In response to wozzy's comment:

A whole bunch of our defensive players are 22 year's old, when the speed of the game slows down for them we'll be much improved. 

We have the talent to beat anyone, I take heart in that and that we have many players on this team that have Super Bowl and post season experience. 

As long as we win the remainder of our games and make the playoff's I'll be happy, either way I won't be whining like a little girl, pointing the finger in all the wrong directions.  We have yet to play our best football, I'm enjoying watching them grow, regardless of growing pains. 

  Exactly. Growing pains. There were alot of young players thrust into this defense. We now have the talent. (though some help in the secondary would be helpful).  It just gonna take time for them to gell. I think it could be next year before they start playing thier best ball. But they are gonna have to go through thier ups and downs.