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    Re: ***2014 PATRIOTS DRAFT THREAD***

    Is it august 7th yet?  can't wait to see these guys go in the first preseason game.  I'm really anxious to see how the Pats use Jemea, I think he's a keeper.  Yes the height thing might be less than ideal but can't coach his instincts between and Harmon I think they'll be better off at S than most expect that is IF DM doesn't get injured.





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    Re: ***2014 PATRIOTS DRAFT THREAD***

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    ^ I quicky read an article somewhere that stated both guards were top notch.  It might have been when Dante S went down to work out Stork.

    Glad to see you are working on 2015 draft.. I keep trying to put this site on page one, my comments haven't been on the draft but at least it stops the page from turning.

    I need to check out the other kid (Matias), but Jackson looks like an absolute stud.

    They also have one of the best if not the best OT prospect...their OL this year could have started for several NFL teams.