8 in Probowl 7 starters

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     Good for Carter, his loss, I think, was the straw that has broken this camel's back. He was great as a pass rusher obviously, but his work on the run has been overlooked all year. He's been playing at a very high level since day 1. I hope they can replace him somehow, but I don't see it. BrPosted by ma6dragon9[/QUOTE]

    I agree on Slater, he has been a stud all year. I believe Ellis will step up and not replace Carter but take on the role as Pass Rush.
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    Re: 8 in Probowl 7 starters

    I hope you're right about Ellis. It would be nice if he started playing well. Pats gave him decent money and the Jets have been laughing about it all year. Wouldn't that be a perfect cap for both the Jets and Pats! SHaun Ellis be a key contributor in the Pats run through the playoffs!
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    Re: 8 in Probowl 7 starters

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    quarterback Tom Brady, receiver Wes Welker, tight end Rob Gronkowski, offensive linemen Brian Waters and Logan Mankins, defensive linemen Vince Wilfork and Andre Carter, special teams player Matthew Slater. Brady, Welker, Gronkowski, Mankins, Waters, Wilfork, and Carter were named as starters if you count special teams as starting that makes slater a starter too looks like arrington got snubbed a bit
    Posted by Soxpatsfan08

    Light should have made it and not Mankins.  Arrington might have made it if he kept getting picks, because the other aspects of his game were not up to the level of other AFC DBs.  I think he would have needed to have two or three more picks than any other AFC DB. Did anybody notice he almost had another pick Sunday but Brown ran in and knocked it away right before Arrington was to snag it?

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    Re: 8 in Probowl 7 starters

    P.S. - Yeah, I thought Hernandez and Mesko should have also been picked.  

    Mesko doesn't have the high avg. net because the Pats haven't needed him to have a high avg. net.  Just seems like he rarely puts it in the EZ, almost always puts it between the G and 20, and rarely shanks it.  HIs punts are getting muffed, which is supposedly due to their awkward spins. Was he ever blocked?  What more can you ask of a punter?
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    Re: 8 in Probowl 7 starters

    Yea~ The 2 biggest problems with certain Pro Bowl selections, were evident here...  A player having Matt Light's year shoulda made it over a guy who's selection for this 2011 Season, was largely NOT based on this year, but on his numerous trips in very recent years... Mankins' 2 holding (not bad), but 5 false starts, and 5.50 Sacks for 30+ yards allowed was in no way worthy of a "Pro Bowl Year."  Second problem besides givin' guys Pro Bowl nods based on popular recent memory, rather than THAT very season's output, is givin' guys pro bowl nods based largely on default...  IF by chance, there's any OTHER Special Team's Player in the entire NFL, whose production trumps Matt Slaters 2011 ST's successes of 0 punt returns for 0 yards, 2 kick returns for an 18.0 yard average, and 8 Tackles on Special Teams...then, yea- I'd say anyone whom can beat those superstar stats, should get the nod over Slater...  btw, Arrington got snubbed.