I know that on all the news articles, sports shows and blogs, the biggest topic of discussion will be BB's decision to go for it on 4th and less than 1. But I think that some bigger issues that wont be mentioned as much are the INT in the endzone, the Maroneys fumble into the endzone, mismanagement of timeouts, and the pass interference call.

W/ the first 2, we lost 2 opportunities plain and simple. Potential 14 points blown away. The timeouts were a very incharacteristic thing for the Pats/Brady. We could have at least challenged the spot of the ball. And the pass interference call was iffy at best but given the timing of the call, you had to feel like it was a bail-out call that gave them new life.

Overall I think the fumble was the biggest killer. Theres never really putting a nail in Mannings coffin, but that would have been close. Overall we hurt ourselves in a few ways, and gave Manning a chance to win it - usually not a good idea.