Sorry guys but I just had to give the dead horse one more kick in azz. By now it has been clearly proven that kevin had the first down and that we got ripped off by the ball location. Bill did not make a blunder.

That said, I went with a buddy who's son is an assistant coach for Harvard and we eyewitnessed THE most stupidist play in all of football. Yale had the lead with a few minutes left and with a 4th and 22 elected to do a fake punt with a reverse ending up 7 yards shy of a first down. Harvard took over and instead of the Yallies getting a 10-7 victory, they walked off the field losing 14-10. Yale clearly outplayed Harvard for 3 and 3/4 quarters and ended up totally blowing their victory.

quite a site to see Harvard and their fans going crazy right in the middle of the Yale bowl while about 40,000 Yale fans sat there totally stunned.