting next year. Wright is a good backup, and Brace I see more as Wilforks backup at nose.

    5. TE, lets move on from the Ben Watson mistake. Here I'd like to get a good blocking TE that can contribute more with the run game and pass protection. If he catches 20-25 passes a season it's a positive.

    6. ILB, this position we might have based on how McKenzie comes back from injury and if Guyton progresses. Just too many missed tackles this year by our linebackers and adding a tackling machine with Mayo up the middle whethers it's one of the forementioned, draft pick, or FA would be nice.

    7. R-OL, Nick Kaczur has been our weakest link on the oline for a while, and Neal seems to be having issues with staying on the field the last couple of years. Vollmer I expect should take over LT next year. Hope we bring back Mankins, and Koppen should still be at center. Wonder if the Pats try moving Light to RT for next year. Maybe Ohrnberger, or Bussey can step it up next year. 

    I think some of the moves can be from depth where young players can step up there game next year and fill a void, but the Pats need to make some moves in FA, trades, and draft. I expect us to continue the youth movement. Next year the Pats could be flying under the radar, see NFL.com already has the end of the dynasty, so maybe next year the Pats can take everyone by surprise.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I think Ed's is a slot rec only, not to say he cant line up outside sometimes, but I think hes a perfect slot rec. Hes faster than Welker which could mean getting into the end zone more, that is a huge problem with this team. No other team with serious goals has only  ONE scoring threat, only one. That blows my mind!
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    this guy would be a fantastic WR to pick up in the later rounds:
    Freddie Barnes
    he catches everything and is INCREDIBLY fast, id love to see him besides moss/welker/edelman
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    one answer for the patriot woes on defense:
    Ndamukong Suh

    "Bill, make it happen" ,

    "whether it be by hook or by crook,
    Bill Make it Happen!"
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Suh doesn't answer any problems. He is an interior lineman, and BB won't make that happen. He will not trade everything to go top three to get that guy. It isn't happening. 

    Ne's defense needs on great pass rusher and it is fixed. The only consistent issues they have had all year were giving the opposing team too much time in the pocket.

    I can't, however, imagine that this offense needs anything less than a near-overhaul. 

    They need a couple OL players. A RB who can force a safety to pay attention, a TE who can catch and make a play, and a WR who isn't a slot guy or a deep threat. 

    AND an offensive coordinator to boot. 

    This FO is going to need to get creative to solve these issues. 

    Matt Light is spent. 
    Neal is spent. 

    Mankins is above average. 
    Koppen is average.

    Kaczur is below average. 
    Connoly is a practice squad player.

    Vollmer is promising. 

    1 OT
    1 OG

    Maroney is a nice compliment back, but not enough. Taylor is aged. Morris is done. Faulk is solid, but not a full time player.

    1 RB

    1 WR for obvious reasons.
    1 TE.

    Putting Suh in this game changes nothing about the outcome. Even putting an elite pass rusher in there, which they need, changes nothing about the outcome.  
    They were shellshocked (again) by blitzes. 

    the same way they were against the Giants, Colts in the 4th quarter, Denver in the 4th quarter, Jets in week 2, and just about every other significant loss. 

    They need to reimagine this offense because the current group isn't getting it done.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I think ilb is as much of a need as olb. Like Wiz said and anyone else who really watched them this year, wrapping up was a big problem. I agree we need a olb, but I dont see Hughes, Wooten etc as first rounders. Second ok Ill buy it, but we cant miss with our first. And on ilb how about Rudd or Ryans, both of their teams are crazy for not locking em' up, why not get into the mix. Both are machines, leaders and top 5 guys at their respected spots. Theres alot of talent in F/A this year. And another thing I think really hurt us is losing Sey, I would have taken the  first rounder as well, but not having him did hurt us. IMHO hes a top 5 34 end all time. As many of you know a 34 end is primirely suppose to stop the run, Sey did that as well as anyone and would get pressure on the QB. He was good for 4-5 sacks year.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Could you please give your thoughts or a draft ranking on RB Scott from LSU ?

    I'd like to see McCluster in this O. I think he could be what could have been in the Harvin pick. That some say was stolen by the Viks. I'm not sure where how high up the boards hes climbed. I think he would serve as a Faulk replacement.

    Two areas that need addressed are KR and PR. I know these are not first thoughts and Butler and Edelman did well there. However lets hope the plan going forword is not beating the he// out of our starters.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Have to disagree again ZBELL, having a very good 34end or in our case not having one is a huge deal. Lets forget about Suh for the moment, if this team has Sey I really  believe their 2-3 notches better. Great 34ends are extremely hard to find, especially one that can put pressure on the QB. Hey like I said earlier I would have taken the 1st rounder too, but not having him was huge for us IMHO. He automaticly makes our backers better, hey maybe its me, but he was the best 34 end in the game.  Not having him certainly hurt us.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    He broke his collarbone, so that should put him lower than some might have expected. Still he is one of the four players worth watching out of LSU the others being LaFell, Jones and Ciron Black, who I like more at guard than tackle. 

    I could see taking a late round flyer on him, but he isn't worth going for on day one or even early on day two simply because he doesn't have the burst you would want, and isn't quite as powerful as you might suspect.

    Johnathan Dwyer is the same size, and a much better athlete. I would rather they select him. But then, they only have so many selections on the first day. 

    Dexter McCluster is the best SEC runner coming out this season, and would be worth looking at on day two as well. 

    I think there would be concerns about how well he can take an NFL pounding though because he is really small. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    And ZBELL you think a pass rush or lack of was the only problem on D this year, u kidding me. Sorry, but you obvi. havnt been paying atttention.  Im not trying to talk smack..or maybe I am, whatever, but wrapping up was a huge problem for us. Up the middle, around the edge, out on the flat, wherever, this team needs another ilb as much as a pass rush. And as we speak filling that need is much easier than finding a great pass rusher. You really want to gamble on taking one in  the first round, maybe trading for one, ok, but who? Their are more guys in the draft and F/A that fill the hole at ilb than outside. Hey Im not saying its not a need, but we cant keep talking about the problem w/out coming up w/ a solution.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I'm thinking a power back might make the most sense this year, and perhaps draft Faulk's replacement next year.

    I love Best, and think he could be a major force for us, but Best, Faulk and Maroney doesn't make a very well rounded stable of backs.