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5 more years of the shotgun spread

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    Re: 5 more years of the shotgun spread

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    I am pretty sure the reason why this team hasn't won a SB since 2005 with a meltdown in the second half in the 2006 AFC title game, a horrible game in the 2007 AFC title game at home, more horrible postseason games by Brady later on with his preference in the shotgun, is WHY we haven't won another. In fact, I am VERY sure. 

    5 more playoff debacles at home in the postseason with a 90% pass shotgun choice means a lot of very disappointed Pats fans by 2017.

    We're all going to see if he gets it. He's dicated this offense for a long, long time.

    Any Pats fan rooting for this crappy postseason offense to continue are morons.  Brady has a chance to change it with this move to take less than what he could have made, which is a start.





    You mean it's not becasue the 2001-2004 teams had a great D and the teams since have not? 


    Actually, the 2001 D was good, but not great. The 2002 D sucked. The 2003 D was good, but collapsed in SB 38.



    Seems like you're cherrypicking with where which D was good and which one wasn't.

    For example, the 2007 D held the Giants to 10 points because our own offense only scored 7 before a very late TD. That means the Brady shotgun thing has been a major problem in trying to produce points.

    Note how the points became a problem after the 2004 season when Weis left.


    according to some of these loons, the 2003 pats defense was great, even though it allowed 29 points in the super bowl to the freakin jake delhomme panthers....but yet the 2007, 2011, and 2012 pats defenses were terrible for allowing 14 and 21 to eli and 28 to flacco.


    some people just dont get it....they expect tom to have the ball 15 possessions a game, and if he doesnt, the defense gets the blame. when you get the ball in the playoffs, you have to execute, regardless of how many possessions you get. Not scoring at all in the second half isnt good, no matter how you slice it.


    u gotta be rusty...babe is right


    so according to you, i should be happy that the pats offense scores in the low teens in playoff games? cmon, you cant be that naive.

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    Re: 5 more years of the shotgun spread

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    The only two ways to defend Brady and the offense: with stats, which are for losers, or by blaming the defense for not what, giving the ball to an offense that can't score in the playoffs? We don't have more rings because Brady sucked (his words), the O-line has been manhandled, and passes were dropped.

    I can't see how Brady's spread offense gets off the hook. How could you not cringe with the terribly perdictable bubble screens and back shoulder throws to Lloyd? It's clear the offense, like the defense, is too vanilla.

    How about keeping it away from the other team? First downs, maybe? We can control our offense, not their defense. Safety's in the Super Bowl...really? D-backs crippling our backs and receivers with no retaliation from our O-line or defense?

    Yeah, I want the '85 Bears D, too, but be realistic: our D would be heroes but for 2 of the best passes and catches ever. The Gints receivers were well-covered. Call it luck...or execution and desire. We made some miraculous plays on D to win our SB's, too, but it took Brady and Vinatieri to win the games. Tom is THE leader and when it has come down to it lately, he has obviously had a tough time of it. 

    Yeah, the Pats can't get pressure, but we just as easily cave to pressure on O. Tom the Turtle lately.

    Those pinpoint passes are few and far between in the playoffs for Brady. No defense can stop execution, and the Pats have not come through on O. If it were reversed, do you think San Fran fans would have absolved Montana if he performed like Brady in the playoffs? If you choke, you choke no matter who you are, and that's what's been happening when it counts most.

    Brady defenders, along with the rest of us, better hope he plays up-to-par with a better cast (see Gronkowsky) around him. As consistently good as the Pats have been, and I'm grateful for that, Brady and the team are close to marking the so-called asterisk in ink. 

    Brady's in the HOF, maybe better than Montana, but IF you had your choice of all the QB's in the league, seeing Brady's latest performances (fearful vs. Baltimore), wouldn't you think long and hard about playing a more versatile QB in the later rounds? There are 3 or 4 guys I'd consider.

    Hanging your hat on the saying "defense wins championships," is like saying the glass is half empty: it takes both sides to win.

    Been saying that the O and D are too vanilla for their own good. That boils down to poor coaching or poor quality of players who can't do anything but vanilla.

    In re: the two great catches - if the Patriots had defended those two passes - I believe "lucky" would have been a better characterization.

    Finally, it takes good execution in all 3 phases of the game, a great game plan, and luck - to win a SB.

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    Re: 5 more years of the shotgun spread

    Ted Williams sucks  because he never won as much in the post season as Jeter --- Pink Hat /Troll Statement