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4 more released

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    4 more released

    Fullback Tony Fiammetta, tight end Brad Herman, defensive lineman Tracy Roberston and defensive back Malcolm Williams per ESPNBOSTON.


    Also, DT Joe Vellano, Maryland 6'2" 306 signed UDFA

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    Re: 4 more released

    The only one from that list that is even close to unexpected is Fiammetta just because I thought they wanted to see what he could do in camp.  Even then he was a longshot since we haven't carried a true FB in years.

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    Re: 4 more released

    Probably not.

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    Re: 4 more released

    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:


    Agree. BB must really like Blount.  Instead of a FB, maybe they'll just use the spot on a one dimensional power back.


    Does anyone know if Blount can catch?


    I'd be surprised if Blount makes the team.  Questionable ball security.  In terms of receiving he has 21 catches on 33 targets for his career.


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    Re: 4 more released

    This was a scouting report on him in 2010:

    LeGarrette Blount

    Scout: David Syvertsen

    Height/Weight: 6’1/245

    40 Time:

    Pro Potential: Deuce McCalister – New Orleans Saints

    Position Traits

    Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Can explode through a hole when he is moving downhill. A quick north/south runner that gets to top speed quickly when he diagnoses the hole. Does not move nearly as fast when forced to move laterally.

    Ball Protection: Runs with an aggressive style but does a nice job of keeping the ball tight to his body.

    Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Has surprising ability to make himself small and miss the meat of a hit. Can slither his way out of a tackle and keep him momentum moving forward. Does look stiff in space, does not always make the effort to miss a tackle. Has light feet for a 240+ pound back.

    Pass Catching: Just four receptions in his two years at Oregon. Was not used as a receiving option. He showed soft hands at the Senior Bowl, but it was easy to notice the lack of fluidity when it came to running routes and seeing the ball in.

    Pass Blocking: A force when it comes to picking up the blitz. Delivers a strong blow and maintains the control of the engagement. Seems to enjoy this aspect of the game, willing and physical.

    Power: Strong and violent runner. Once he gets all of his momentum moving north, defenders bounce off him. Breaks tackles on nearly every run. Can get his pad level low enough so that the maximum power can be exerted to the defender. Uses a strong stiff arm to toss away the unbalanced tacklers.

    Size/Length/Hand Size: Huge body with a long frame, long arms. Carries 240+ pounds comfortably. An intimidating ball carrier at the second level for defensive backs to deal with.

    Speed: Does not have the elite speed in the open field, but he has shown enough speed to run away from some defensive backs. Reaches top speed quick, making him appear to be faster than he is.

    Vision/Balance/Running Instincts: Outstanding vision, locates the inside lanes quickly and gets in to them in a blink. Has experience in an offense that uses elements of a zone blocking scheme, giving the back the option to sit and wait, or explode through the trenches. Is a patient ball carrier that consistently makes the right decisions in the backfield.

    Final Word: When just talking about his talent and ability to carry the football, Blount is one of the most intriguing backs in the 2010 class. He is a powerful ball carrier that has the athletic ability to break one loose down the field. He has underrated speed and quickness and I’ve seen him make some cuts that very few backs are capable of at 240+ pounds. Like every prospect however, the intangibles/character have to be looked in to and unfortunately for Blount, there are a few red flags. The beginning of his 2009 offseason training involved him being suspended for missing workouts and struggling academically. The well documented punch to a Boise State player following the week one loss put Blount on the bench for almost the entire year. Considering he was a junior college transfer prior to his strong 2008 season, having just one year of Division I experience under his belt is a concern. However the strong week he had at the Senior Bowl showed the kind of ability he has. He will be a gamble but the upside is enormous, as he has the skills to be an every down back and contribute right away in a dual back system. Middle round grade that could be bumped down to the 5th-6th round area because of the red flags with his character.

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    Re: 4 more released

    so that makes 5 released today, as well as the one new udfa signed today.

    so if my math is correct, that is still 4 open roster spots to get to the 90 man limit, right?

    makes ya wonder if an abraham signing really is a possibility sometime this week?

    either that or he really sees another few udfa's hed like to bring in

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    Re: 4 more released

    As BB said post draft there should be a flurry of roster moves this week as teams balance the back end of the 90 man roster. I don't see any surprises in these moves.

    So Abraham? Some other FAs? Or just more UDFAs?

    I suspect there may be a few significant cuts from teams that drafted in the first round - replacing expensive Vets with the new shiny draft picks.

    Should be an interesting couple of weeks before things go quiet until training camp.

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    Re: 4 more released

    Here is the play that hopefully Blount regrets