I have no clue as to how the game will turn out. Our injured offensive line (and likely problems protecting Brady and giving him time to throw the ball), so-so running game, conservative offensive and defensive play calling, and crowd noise from the home team are some concerns.

Whether it's going to be a close game, a blowout by one team or the other, or something in between......who knows?

If the Patriots have any kind of chance - the Patriots' 3rd receiver (whether it be Edelman, Watson, Faulk, or Baker) will likely have to have a huge game.

I think we have to run the ball a little to control the clock and reduce the number of posessions that the Saints get.  I think we would end up on the short end of the stick if this became a shootout.

Like against the Colts - the Patriots will have to be aggressive and play man-to-man at the line of scrimmage to disrupt Brees' timing with his receivers. We either need to get some decent pass rush with 4 players or need some timely blitzes to get to Brees.

And, let's pray that our offensive/defensive play calling doesn't go conservative....