2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Brandon Graham needs to be the pick. 

    Hughes- Has stiff hips undersized for the OLB position in the 34 D, and never has dropped back. Gholston 2.0 do not want. Robert Mathis type in the 43 D.

    Pierre-Paul- Slow step not a great motor

    Kindle-Best OLB overall pick can drop back and has a overall okay arsenal of pass rush moves. Needs to bulk up though

    Graham-Non stop motor, tall as TBC though 6'2. A clone of Woodley and James Harrison. 40 time is meh, and can drop back non stiff hips can play DE/OLB. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    On the pass rush I think the Pats would go after someone who is in the 6'4" range.  It seems traditional anyway.  For now Kindle is in the neighborhood and I would rather go after him.  Kindle wouldn't need to bulk up all that much.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    To ALL:

    ~Tell you ALL, It scares me that New England will or at the least, I can say-could or should NEED 2 Starting Outside Linebackers next year...  And to be quite honest, I'm not even close to sold on ANY of them in this ENTIRE Draft Class...and I really WANT to be (which is even scarrier).  O.k., Let's just assume that even in years when the De-OLB hybrids have been hesitantly targeted by stave off-ish teams because noone likes to gamble on positionally-NFL hit or miss players in Round #1, The FIRST (and usually more) LB is always gone (as far as I can remember) by pick #22.  So for simple argument's sake, Let's just say he top-rated by most consensus rush LB, Jerry Hughes, Is an almost certainty to be off the board by the time N.E. selects in Round 1...  

    Let's now further argue, THAT as an insanely best case scenario-Who most scouts generally regard as the next three top 3-4 OLBs, ARE available: Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle, and Ricky Sapp (in no particular order).

    ~Brandon Graham
    -has the motor, awareness, intensity, attitude and all the intangibles...but far sparser looking tangibles than other OLBs, weak 40, small height.  He does have the bulk and ability to stuff the run, yet Pats need an EVERY down 3-4 strongside OLB, SO I gotta wonder less IF Graham will get swallowed up by larger NFL lineman as a 3-4 OLB on running downs, BUT seriously question how comfortable and trully quick Graham is with operating in space on passing downs. 

    CONCLUSION:  Decent bulk but smaller height, Decent enough instincts but not extremely fast, Decent motor but there are others with greater arrays of pass-rushing moves...Aren't these the 2 starting OLBs we had on our team this year...I mean, should we just keep them?  

    ~Sergio Kindle-Has the tangibles of height, decent enough bulk (could add 10 lbs), motor, speed and overall simply unreal athleticism...but has ZERO intangibles-he disappears for lengthy stretches (there's a reason he has 33 QB hurries and only 3 sacks), multiple critiques of overunning plays and being fooled by trick plays, questions on DUI, and likes crashing cars into freakin' buildings because he can't talk on the phone and drive a car at once, and overall Kindle was asked simply limited required duties playing as a roaming pass-rusher.

    CONCLUSION:  Originally I really was high on Kindle's motor, speed, and prototypical 3-4 OLB size.  Surely, he's an athletic marvel...and an instinctual imbecile.  Yea, Kindle should translate well into the complications of a Bill Belichick defensive system.  But I thought we cut Vince Redd, who wasn't quite sure how many quarters were played in an NFL game-Yet was like 6'5 263 lbs and ran something just absurd, like a high 4.4 40y...I mean, is Redd still available? 

    ~Ricky Sapp-Has the height, operates well in space, good qb rush moves and overall excellent attitude, motor and football IQ.  At a mere 240-something lbs, does not have the immediate bulk to be a strongside 3-4 Outside Linebacker and not get utterly blown-up by an offensive lineman while attempting to stop the run.  Still though, Has excellent speed and change-of-direction abilities to operate in space.  Would translate to a weakside pass-rush OLB.

    CONCLUSION:  Yup, Sapp's our guy alright.  Can get to the qb, good speed and agility, fine football instincts and attitude.  I'm after Sapp adds 20-25 lbs in an offseason, his knee ACL tear and SEVERAL other injuries while still in college should check out fine and be no RED flag whatsoever...wait a second hold on here, I thought we already had a guy on the roster with all these things that we sorely need already, and more.....Shawn Crable (who next year will be fine though.....until he tears 7 tendons after the third non-contact walk-through practice)...
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Laz,  it appears Hughes stock is dropping a group.  He didn't do well against Boise and I thought he would take a hit.  It was just slow coming.  I don't see Sapp being there at #22 but it's early.  Kindle should be there but as you say he comes with a load of issues.  I wonder if he'll be able to stay in the 1st round.  Sergio is such a tease.

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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    What's looking good right now is the selection of OL at 22.  A lot of different ways to go.  There's like 4 tackles we could chose from. 
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Pats should find out who Parcells is scouting and then get those guys.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    "Sergio is such a tease."

    ~garytx, It'd be amazing getting the top-weakside OLB rush-specialist in the 2010 Draft Class, then BB could target a decent vet strongside OLB (probably wouldn't want a rookie there initially anyway).  RE: Sergio Kindle...Lol Man, Totally dead-on, That dude just LOOKS like he should be the top guy...the 40, good team, perfectly ideal build to play OLB, even is known as a hard-worker and decent enough guy...it's not even right that his football awareness and iq is judged imbecilic by alot of scouts (see-WR Chad Jackson). 

    ~In the end though, It's the name "Sergio" that will always come with complications (usually found on flamboyant hairdressers that would do something like, throw their scissors across the barber shop when they can't get a weave perfect...although I'm not really sure if I'd make that cheap generalization in Kindle's prescence).  But that's pretty much what I'm gettin' at here-kinda what it boils down to really and how in, at least my opinion, We should be targeting these guys...By Name.  "Elvis Dumer-vil" in Free Agency?  Yea, right...an id#ot vegas-impersonator, I'll wisely pass.  Pssh, "Tom Brady"?  I don't even wanna draft this guy in Rd 6, Mr. Belichick...he just sounds like an average-mediocre player at best, Mark my words and gimme a raise 'cause he'll never be anything.  Now gimme a tougher sounding name like, "Shawn Crable" or even better-a sledgeharmer such as, "Brian Bosworth" and Ya got yourself someone you can build a team around for years...that's probably a future Hall of Famer right there, Coach."        
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    I think an interesting development is the Pats working out two guys I liked so early, in Brandon Graham and Eric Norwood. 

    I had written Norwood off earlier because of his size, but when I think about it, he adds flex because he could be grouped with ILBs too.

    Graham has much better size, and in some ways is built similar to Adalius Tomas.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Looks like Graham and Odrick had good Senior Bowl practices and game.  Then again all teams saw this.  It will be interesting in light of the Wilfork situation.  I would hate to strengthen one area....(i.e. the edge/edge rush) and weaken the middle with no able replacement in sight (i.e. Brace).  They have some challenges this offseason.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    One thing about senior bowl games.  It's a game where not all attend.  Only those who need to improve their stock go to this game which is a good thing.  It's the perfect place for players whose measurables are in question to show they are not an issue. 

    Odrick was seeing his stock go down, almost reaching the 2nd round.  He'll move up now!  Graham with his height and arm length coming into question for an OLB showed us it doesn't matter.  On the other end of the spectrum we have Cody.  No telling what damage was done here.  Gilyard impressed me.  The guy can scoot.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    Yeah, a lot of the players in the North showed up. Tebow has been blasted so far, same with Cody.

    Graham was impressive, indeed. He is an impressive player.

    Rolle got himself into 3rd round consideration, even after a year off. I know NE is basically set for the future, but quality DBs are hard to get too.

    Still, I am waiting on the combine, which is almost as important as this stuff.

    And yeah, I think Graham has a inside track considering how well some Michigan Ends have converted and how his size metrics actually translate well.
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    Re: 2010 NFL Draft Thread #1

    What I enjoyed the most about Graham was what he was doing when he wasn't involved in a play.  He just doesn't stop.

    Although NFL teams are involved in the Senior Bowl it seems to intensify during the combine.  The Senior Bowl seems to be but a footnote.  I wonder if there has been some kinda study on players who don't go to the senior bowl vs. those who do.  The gamble one takes on playing you rish injury and/or a stock hit.