2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    So much great information. I'll add my assessment #1) o-line; old and worn down as a unit; even when they protected Brady the pocket was often collapsing so he couldn't move into the right lane for the throw #2) linebackers --- need left OLB for AD's place and in-side LB next to Mayo #3) possession reciever or possession TE...I bet they sign free agents and maybe even trade some picks for veterans, cuase this team needs some leadership.  Other needs as well, but not as critical to success, IMO. 

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    As much as I like McClain, there's no way he comes to New England. He'll be gone by the 15th pick at the very latest. Unless Belichick sees the need to trade up and grab him (which he'll need at least one of our second rounders to do), I don't see McClain in a Pats uniform next season.

    As far as offense goes, the two areas that absolutley need attention are right guard and 3rd receiver. I mentioned Iupati earlier in this thread somewhere; he could be an option at guard. At wideout, the Pats need a guy in the mold of a Larry Fitzgerald-type receiver (I'm not talking about drafting the next Larry Fitz). The passing game is just one possession receiver away from elite status. As it stands right now, we have a deep threat (Moss), a slot guy (Welker), and a slot/nobody knows what to call this kid guy (Edelman). All the Pats are missing is that sure-handed receiver that can consistently make catches while the other guys are covered.

    It also wouldn't hurt to have a TE as a redzone threat (which is why I love the idea of Gresham in New England).
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Commitee point taken about McClain, but sooner or later we need some studs in here. And he looks like one, so does Haden. This is a huge problem I have with this team, Im all for stocking up the picks, but sometimes you need to go get a guy that can really make a difference. Look at the jokes with Revis, Harris, Sanchez. There are guys that deserve a lil' more attention. Those two IMHO are worth moving up say 6-8 spots.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    arodrambome, I am glad another person here has finally noticed a guy I have watched for a while and spoken about on this baord recently, Pouncey.  He can play OG/C for sure.  I think he would be a great pick for us
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Yeah, he looks pretty versatile.

    I'm really excited about this draft. There are so many excellent prospects, and a first round grade player is going to drop to our first 2nd round pick. Perhaps another one will even drop to our second 2nd round pick.

    Gresham, Spikes, Pouncey, Cody, Best/Dwyer/Matthews, Hughes/Graham/Sapp, ... some really random players are going to drop, and leave us as the envy of the league by the end of the second round.

    We could realistically end  up with 4 of the above names by the end of the second round, especially if we wheel and deal a bit.

    Trading down from 22 to the end of the first/top of the 2nd, and trading up with our last 2nd round pick would almost ensure 4 high impact picks are had in the first two rounds.

    Talk about reinvigorating the dynasty! This draft will go a long way.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Nick C1188

    Another option was Spencer Havner TE (think) ..........great touchown.

    Has been good chat about TE's....... how Pats don't really use them and even D. Thomas now with Saints has done well. Why can't we change?

    Ask Manning what he would do without Clark? Think if we had any of TE's yesterday.eg Whitten,Shockey, Gates, Finley.........

    We threw to Edelman, Faulk mainly. When did Randy get his first and second reception in the game.
    Ravens knew our plays backwards.

    Would love a big TE who can block as well. Not in first round though. Free agency?

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    If Spikes dropped into the second he is a no brainer, even if ILB isn't the spot that needs the most attention.

    Guyton is an awesome backup player, but watching him out there makes it clear he is not a 3 down ILB. He can't get off blocks quick enough. Seau is too old to be counted on in any way.

    Spikes' stock is dropping, like Rey Maualuga's did last season, but he is a far better suited player to the kind of defense that NE runs, and would be the perfect compliment to the quicker Mayo. Both of them are film nuts, so it would be a great interior to build off of if he tumbles like RM did. 

    The idea of getting Gresham, provided he is healthy, is great. I just wonder with all the retooling Ne needs to do, if they will look to TE as the first spot. 

    This team got old quickly, and then NEED OLBs (X2) possibly one ILB, possibly one DE(34) and that is just defense. I think re-inking Bodden brings back a solid secondary that will improve with a better pass rush, but they could even stand to address CB yet again given how poorly Wheatley has responded to playing NFL football.

    Regardless, I still think the overwhelming position of need on this team is an OLB. They need a.) a pass rusher, and b.) as evidenced in the last game and several others, an OLB who can seal off the edge. Neither Banta-Cain, nor Burgess excelled at sealing an edge, and by the end of the season it was all AT could do to stay on the field. 

    TBC is a great pass rush specialist, who is good on third down out there, but in reality, they need to get heavier out there. Something we all took for granted was how well Vrabel played the edge as a run stopper, and that is key. 

    I hate this part of the draft, because projecting players I really like at DE (Hardy for instance) as a 34 OLB, is very difficult. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Although Spikes is a great player I would hate to see the Pats go in that direction when it's the pass rush that needs fixing badly.  I feel Guyton will do for now.  Maybe next year.  But what's the rush?  Give the guy some time to fit the part and get some experience. 

    There are a lot of parts to replace but through a little bit of deduction if the Pats make those top 4 picks count we could come out of this pretty good.  Then we have that high pick in 2011 which I'm sure they'll make count.  The signing of Bodden and Wilfork figure in big. 

    One thing is for sure it's not going to be SB bound for a while around here.  It's going to take two years to fix this thing and that's with everything going right.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    "a pass rusher, and b.) as evidenced in the last game and several others, an OLB who can seal off the edge."

    My vote at this point goes to Brandon Graham of Michigan:


    6’2” 268 lbs

    Relentless pass rusher who doesn't depend solely on speed, sheds blockers as well as anybody, very stout base and low center of gravity, sure tackler.


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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Yeah, and when I think about Graham I think about Lamarr Woodley, who was very similar. 

    I think the big difference is that when you look at Graham's midsection, he looks more like a De than an OLB, whereas Woodley had more of that flexible "V" torso like Vrabel had. 

    But for sure, I think Graham is high on the list, especially considering the looks that Michigan has gotten from BB in the past when he picked Woods and Crable. 

    Lets hope if he goes for Graham that the third time is the charm. LOL.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    To All Posters: As we all think of which players the Pats should/could pick in April's draft, I am more interested in how the Patriots go about their business in 2010 then in the actual players that they select.  It will be very telling how they handle the draft, free-agency, and the coaching staff in the off-season.  Having said that, what are the chances, given the Patriots recent drafting philosophy of trading down and out of the first round that:

    A)  They trade up into the top 10 for someone that they like (An agressive approach that indicates to me  that they get it.  They need quality not quantity. Agressive approach in Free-agency would probably precede this option)

    B)  Trade out of the first round and acquire more 2nd and low round draft picks in the same draft (they don't get it.  They continue their practice of acquiring hamburger when they need steak; 2010 season wont be any different, and maybe worse than 2009 season.  More than likely, they will not be very aggressive in Free-agency targeting low cost options and hoping for the best)

    C)  Trade out of the First Round and at least one of their 2nd Round picks for more picks in 2010 and 2011 (They really don't get it. They need quality players now. The notion that drafted players probably couldn't crack this line-up is absurd They have needs all over the board in all phases of the game. Accrual of more picks in the later rounds in 2010 and more in 2011 will only hasten the demise that the Patriots are in. 

    I think the answer to this question (along with coaching changes (Why Weiss and Crennel were allowed to go to KC and not be welcomed back with open arms and checkbooks in NE I'll never know) and Free Agency)will say alot about where the Patriots think they are as a team than almost anything else. The more the Pats stick to what they have done (which clearly has not worked recently) the more they are either so blind and arrogant that they still believe their philosphy will work or they are being hamstrung financially by the owner and can't improve the team.  I hope this resounding blow-out loss, with Brady at the helm, finally wakes this organization up to the reality of at least 5 years of total mismanagement (Yes, this includes the 16-0 2007 season as their defense that year was just as bad as it was the two year prior and since. The Offense just overwhelmed the other team except when it counted in the Superbowl) of coaching, personnel decisions (draft and free-agency, and signing(re-) their own free-agents before their contracts were up).  For a coach as well-schooled as Belichick in defensive play and schemes, to allow this team to falter for years on defense is incredible to me.  I could see how potentially the offense may suffer a little from time to time, but the defensive side of the ball should always be a strength but for some reason Belichick has abandoned the defense and tried to win with a San Diego Chargers with Dan Fouts as QB attack (All Offense and no Defense).  This strategy almost won in 2007 but cannot be sustained as other teams figure your offense out or at the very least, take the air out of the ball and reduced the number of possessions in the game. 

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Yeah, I was waiting for this infamous (future) draft post!  LoL!!!!!!!

    How humiliating...to be squawking about the 2010 draft, whilst the play-offs are still going on, particualrly a few days after the first round.  Perhaps, it would have been...classier...to wait a bit, yeah?  Essentially, what this early post/chatter implies is that we have nothing else to talk about beyond next year's team.  I guess this is OK, for Patriots fans, however, football fans might leveraging this for a good laugh.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    BT then don't read the post, some of us like looking at college players and playing GM not only after the team is knocked out but all through out.  I started looking at who was coming out this year after last year's draft. 

    Now it is never too early for us who might like this a bit too much to begin been proven wrong by BB on draft day.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Sure BT like 24 other teams aren't doing the same thing right now. Next week another 4 teams will have fan's that start up their draft thread. How classy is it to be a troll.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    That it guys, no more draft talk because Btown said so........
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Low good point, the Pats have been able to play at a high level because of depth we had which is no longer the case.  We had guys that could have started in other teams and we had them coming off the bench. 
    As long as we have the same guys to depend on it will remain a bad D, don't care how good VW is if he's getting doubled and tripled team he's going to get tired if no one else can step in a few plays VW will just be an average player because fatigue sets in.
    Then you only put one guy on him and put blockers on the LBs which then makes a 2 yard run into an 80 yard run.  We need quality players, I hope Brace in his second year becomes a factor.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    anyone be upset with this draft? Only pick i can argue is 1st round Hughes going to the Jets, would want the Jerks getting a top notch OLB for years to come.  But good draft for the Pats, I've been vocal about a TE in the first round yes but also know BB drafts best player available if he can't trade out of the spot.  I would rather see a DL/OLB at the 22nd.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    your post is admirable and with great effort.............more so then the effort the team put out on the field Sunday. With that said.......every year I get excited for the draft only for it to come and BB trade it away...........it doesn't work..........we have passed on some dozen linebackers .........THAT HAVE ALL PLAYED LIGHTS OUT..............only cause we don't want to pay people.............BB will trade away the pick again as he always does...........save your time and effort in typing up such a good topic...............
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    What's this always krap?  Two years ago he slid down to pick up Mayo.  It was the right thing to do!  Last year there were some questions because of the players that were left on the table.  Everyone was crying about passing up on Maualuga and later in hindsight complained about not getting Matthews.  How chickensh*t is that?  

    The other thing to consider is what did we pick up?  Did that pick fill a need.  I can be on board with you on one thing.  The Pats did seem very disinterested in LBs early.  We talked about it on this board when the LBs all got over 30.  There was no youth in the LB department.  Perhaps not addressing it much earlier is what is biting them in the shorts now. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Especially when Matthews is essentially the same thing as TBC for first round dollars. 

    Neither him nor Maualuga would have changed any of the outcomes this season. NE needs a bonafide 3 down OLB for the 34 set and even that probably just might have swung one or two contests.

    NE needs OL help because the Oline/WR/RB void was the reason they were served blowout losses three times this season, and couldn't execute finishing drives three times. 

    If they fixed that problem, maybe taking Oher AND Vollmer, and having the forsight to start both of them from day one, AND they hadn't gotten rid of Gaffney for the football equivalent of dollars and cents, then they would still be playing. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    How is this for an idea - we trade ALL of our draft picks for whatever NFL players we can get with them.  Let's face it, our draftees have looked awful - Merriweather and Mayo couldn't tackle Laura Maroney if she danced into their j*ck strap.  Wilhite, Brace, Wheatley ... enough said. Vollmer and Pryor and Jules have been good, but that's about it.

    Seems like we've got a bunch of cocky kids who don't care about football (e.g. Merriweather laughing as we were losing).  Suggs said Seau is our best defender.  Maybe we should stick with the veterans. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    The committee:

    You have the quote wrong at the end of each of your posts. Brady made that statement to Robert Kraft while he was bringing in a pizza for a rookie meeting (or something like that). He didn't say that to Belichick.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Whoops. My Bad. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1


    OLB seems to be the most talked about topic regards the Pats in draft and free agency.

    I am not learned enough to understand all the workings of 3/4 and vice versa and DEs vs OLBs etc.......and I don't know the players in the draft either.

    However looking at the pattern of past drafts coaches are very hesitant to take OLBs in round one. For example in 2008 V.Gholston went to the Jets from round one.

    In 2009 San Diego took Larry English(16), Broncos Robert Ayers (18), Packers Clay Matthews (28). Houston took Brian Cushing but is he classed as an OLB or ILB?

    Thus we must be careful that we don't all get what we wish too much for as we may get it. Must be extremely hard to predict about OLBs.

    Thus is it better to load up on bigger DEs who could be able to fit our system and thus drop back to LB if tangibles don't exactly work out eg speed, size etc.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I look at how they got pushed around on Sunday (with Wilfork and Warren), and can see them picking a big 3-4 DE in the first round. Belichick clearly likes picking these guys based on his past strategies.