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A bit of reality in the midst of all the conspiracy theories...

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    A bit of reality in the midst of all the conspiracy theories...

    I've seen everything from we are in bad shape to we are better than we think...
    This year it is a different picture than any other.  We always had guys who we could depend on and knew what the core of this team was.  Regardless of how the team performed we knew Bruschi, Vrable, Seymour, Harrison ect were still here and would lead us to a good season. 
    This year we do not have that sence at least I don't, who is that guy who will turn team into a mentally tough team?  There's really not one player that comes to mind

    Also true, other years we've had one or two positions as question marks.  This year EVERY individual position is a question mark.

    Start OL and DL,
    OL, who will be the left tackle next year who remains and who will be let go?  I believe you could and should see three new starters in the OL including center. 
    DL, VW is a FA who will command a very big salary, who plays next to him if he's ratain (that's a must)
    LBs, MLB Mayo is good Guyton is not a starter,
    OLB well we all know the problems and hope once again we bring help in while getting rid off (trade) AD.
    CBs, Bodden although is not as good as we've had (Law, Asante) is solid and should improve with stability aside from him I like Butler but he is still learning.  Get rid of the Ws and Springs is nothing more than the 4th CB in a team.  We need a true #1.
    Safeties, this is where I have the most problems with, I do not like Merriweather and might be alone here yes he slipped into the probowl but all season long he missed more plays than he made.  Sanders is solid McGowan i don't think falls into the "Patriot Way" Chung I like but needs to step up huge.
    RBs, end the Laura experiment, the rest are getting old but must have faulk back.  Draft Dwyer or Toby Gehart, maybe promote green-ellis I think (he showed that 2nd half of the 2008 season) he can carry the ball.
    WRs, Welker won't be back until close to the playoffs next year, Randy Moss is not the same, Edelman could be a nice #2/#3, Tate who knows.  Need a true #1 and another guy to complement Edelman.
    TEs, We turned Baker into a blocking TE, don't think Watson is back.  Need to address this as I believe we need to move to a balance Offense with more plays going to a TE up the seem.
    QB, Brady has one year left, have to get an extension done this is the highest of priorities.

    Special teams, resign Ghost, get a real punter.  Welker is not there, need a KR/PR (don't want to see welker do that anyways) maybe Tate is the answer.

    Now the coaching staff, need guys who will challenge bill and are creative.  This play calling style is predictable.  Madden has a bigger playbook for the Pats than the real OC has.  I don't know who can replace them but I'm sure some experienced college coaches would be an upgrade.  Call Myer, sell him as the coach in waiting. 

    I don't envy BB this offseason, I tend to believe he does not trust too many of the people around him so he's doing all of it on his own.  The team is not a throw away but is only a few FA losses away from been that.  only time will tell, hope we start as soon as possible with the coordinators.

    I don't think we've had an offseason where we need to address every position on the team.
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    Re: A bit of reality in the midst of all the conspiracy theories...

    Very sold post, 7393.  I agree with virtually everything.

    I think Merriweather might have more value in a trade.  Disregard that one bad play.  Not fair to summarize a guy for one play.  That aside, he gets knocked around on bad tackles. He is OK, but the Pats need better.  With a pro-bowl under his belt, now may be the time to trade him for a quality LB, DL or OL.

    AD must go, hopefully in a trade so the Pats can control which team gets him.

    Maroney - I defended him over the years (injuries, lack of interest in running game by team, etc.) and considered him Faulk's replacement as 3rd-down back.  No more.  He literally cost this team several games this season.  Doug Gabriel and Reche Caldwell were cut for less. Enough said.

    I heard on the radio that Springs and AD had a running gag about BB's disciplinary actions, as told by the witness to their antics.  Not good.  Both guys became locker room poison, even despite Springs' contrition act after being sent home.  I think he can play, but poison is poison.

    I thought Warren took a step back this year.  They may let him go, too.

    As for Mankins, Gostowski and Wilfork?  And Banta-Cain?  I don't think we will see any of them back in a Pats uniform, as much as it pains me to think it.  BB typically low-balled Banta-Cain, who really wanted to stay, but was offended by the paltry offer.  That ship has sailed. I think it is the same with the other three. This low-balling rarely works or helps.  When it happens to me in business I just laugh it off and walk away.  I won't even give the person a second, serious chance. Why would I care to do business with somebody I can't trust and who apparently does believe in fair, mutual trust?

    With all that in mind, I see this team in very, very, very serious dire straights.  The more I learn, the more I ponder, the worse I feel about it because it all seemed too avoidable with retaining a few key players in the past.  Now with this ugly play-off exit, the sheen is worn.  Do not expect players to eagerly take a cut to play in N.E. for a reasonable chance at a ring.  Nail in coffin #1. 

    Don't expect current players to take a hometown discount.  Nail #2. 

    Don't expect the Pats to suddenly change their ways and sign big contracts for irreplaceable players or game-changers.  Nail #3.

    Don't expect BB to surrender a measure of control by hiring big-name coordinators and position coaches.  Look what happened with our LB's coach, Dom Capers,  last year.  The problems with many ambitious geniuses?  They are loathe to admit they are wrong, they do not take kindly to a challenge to their ideas and decisions, and they don't like to delegate to people whom they perceive as intellectual threats, so they surround themselves with colorless, meek yes-men. Nail #4.  This could be BB's undoing at N.E.
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    Re: A bit of reality in the midst of all the conspiracy theories...

    The reality is we picked a bad time to play a bad game. We(fans) are starting to get the Red Sox mentality in the sense that we need all-stars at every position.

    In this era of salary cap, most teams are fairly equal. Anyone can beat anyone on any given day. What you want to see is some consistency week to week.

    After the playoff game last week I wanted wholesale changes. I still do but we are not as bad off as most think.

    A few tweaks here and there(o-line, olb, d-line, wr) and we'll be competitive. Tedy, Rodney, Mike and Richard are not walking through that door. The days of the dominant D are over.

    I agree, someone needs to step up and be a vocal leader, especially on D, but all is not lost.
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    Re: A bit of reality in the midst of all the conspiracy theories...


    Very enlightening thoughts.

    Would really like Mr Kraft and BB to respond to what you have put forward.

    Will come a time when organisations have to answer frustrated fans' questions.

    Otherwise people will not come to games. At the end of the day players play for atmosphere (besides the money) and not empty stadiums.
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    Re: A bit of reality in the midst of all the conspiracy theories...

    chrisakawoody, implying that Warren maybe cut is just rediculous.  I give it ZERO chance of occuring.  There is nothing to even begin to think that will occur.
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    Re: A bit of reality in the midst of all the conspiracy theories...

    I dont know where this title come from, in terms of conspiracy, I missed that. But I agree with alot of what you said and have been hammering these same points. I have been saying for at least two years how much a lack of talent , depth , and leadership is killin this team. Ive also been hammering the point that we need help EVERYWHERE at every position. I disagree about Moss, I think he still has 3more years that can produce 11-1200/12-15 tds. 12 didnt look right all year and if hes on Randy has over 1400 and 15-16 TD's. I actually just put up a thread about the holes at rec even with WW. I think we should use this oppurtunity to try and get better. OLINE might be our biggest problem if you think about it. As most teams do, we play at absolute worst when our OLINE is shaky. It would be one thing if pressure was only coming of the edge, but ever since our last SB weve been getting it up the middle. Thats the worst kind for our QB, 12 out of the pocket is an ordinary QB. Guys like Big Ben, Romo, Rodgers can move up and down and side to side. No matter how good our D is if we cant score more than 20-24 points because Brady is under pressure all day. The first jest game this year was maybe the worst Ive seen in 10-12 years. Up the middle, off the edge, DT's, OLB's everywhere and from everyone, pressure was there all day. The tight end spot is just putrid, Watson has all the talent in the world, but might be the only T.E. in the league that doesnt go over the middle. This guy can only run seem routs, drives me crazy, Ive never heard of a real T.E. that doesnt go over the middle and grab a big catch when needed. The D is in shambles as well, I cant take anyone serious that says "they played ok" etc. Our pass rush was a rumor, teams like the Ravens made no secret that they were going to run and run on Sey's side all day. Another thing that really drives me crazy is all those "know nothing fans" that scream about a pass rush. YES WE NEED ONE, but if you watched this D all year and all you can say is we need a pass rush and were fixed, like ZBELL, then your a moron. A 34 end is needed as much as a 34 olb. OLB are suppose to come in and make plays while end's occupy one or more blocks. I went back n forth all year about the Sey trade. In the end I prolly would have made it, but there seems to be two camps out on Sey. Some thought he was overated and took plays off, others like me thought he was a great player. I would go as far as saying he is one of the best ever at that poistion. Most of us know the purpose of the 5 technique, Sey was a player that came along once in every 10-15 years. He was a great run stopper and gave you 4-6 sacks every year. These people that are screaming about getting an olb have no idea how many bust there are at that spot. Please name me the studs that have come out in the past few years, Cush, Mathews, ??? Alot more duds than studs, remember Maybin, English, Curry, Jackson, Ayers, Ghoulston, and Lawson were all guys who were projected as olb's that could really rush the passer. So far, at this point all have done nothing. ILB is a spot IMHO that we need as much help as any. And ILB/MLB are IMHO alot more easy to come in from college and make a real contribution. Their also easier to scout and project from college to pros. I like Mayo, believe it or not I called his selection all year before we got him and said we would trade up to get him. I thought we would trade with the lions though, I believe they had the 17th pick that year. I still think he can be a great player, but has taken a step backward this year. Merri. and Mayo must have gone to the same school this offseason that taught you how NOT to tackle and what angle would be the worst to take. Backs have just taken the edge from us all year and maybe more troubling was the play up the middle, poor tackling and judgement hurt us there. I think what you see is what your gonna get from Merri. I became a fan in the SB against the G-men. Wasnt his best game at all, but I was gonna throw something at the TV if guys continued to be scared of Jacobs and jumped out of the way. I remember Merri. throwning himself at him, Jacobs ran him over lol, but I was like "ok, this kid got some ballz, a lil technique and coaching and we got a player". I just cant see him having a major role on this team and us winning with him doing so. There are times when he looks ok playing up front against the run, but others when he launches himself at a defender and ends up 15 feet away from him LOL. Hes always had tackling issues, but this year was terrible, Ive never heard a baseball term used so much in football as I did this year. Everytime you heard Merri. and AD's name called "whiff" was right behind it. I guy who I really like is Earl Thomas from Texas, Ive seen him and Berry play a bunch the last two years and there are alot of comparrisons. I think Berry is the better player dont get me wrong, but I think Thomas isnt far behind at all. Both are ballhawks, Im talking Ed Reed ballhawking. Some of you are prolly ready to say yea right, but up until this point, in college, they have shown those same skills. Both have no problem making a big hit and big tackle, and their are some like myself that think Thomas might have an edge on Berry there. I really think this kid has "all pro" written all over him. The last spot Ill bring up is CB, since 03-04' we've had one guy who just gets abused by opposing teams. Hobbs, O'neil, and Whilite was just putrid this year. Giving up TD's is never good if your a corner, but it mosdef matters when and "what kind they are". The number of big TD's he gave up this year was incredible. Every game you can find missed assignments of  one or two guys that resulted in a big play and made someone look bad. LMFAO That wasnt the case with Whilite this year, he was beat and then beat some more. Theirs a couple of guys I think are worth trading up for, McClain I really like and think he could be a "great" player for 10-12 years to come. Berry is a pheonom, big, fast, can hit/tackle, good hands, can actually play a little CB if needed and has real leadership qualities. He might be the most talented FS to come out of college in 10-15 years. I was a huge Sean Talyor fan and thought he could have been a future HOF if he kept progressing(and eventually got the F U C k out of wash). I think Berry is just a better player so far, and believe it or not has better physical gifts. Joe Haden is another guy worth trading up for IMHO. I like his size for a cornerback, hes fast, good hands, nice judgement, and another guy who could become a leader on D. Im not talking about moving up 15 spots, were at 22 if Berry falls to say 11-13, I think hes absolutely worth it. Haden will be around from 10 to 15-16, if he is, moving up 6-7 spots isnt that big of a deal in terms of trading picks. Both guys have "all pro" ability, leadership qualities, big playmaking skills, and could be with us for 10-12 years. This team needs a couple of studs, we cant just keep trading down and hoping to coach up guys out of the 4-5th round. I hate bringing it up, but look at the core of the jets team. Out of the 10 or so guys that make up that core you have guys like Revis, Harris and Dirty Sanchez. They got each by trading up, Revis is a top 5 CB, and Harris is a top 10 ILB/MLB. And Sanchez is a dirty, hairy hole, but last game played pretty good and didnt make any big mistakes, he has all the talent and then some to be a very good QB someday.