2010 Receiving Core?

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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

    If branch was brought back, the expectation would not be that he would be a number one receiver (He would just be another option). Something the pats desperately need. He is proven himself in our system and would be a quality pick-up at the right price.

    I still believe the pats should draft another receiver in the draft and actually hope they trade for boldin. However, a cost effective alternative would be branch-
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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

    I don't think the majority of fans have a real understanding of the WR situation currently.  There are far more questions marks and cons than pros at this point.

    Moss is still a great receiver, but at this stage in his career he NEEDS a solid guy to help take the pressure off.  Welker was that guy, but you can pretty much rule him out next year.  All of next year I hate to break it to you guys.  Edelman is a pleasant surprise but not ready to be that go to guy.  Nate we don't know much about except he has now had 2 knee surgeries, one on each knee in a little over a years time.  He could very well be the offenses version of Crable.  The rest of our receivers are minor role players at best.   

    We should absolutely use a draft pick this year on an WR, I'm just not sure how high that pick should be.  We should also make that one position the one we attack hard in Free Agency and try to land one of the several big name reliable receivers out there.  As much as our defense needs a boost, I don't think there is one defensive player out there that could really turn things around that we could pickup in FA.  Not that we would be willing to pay a mountain of money anyway (like Peppers).  Aim high in the draft and draft well is all we can hope for on defense.  That and sure up and maybe get lucky with some run of the mill FA players.  Offense is where we need to get Kraft to break out the checkbook though, and no position is in bigger need than WR. 
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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

    #1>>>> Moss
    TE>>>>Thomas....oops he's busy winning games with the Saints
    #2>>>>Gaffney...oops he's busy catching balls in Denver
    #3 slot>>>>Eldemam
    #4>>>> Aiken if he ain't aching
    #5>>>> some bottom of the barrel FA
    #6>>>> some 7th round no name with hope he's the next Eldeman

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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

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    1. Moss 2. Trade for either Boldin, brandon Marshal. Dwane Bowe, malcom Flloyd, Vincent Jackson,Evans
    3. Welker which is really a two/edleman
    4.Tate when he returns/stallworth/branch
    5.Whoever we draft hopefully golden tate, arrelius ben, mardy gilliard

    p.s. lets trade up to the tenth spot in the first round with jacksonville and get CJ spiller. jacksonville can have our 22nd and something else . where they can draft tebow.

    Trade maroney, drop fred taylor , keep faulk and morris, give benjarvus greenellis a chance and pick up another back like tomlinson, portis, mcgahee via free agency
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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

    People need to be reminded that if there is no salary cap next year, the threshold for players becoming unrestricted free agents changes.  Instead of becoming UFAs after 4 seasons, players will need to have been in the league 6 years.  So unless teams outright release some of the names being mentioned, they won't be available as UFAs.  Instead, they will be RFAs and the Pats would have to provide draft pick compensation based on the RFA tiering set by their current teams.  Long story short, there won't be a ton of top tier receivers mulling around as free agents for the Pats to sign.  They might be able to trade for them, but they will have to give up quite a bit to obtain them.
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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

    why not T.O ?   he has no rings, I'm sure he would kill for one and what better QB to work for than brady! He has at least 2 good years left, Belichek wouldn;t put up with his crap and who would defenes double?
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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

    Because NE will not be winning a SB anytime soon.  They have alot of rebuilding to do.
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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

    The one receiver I want to see as a Patriot is Malcom Floyd but I think he's going to get mad money because he proved he can be a #1 when Vincent Jackson was out.

    Malcom Floyd 6'5" 225-I don't think we have a chance of landing this cat, he will be expensive although his my #1 to get receiver to put across Moss.  Can you say record breaking season for Brady?  Who do you cover, Moss? Flyod? Edelman? maybe Tate if he does what we all hope.  I mean it would be a TD fest IMO with Floyd on the team.
    here are some FA that should not be too expensive but I think would work as a #2 or #3 and are more realistic to come here.
    Ronald Curry UFA 6'2" 220-Has never had a 1,000yrd year but has had some in the 700s but also hasn't played for good teams.
    Bobby Wade UFA 5'10 186-He's more of a complementary WR than a #2 but he can be a good #3.
    Josh Reed UFA 5'10" 210-Guy has good hands, has never been a #1 or consistant 2 but he will contribute and would be an upgrade in 2010.
    Steve Breaston RFA 6'0" 189-A lot has been said about trading for Bolding I would rather see what would cost to bring Breaston.  He had a 1k+ season in 2008 in 2009 he had some injuries and ended up with 76+ yards. He is younger and I think can be a #2.  He's been playing behind Fitz and Boldin so I think this kid wants out of the shadows.  It all depends what happens with Boldin, if he leaves no way the Cards don't extend Breaston.
    Maurice Stovall RFA 6'5" 220-Has played for TB so no real good stats which is why I think he would be cheap.  He can play across Moss as another vertical WR.  Speed might be a factor but I haven't seen any tape on the guy.  He has the body to be a redsoze option.
    Jason Avant RFA 6'0" 212-With all the play makers in Philly Avant might the the odd man out.  This is a guy who I would take a chance on, I know we have not done well with Philly receivers but this guy is in a different scale.  I think he could play #2 or #3 and be productive in YAC.

    Out of those I would like to see the team for #2 receiver my #1 option would be Breaston, 2nd option Curry 3rd Stovall
    As the #3 I would like to see 1st option Avant, 2nd Reed, 3rd Wade

    I think it is not too far fetched we can land two of these guys, a UFA and see what would cost for a RFA.
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    Re: 2010 Receiving Core?

    before commenting on the receivers, i want to make clear that i prefer they fill other holes before they work on the receivers. that said here are my thoughts on what ne should do with receivers.

    i am of the opinion that ne needs to find their next #1 sometime soon, as moss may lose his ability to deliver #1-quality performance within the next couple of years. if he does it's a bonus, but ne should start finding someone who could be #1 for the next 4-5 years.

    that said, as a matter of principle, i do not believe in finding a fa past 30 yrs old to fill the #1 spot. ne should get a young wr who could play #3 or #4 now but move into the #1 spot in the next year or two. #3 or #4 means that they could pick up this guy in the 3rd or early 4th round (which they would have to acquire somehow). if they can find a speedy guy with good hands, who could come in and deliver collie, garcon-, branch-like performance, that would be perfect.