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2011 Pats Defense

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    2011 Pats Defense

    I think I might have an idea of what the D will look like this season. It looks to me like Belichick is planning to use an even mix of 3-4 and 4-3.

    The 4-3 would look like this:

     Mayo Spikes Guyton

    Moore Haynesworth Wilfork Cunningham

    The 3-4 would look like this:

    Spikes Mayo

    Guyton Moore Wilfork Anderson       Cunningham

    And maybe a 2-4-5 nickel that would look like this:

    Spikes Mayo
    Moore Haynesworth Wilfork Cunningham

    I'm thinking Belichick will use both defenses depending on the situation. Maybe even base an entire gameplan around one of them depending on the opponent. What do you guys think?

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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    Its' an interesting thought, and tend to agree with you on the 4 man front...but the 3 man front with Moore/Anderson as 3-4 DE's will not work. These guys are way to small to play 3-4 DE. I think you can have Vince in the middle of that line with maybe Al on 1 side, and Brace/Deaderick on the other unless they sign Shaun Ellis...then you have Ellis, Wilfork, Haynesworth...I like that lineup a lot.
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    Good points...I didn't account for the guys that are hurt right now. They are bigger ends that will help out. But will Haynesworth play end? He didn't in Washington...
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    I think that 3-man line is a little off. For the 3-4 defense, the linemen have to be able to 2-gap. Not sure Moore can do that, and Anderson definitely can't. They are both more suited as DE on a 4-man line. My guess is that the 3-4 line will have Wright, Wilfork, and Haynesworth, with Pryor or Brace as substitutes for the end spots.

    The 4-man line looks fine. But I'm thinking that Wright might come in occasionally in place of Wilfork as interior rusher in the nickel package, but then again Wilfork does eat up those double teams.
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    Will be awesome this year
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    Yeah, the 3-4 won't look anything like that.

    more likely, it will be like this:

                          Mayo       Spikes
    Cunningham                                      Ninkovich
            Haynesworth    WIlfork        Wright              

    Moore and Anderson can't two gap, which is what we do in a 3-4.
    I think BB can convince Albert to play in Seymore's spot in the 3-4 where he can one gap and two gap depending on the situation. If he is willing and able to contribute in the 3-4, we will have a dominant rush D in both the 3-4 and 4-3 looks.
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    Before recent developments, I was thinking that we might see a nickel front of:

    Moore, Pryor, Wright, Cunningham

    since Wright and Pryor can generate interior pressure.  I still like the idea.
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    I think Mark Anderson is a fairly limited player at this point in his career and will only be a situational DE in the 4-3/4-2-5 for the pats, primarily on passing downs.  Scouts Inc has him rated poorly vs the run and he doesn't seem to have ther versitility to play the OLB spot in a 3-4.

    I think Hayneswoth can play the DE in a 3-4 but the Pats will probably want/need to limit his snaps somewhat during the season.  He simply wears down too easily if over-extended and his play deteriorates if he's not kept fresh.  I would like to see if Wright could play in the 4-3 somewhere.  Maybe he subs in for Haynesworth/Wilfolk as a DT on passing downs or maybe he can play some DE since he does have good pass rushing skills. 

    I would say that Moore, Cunningham, Anderson as the 3 contingents of the DE spot on a 4 man line is the weak spot on the team.  Cunningham hasn't proven he can rush the passer yet and Moore and Anderson are mid-level players at best.  Hopefully BB and the Pats can rework Logan M's contract and free up some $ to get one more DE/OLB who can rush the passer.

    Report on Mark Anderson:
    Comment:  Anderson has been a mix-in starter for the past six years, but his primary role has been as a situational backup defensive end. He shows good initial quickness as well as acceleration off the edge, but can struggle once blockers engage. He can struggle to hold his ground at the point of attack and is more effective when playing in space. He shows good athleticism and agility when in space but will struggle when trying to hold up at the point of attack. Anderson understands angles and how to leverage his way to the ball, but needs to play on the edges rather than in a two-gap system.

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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    Hopefully we can toss Shaun Ellis into this mix as well!
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    OK, here's my revised version. This is assuming Haynesworth can't play end in a 3-4 and I'm throwing Deaderick, Brace, and Wright into the mix (assuming they are all healthy).

    The 4-3:

      Mayo Spikes Guyton

    Moore Haynesworth Wilfork Cunningham

    The 3-4:

      Mayo         Spikes

    Guyton Brace/Wright Wilfork Deaderick/Wright Cunningham

    I'm interested to see how Ninkovich and Anderson (if he makes the roster) will be mixed in. Maybe in a nickel package like this?

    Guyton Mayo

    Ninkovich (DE) Haynesworth Wilfork Anderson (DE)

    I also see Guyton being a very versatile player in the defense this season...what do you guys think?
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    Nink I think gets worked in as an OLB when we are in a 3 man line. He doesn't have the size to play 4-3 DE, nor speed to play 4-3 OLB. Anderson, if he makes the team, will probably be in the rotation of Cunningham, Moore, Anderson at 4-3 DE, and I don't think he plays anywhere in the 3 man line.

    Guyton is interesting. I think he has a ton of speed, just wish he was a bit stronger than he is. I think we can see him lined up outside in a 4-3, or possibly even inside in te 4-3, with Mayo, maybe Moore outside.

    I agree with what bobumul said on Haynesworth...he tires easy because of this size, perhaps lack of conditioning. We have to keep this guy fresh, so I can see him being rotated out based on scheme with either Love, Pryor, Deaderick, Wright or Brace.

    Personally, I want to see Pryor in the 4 man front a bit more. I like the way he plays, and hope he gets more snaps. That is another option in the 4 man line, is we could go a heavy 4, or a light 4...light swaps out Vince and Al, for Pryor and Wright. I probably would only do this to spell the 2, but Vince and Al are the workhorses for sure on any line we put out there.

    I would feel a whole lot better if we picked up Ellis and/or Roth..especially Roth because I think he and Cunningham can stand up or down in the defense without subbing, and we should be able to switch looks more effectively.
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    In Response to Re: 2011 Pats Defense:
    Albert never said he wouldn't play end. The scrum with him and Shanahan came to it's peak when Shanny gave him only 16 plays and at NT. In short he didn't want to play NT, and it was a battle of wills. Playing DE for BB and NT for Shanny are two different worlds. He will be a 3-down player. My guess is that Wright continues to see limited duty, getting about half the reps on the other side with a mix of Deaderick, Pryor and Brace filling in at end. Anderson, Moore, Nink, and Cunningham all become OLB/DE hybrids. Competitiion will resolve who gets reps out there. Under very few (3rd or 4th and really long?) will you ever see Moore or Anderson lined up as ends on a three man line. You may, however, see them as OLBs, or one of them as a 43 end: (OLB) Moore - (DE) Wright - (NT) Wilfork - (DE) Haynesworth - (OLB) Anderson or (DE) Wright - (DT) Wilfork - (DT) Haynesworth - (DE) Anderson But my hope is that by season two Cunningham looks better than he did last season, and he nails the full time spot as OLB/DE guy. Hec, if he doesn't it would be terrible because it would be a totally wasted second round selection.
    Posted by zbellino

    Fat Albert lined up at DE a bit in the few games he played last year. He certainly would rather be there than at NT in a 3-4, a fact he made known to just about anyone who would listen.

    You won't see him lining up at NT with the Pats.
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    Re: 2011 Pats Defense

    I think anderson will take moores job halfway through the season he has talent if put in theright role. and nink can play 4-3 de he did in college and has decent all around skills