2011 Patriot Free Angents

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    2011 Patriot Free Angents

    Potential FAs: S Josh Barrett (3), RB Kevin Faulk (12), PK Shayne Graham (10), RB BenJarvus ­  Green-Ellis (3), OT Matt Light (10), OG Logan ­Mankins (6), S Brandon McGowan (6), RB Sammy Morris (11), OT Quinn Ojinnaka(5), S Jarrad Page (5), RB Fred Taylor (13), DE Gerard Warren (10), ILB Tracy White (8).

    Kevin faulk will retire or be back with the patriots.

    Time to re-sign Mankins, BJGE, and Warren....

    Maybe Light if the price is right.

    We are in good shape....no big losses

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    Re: 2011 Patriot Free Angents

    I sincerely hope that Mankins rethinks his stratospheric demands. Taking a franchise level offer would be great for both parties. I would like Light back unless they are sure they have the personnel to move on. He never was elite but he is dependable and can handle most awesome rushers with a little help. 

    BJGE will re-sign, and it will be a very good deal for NE as his price won't be too high.
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    Re: 2011 Patriot Free Angents

    Guys I would like to see come back:
    - /> Logan Mankins (one of the best guards in the league and an intimidator)
    - /> Tracy White (he's on every special teams unit, and he shows up near the ball on both coverage units if you watch closely enough)
    - /> Jarrad Page (big, physical safety is great for sub-packages)
    - /> Brandon McGowan (born to play man coverage on pass-catching tight ends and a physical safety made for more sub-packages)

    Guys they should bring back under the right circumstances:
    - /> Matt Light (an above-average lineman who's apparently a very positive force in the locker room - he's a big deal to bring back if Logan Mankins walks)
    - /> Gerard Warren (surprised me and has been everything we thought the other Warren would be; saves a draft pick for something else)
    - /> BenJarvis Green-Ellis (whose agent compared him to Curtis Martin, which resulted in BJGE getting buried on the deep end of the bench for a while; for the right price)
    - /> Kevin Faulk (who I think will be brought back somehow - I put him here because I don't see much risk of him going elsewhere, although I also don't see him contributing too much on the field with the rise of Danny Woodhead)
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    Re: 2011 Patriot Free Angents

    I hate to say it but unless Woodhead suffers a catastrophic injury Faulk's day as a Patriot are done. Personally I'd like to see him retire healthy as a Patriot and perhaps find a place in the organization in a non playing capacity.
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    Re: 2011 Patriot Free Angents

    There should really be no concerns about re-signing BJGE.  He will only be a restricted FA.  I also wouldn't be surprised to Faulk retire.  Otherwise I agree with you AFKAN, although I would still draft a DE in the top 3 rounds.