2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Z as I posted earlier in my blog (www.patriotsfootballplace.com). Make the O less predictable and the opposing D is not having that same success with the blitzes. The blitz success was also a byproduct of the situation of the game, being down and forced to pass. It just exacerbates the situation.

    I think the FO needs as much overhaul as anything else. They have been raided heavily this decade.

    You are absolutely right about the offense but i don't blame it all on blitz pickup or the OL. Predictable predictable predictable and it started in 2007 which is why the majority of the games generally got closer and closer against the good teams and eventually they lost in the superbowl. Unfortunately as long as things happen to working at the time or they continue to win then not many people see or question anything. Brady's stats this year are deceiving. He had a lot of critical mistakes this year that put his team and especially the D in tough situations.

    In the last 2 post season appearances the great Tom Brady and his vaunted offense have put up only 14 points each game. Nothing more really needs to be said.

    People can flap their jaws all they want about the defense but I don't see teams in today's NFL giving up fewer than 14 points per game on average. That's what the Patriots D would need to become if the Offense is only going to score you 14 in the post season.

    I wrote twice about the Offense's ineptitude prior to the playoffs here.



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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Thanks Z

    I saw a lot of Bowls. Not much in season games. I know when Ole Miss played TN. Eric Berry was nowhere to be found and McCluster had a field day. Tn has another TE coming out that blocks and catches well.

    There was a LB #40 from USC east (gamecocks) that came with high praise. Iowa had a TE that played big.Jerry Hughes played up to the hype and the LB #41 that played behind him. I'm all out hoping that LB McClain from bama is the pick. I think he could play inside or out and he knows how to get home when called on.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Arodrambone, Best, a power back? Have you seen him..at all?
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    LowIQ couldnt agree more about this O, I also have been saying since the 07 season. Moss has been my fav player ever, but I rout for my team more than anything and as much as I love him, we depend on him way to much. Have been saying that his entire time here, he's are only scoring threat, that is unbelievable, every "good" team in the league has multilple weapons, Colts, NO, Minne, Arizona, GB, Dallas, all of them. Play calling has been putrid, and when this team needs a big game our o-line is a rumor. But I think out D has a couple of problems that cant go untouched. ZBELL it seems like you think all we need is a pass rush and thats it. You couldnt be more wrong, I was wondering why you wont respond to someone who disagrees w/ you?
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Make the O less predictable and the opposing D is not having that same success with the blitzes.

    Brady shotgun, Moss deep,Welker/Edelman in the vacuum with TE's blocking only has so many options. actually 2 a draw or screen to the back

    The blitz success was also a byproduct of the situation of the game, being down and forced to pass.
    Mike Vrabel 07. It made many think we had a pass rush back when 

    Forced to pass from being down was mostly today. The other blown leads were the deep balls just seem to not to be there most of the year. Mostly in the second half (3 an outs). 1st down a drop or missed deep ball to back of a team thats down. That puts you at 2nd and 10 which means you forecast run by bringing in Maroney to get to 3rd and manageable. But you cant cause you just forecasted run. Now it's 3rd and long. Then it's double cover or bring the BLITZ

    it started in 2007

    IT ALL STARTED IN 07  Brady quit finding the open guy. We all should remember seeing the ball sail over open guys to a double or triple covered Moss. Dallas game comes to mind. But it was before that.

     Sorry guys    
        back to the draft
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Ok that answers that question, its great to have and come up with your own opinion, but when your wrong, your wrong. Saying that the Pats can fix their D by getting a pass rush and thats it was a dumb thing to say. I love how people on here say anything, with no evidence to back it up at all. And when someone call you on it, their nowhere  to be found. Hey to each his/her own, Im all for that. But one of the biggest reasons were on here is to debate, go back n forth, and share ideas, but we have way to many kitties on here that say stupid chit and wont even try to back it up. I dont care how dumb one sounds with a thought or an idea, believe me Im not the smartest or brightest by any stretch at all. But I try an come up with MY OWN opinions, ideas, and thoughts and will debate and argue with anyone and Im not afraid to lose. Just dont run and hide, and back it up how you see it.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Man would someone as simple as a Jabar Gaffney look good in New England right now.  

    I like a lot of the free agent receivers.  I don't think there's any way Jerry Jones lets Miles Austin get away, so I take him off the board.  Same for Vincent Jackson.  I do like Steve Breaston a lot, and I think Malcolm Floyd could do some damage in this offense.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Theres no way Marshell goes back to Denver after this year. That tension never went away, just was hidden well. Moss/Marshell/and/or Breaston or Walter would absolutely be a crazy rec-core. I hate to say it, but I dont think Welker will ever be the same and he wont be back until atleast Nov-Dec. I see no reason why we couldnt go after Marshell and Breaston, with 81 that might be the biggest group in the league and the best. And how about Sceffhller at tight end, hes a top 10 t.e. and would fit right in our system. I like some of the F/A's on D as well. Rudd and Ryans are machines and leaders. Both are top 5 backers, why not get in that mix. I think we need help at inside just as much as outside.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    ZBellino. Was really pleased to see you now adding a lot of your thoughts lately. Have missed your detailed and informative insights. I think you and Lazarus have terrific points and I always look for and value your threads. Perhaps BB could add you both to the Pats staff. About time they took notice of the wise fans .....who probably know as much as OBrien and Pees do.
    Just a point on the difference in games today. Green Bay and Arizona was a cracker and could only wonder why we can't get that passing play particularly over the middle to receivers.
    If you notice most teams left have good TEs who do massive damage.eg Clark, Whitten, Shockey, Gates and even Dave Thomas ex Pats seems to be doing well
    with the Saints. Surely we must buy into that scheme as well as they are match winners.
    Look at Packers' Jermichael Finley and even Spencer Havner today!
    Keep up the work on the draft. BB may even read them one day!

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1


    I agree wholeheartedly. Like I said, there is one big need on defense .. . but NE needs to reimagine this offense, because unless they make changes it isn't going to work in the face of elite defenses. . .  and I think that has been evident since 2007.


    No kidding. The guy you are talking about is one of my favorites, and could be had for a mid second rounder, Eric Norwood. He is short, but stout, and he has a good motor and lots of experience playing the field.

    And yeah, I would be shocked if no one took a look at McClsuter, the kid has real open field vision.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1


    Good thread. Lets start on the offensive side of the ball. Who do they keep (resign) and who do they let walk?

    QB - Keep Brady, he still has it, just needs more talent and playmakers to surround him.
    RB - Let Maroney and Taylor walk...Keep Morris, Faulk, draft RB in later round. 
    WR - Welker out maybe to start season. Keep Moss, but he becomes the #1/2. Keep Edelman, he becomes #4. Pick up FA (I like Vincent Jackson), and also possibly draft TE/WR...I like Gresham and LaFell in 2nd round possibly. I think signing 1 good FA here, and picking up 1 in the draft would be good. Don't know if Tate will ever see the field again, but if he does, rethink this a bit. I like Aiken but he is a better special team than WR. We need "pure" WR here, not converted QB's and freaks....someone that can run intermediate routes, big and strong. 
    OL - Let Light and Neal walk. Start Vollmer at LT. Keep Mankins, Koppen, Connolly, not sure who else here. A need for sure, but i think pick up in later round or via FA. 
    TE - Depends on what you do in draft...If they focus on TE, possibly Gresham, I would let Watson walk. Keep Baker. 

    DL...Sign Wilfork. 
    DE/OLB...Let Crable, AD, Burgess walk. TBC is good, but not a SB caliber DE/OLB. I like drafting Hughes from TCU here. Guyton although pretty good is not a starting OLB on a SB team. 
    ILB - I think set...with Mayo and McKenzie. Possibly use Guyton to provide depth here. 
    CB - Let Wheatley walk. SIgn Bodden. Develop Butler and Wilhite (slot corner), possibly keep Springs for depth but not a starter. Possibly develop Arrington see how he comes along...I think we need a CB FA pickup. 
    Saftey - Deep here, although not sure what to do with 4 safeties. I like McGowan, he needs some more time in the system to develop but his playmaking ability is good. Chung overrated, Meriweather can't tackle, Sanders is consistent but no playmaker. Could we trade and package 2 for a WR or pick in the draft?

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    a improved pass rush will make any secondary better... thats our #1 need I think

    and a second WR and possibly a everydown back
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Personally, I think the Pats could use some more veterans out there, because we already have a very young team as it is.  At RB, I still have to believe that Steven Jackson could be had via trade due to the fact that St. Louis is in a serious rebuilding mode (especially considering that they're the worst team this year). 

    Not only that, but he'll be a free agent after next season and most likley will opt not to stick around.  I think our first round pick and a swap of second round picks (Jacksonville's for St. Louis's) would be fair in a trade even if we had to kick in another pick like say a fourth or fifth rounder to get it done (this would be the equivalent of trading a low first round pick in exchange for Steven Jackson).

    If this were to happen, then with the 33rd pick in the draft, I'd take Mike Lupati OG because our O-line is in a desperate need of an infusion of talent, plus Stephen Neal is a free agent and is not worth re-signing.  That said, I think extending Mankins is a must.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Need help on both lines (not enuf draft picks to completely overhaul both unfortunately.)

    Need another WR or a TE that can catch the ball - after Moss and Welker the Pat's have nobody that teams have to respect.

    Need a decent RB to make teams respect the run.

    I miss the days where the Pat's played physical football.  The high powered, high scoring offenses are alot of fun to watch, but being able to beat other teams up will bring additional SB's to NE.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Regardless of what they do, I hope they bring players who wear that uniform proud and play like they want to win every play.  Guys who are passionate about the game and been on this team.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    1st Round -
    22nd/23rd pick Sergio Kindle OLB
    2nd Round -
    42nd? Greg Hardy OLB
    45th? Ryan Mathews RB
    58th? Donovan Warren CB

    This is my wish list for the first two rounds, looked at OG but I don't think we should let some of the really good talent at high need areas pass by again.  The two OLBs will create the much needed rush, Mathews is a tough back can run inside or out.
    Warren is a good man to man CB, good size at 6' 185lbs. 
    This means get rid of the two Ws that have not produced. 

    FA-Sign TB to an extension, sign VW, get a good WR to compliment RM, JE and WW when he comes back.  Need Oline help, Voll moves to LT need gards bring some in see who works out.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    It breaks down pretty simply for me...
    WR Moss replacement in 2011
    RB game breaker (our RB crew is O-L-D!) 
    OLB or DE pass rushing specialist
    OT/OG I don't care which, they need to get a OT to pair up with Vollmer (Light is gone in my humble opinion) and a OG to pair up with Mankins who should be kept at almost all cost.

    Those are the top four position needs with TE being the next need.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Rd 1- Jerry Hughes- 6-3 257 OLB TCU- Safe to say that NE's pass rush is non-existent.  Hughes would be a huge upgrade to their roster with 26 sacks and over 30 tackles for loss the past 2 years.  He's an undersized DE, but would seem to be a natural fit as a 3-4 OLB (I believe they'll move back to a 3-4 base if they have the needed talent) as he has 3 career INT's with experience rushing the passer standing up.  He's an instictive player, who plays with a great deal of intensity, has a good burst off the edge and will play to the whistle.  He also plays on special teams and you know BB loves to play his starters there.  Tough and productive with good intangibles. If Rolando McClain (ILB Alabama) slips, he's the guy.  Also keep an eye on Terrence Cody (DT Alabama) and Greg Romeus (DE Pitt).

    Rd 2 Ryan Matthews- 5-11 220 RB Fresno State- Good size/speed ratio, he can hammer the ball between the tackles or take it the distance.  He finished second in the nation with 1,808 yards to go along with 19 TD's while acting as one of the more consistent performers in the country (his only sub-100 game was one in which he got injured and only had 8 carries) and there is the Pat Hill connection to consider.  He could prove to be the dynamic young back that Maroney (while not terrible) hasn't developed into.  If Jonathan Dwyer slips to the bottom of the 1st or top of the second, he could be an option. 

    Rd 2 Kyle Calloway- 6-7 315 OT Iowa- Matt Light's contract expires following the 2010 season.   Sunday's game against Baltimore proved yet again that his time has passed as they need to get younger and more athletic along the OL.  Vollmer should be moved over to LT and I think they should draft another quality OT to eventually fill the RT postion.  Kyle Calloway is a big, tough and athletic tackle that could fill the need.  He's a durable player who's effective blocking or the run and pass and has no problem getting to the second level to take on LB's.  There's also the Kirk Ferentz connection to keep in mind. 

    Rd 2- Kyle Wilson- 5-11 180 CB/PR Boise State-  With the uncertain futures of Leigh Bodden (potential free agent), Jonathan Wilhite (does his best to ensure other teams complete as many passes as possible) and Terrence Wheatley (not yet able to get consistent burn) the team could use an influx of youth and talent at the CB position.  Wilson is a guy who shows excellent instincts and ball skills (11 career INT's, 2 TD's) with the speed, quickness and COD skills necessary to be left on an island in man or work his area in zone coverage.  He also shows some special teams potential with an 8.8 average on 90 career punt returns with 3 TD's and you know how Belichick loves players with versatility.  OL is also an option again in round 2 as they are getting beat in the trenches.  Mike Johnson (6-5 305 OT/OG Alabama) is an option.  27 career starts at 4 positions across the OL, primarily at left guard and right tackle.  Personally I think Mankins and/or Neal is gone after the year so Johnson could be a replacement.  He has the Saban connection, plays in the SEC and you know BB loves versatility.  Matt Tennant (C/OG 6-4 291 Boston College) is another option, as a tough, consistent player with 28 consecutive starts, BC has a good track record of producing OL, look no further than Dan Koppen.

    Rd 4- Eric Decker- 6-3 215 WR Minnesota- They have a  huge need for a quality outside receiver opposite Moss and may address this through FA as it generally takes rookie WR a while to acclimate to the pro game.  Do they try and address this current and future need by trying to land Brandon Marshall or Vincent Jackson or Miles Austin (assuming they aren't franchised which is a big if)???  This was a glaring need during the 2009 season and assuming they choose to draft a guy, I think Decker could fill a the need.  He's a big, tough receiver with good hands who has experience outside and in the slot.  He's also a good route runner who's provided excellent production in the Big Ten (227 REC, 3,119 YDS AND 24 TD in his career).  Currently projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick, he's not scheduled to be healed from a foot injury until the May-July timeframe, so that may cause him to slip a bit in the draft, a la Brandon Tate.  Golden Tate, Damian Williams, Brandon Lafell and Brandon Shipley could be options earlier in the draft as well. 

    Rd 6- Jimmy Graham- 6-8 260 TE Miami
    - Former UM basketball player who joined the football team for the 2009 season.  He's extremely raw, but has excellent athleticism.  He had 14 Rec for 185 yrdas and 5 TD's on the year.

    Rd 7- Chris Marinelli- 6-7 305 OT Stanford- Big, tough OT prospect who helped pave the way for Toby Gerhart.   They could use some youth and depth at tackle.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Why does everyone keep talking about the TE's? The Patriots don't even use them in the passing game.

    They took Dan Graham in the 1st round. Used him to block.

    Ben Watson in the 1st round. Used him to block except for one year (2006) when they were absolutely forced to use him in the passing game because they had hardly nothing at WR. He had 49 receptions that year so he obviously could be effective in that role but the Patriots went back to not using him much since then.

    Then they draft David Thomas who to my eyes easily had the best hands of all the TE's while he was here and they very rarely use him. Yes I KNOW he was injured a lot his first couple seasons, it's too bad. Bottom line is they trade him to the Saints and he has 35 receptions this year for the saints. More than all of his years here in NE combined. Almost as many as Watson and Baker combined this season. Did he just all of a sudden learn to get open and catch the ball? It's not like he started with the Saints all season either as he was playing behind Shockey until he got injured.

    Chris Baker averaged 31 receptions a year over the last three seasons (21, 41, 31). He comes here and he has 14.

    Anyone see a pattern?

    So please stop with the TE in the 1st round thing unless you tell me the Patriots are changing philosophy and will actually feature the TE more in the passing game.

    This year in particular I would say the same is true about people calling for a need at running back. Unless you are saying that because we have 3 over 30, which is a fact and I agree with. If you actually think the backs we have stink then you are missing the point that the offensive system is in disarray and have missed seeing a lot of the hits or first cuts having to be made 1 or 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage by our backs this season.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Low while I tend to agree that TEs do not play a big part in the offense but we atleast owe one win to a TE.  Remember the game against the bills, Graham's TDs?

    TEs are a necessary part of a team, I don't think we'll have a 1st rounder but 4th to 7th a guy like Jimmy Graham that mb posted.  The guy is a big target and can block both in passing and running plays. 

    We need an OC that sees the benefit of a TE, look at those teams who use them and the success of their offense.  I don't think anyone can argue that if you have a good TE that Ds have to account for then it frees someone else up.  I think we need an OC that does more with the offense.  Mix in RBs TEs ect.  Is charlie really gone to KC?!!
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Gresham might be available in the second round. He would be all the more tempting.

    Anthony Fasano is a free agent though, and I like his game a lot.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    With the urgent need on the LB and DL/OL I don't think TE should be drafted that high even if if Graham available.

    There are some good options later in the draft,
    Tony Moeaki projected 4th round
    Andrew Quarless 4th round
    and a guy Edelman threw to who might be undrafted Jeraon Mastrud

    TE need but there are much pressing needs to spend 1st or 2nd round picks on.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    yes Pats7393 if it came across that we do not need TE's then my bad. I simply was saying the Patriots do not need to spend a high draft pick on one based how they historically have used them.

    This year for example they placed so little value on them that they went the whole year with two on the roster, I believe. So the mere fact they currently only have two on the active roster shows they probably need one. They placed one on IR, before the season I think, and there was one on the practice squad.

    They carried an Extra tackle instead.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I'd have to agree with you Z on the defense. It's basically one or two postions that can bring a consistent pass rush, the younger players will improve each year, really no different than any other career. Our offense needs a few changes at each position and definite upgrades in the coaching ranks. Here's a more detailed position by position look at next year.

    Signed - Brady, Hoyer

    Don't expect any changes here. Brady should be healthy come training camp and hopefully next year, and Hoyer looked pretty good for a rookie and should improve after a year under his belt.

    Signed - Maroney, Morris, Taylor, Green-Ellis
    UFA - Faulk

    Draft Options: Johnathan Dwyer, Jahvid Best, Toby Gerhart, Dexter McCluster
    Free Agent Options: Chester Taylor (Min.), Chris Brown (Hou.)

    Expecting this position to change the most. The best back we have is a UFA, and all of our signed backs either have injury and/or are inconsistent. The Pats need to bring in a back that will carry the load. Hope we can resign Faulk, but we need to develop either Maroney or Green Ellis (don't see either one as a workhorse back) as a Faulk replacement. Maybe the Pats will bring back a full-time FB for those short yardage situations as well.

    Signed - Moss, Welker, Edlemann, Aiken, Slater, Tate

    Draft Options: Dez Bryant, Marty Gilyard, Arrelious Benn, Golden Tate, Brandon LeFell
    Free Agent Options: Nate Burleson (Sea.), Antonio Bryant (TB)

    With Moss in the final year of his contract next year, Welker hurt and Edlemann the only one of the rest that doesn't look like a special teamer only at WR this position will need to bring in a good #3 receiver. Could BB keep either the Denver or KC pipeline open with a trade for Marshall or Bowe.

    Signed - Baker
    UFA - Watson

    Watson has been a huge disspointment. The Pats should make a move here and bring in a new TE with Baker as a backup.

    Draft Options: Jermaine Gresham, Ed Dickson, Tony Moeaki, Garrett Graham
    Free Agent Options: (pretty thin)

    Signed - Vollmer, Light, Kaczur, Koppen, Connolly, Ohrnberger, Bussey, LeVoir
    UFA - Neal, (Mankins)
    RFA - Mankins

    Draft Options: Trent Williams, Ciron Black, Charles Brown, Jason Fox, Bruce Campbell, Mike Iupati
    Free Agent Options: Chad Clifton (GB), Mark Tausher (GB), Ben Hamilton (Den)

    Need to resign Mankins as priority #2 behind Wilfork. That would give us a good leftside of the OL next to Vollmer. Koppen is a decent center but the right side of the OL needs some work. We have some youth in Ohrnberger and Bussey who could end up starting, or maybe a year of Light going to RT. Kaczur's play has been pretty poor and Neal as been injured a few times the last couple of years and at 33 maybe playing somewhere else.

    Signed - Warren, Wright, Brace, Pryor
    UFA - Green, Wilfork

    Draft Options: Jason Pierre-Paul, Brandon Graham
    Free Agent Options: Richard Seymour (Oak), Kyle Vanden Bosch (Ten), Adelwale Ogunleye (Chi)
    Get Wilfork tagged and/or signed, wouldn't mind seeing the Pats bring in a upgrade over Green.

    Signed - Mayo, Guyton, Thomas, Woods, Alexander, McKenzie, Crable
    UFA - Banta-Cain, Burgess

    Draft Options: Ricky Sapp, Navaro Bowman, Sergio Kindle
    Free Agent Options: Julius Peppers, Keith Bulluck, Gary Brackett, Karlos Dansby

    Would like to see them bring back Banta-Cain as a pass rush specialist. Bring in a OLB that can get to the QB. Inside there will be more improvment as Mayo and Guyton continue to develop, may see McKenzie play a role in here as well. Maybe this will be the end of Thomas and the always injured Crable.

    Signed - Butler, Springs, Wilhitte, Wheatley, Chung, Meriweather, Sanders, McGowen
    UFA - Bodden

    Would like to see Bodden back in uniform and signed a multi-year deal. Expect to see improvments from the young guys. Guess really don't see much change here and a better pass rush will make this group look a whole lot better.

    ST - Hanson, Ingram, Edlemann, Slater, Aiken, Tate
    UFA - (Gostowski)
    RFA - Gostowski

    Would like to see the Pats bring back Ghost. Hopefully we can improve the Kick and Punt return units. If Brandon Tate can clear that hurdle it could go a long way to filling that void.

    Will this be the end of Dean Pee's, could the Pats see Teddy Bruschi back on the sidelines maybe as LB coach. Also wouldn't mind seeing Crennel back as DC.  I hope they do something to help spark this defense next year. O'Brien has to rank as one of the worst play callers this past year, he either stays on as QB coach or gets jettisoned.

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