49ers @ Patriots REPORT CARD

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    Re: 49ers @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Unfortunately, Tex, the Pats team we saw last Monday night failed to show up, especially the defense!  The 49'ers played like they wanted to win until the Pats woke up.  Also had this thought, when was the last time the Pats gave up that many points?  Seems everything the D worked so hard to get to blew up Sunday night giving up so many big plays.  Oh well, let's move onto the Jaguars and chew on some cat meat!!!

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    Re: 49ers @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    In response to NY-PATS-FAN4's comment:

    Just tremendous heart shown by the Pats. They don't need the bye; they need to continue to work on some things.

    They are very well positioned, and a loss like this came at the perfect time. They will not go into the post season believing in their own hype, but they will go in believing they can battle with anyone.

    Championship caliber teams do not give up under the worst adversity. This game made me as proud to be a Pats fan as any I have ever witnessed!

    My sentiments as well... a necessary character building loss.. and I'm still proud to be a Pats fan!