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A calm fan's perspective

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    Re: A calm fan's perspective

    27% of all TB passes thrown to Moss
    2 of 10 with with 2 int's and moss had to deflect a third.
    thats 20% completion rate

    the rest of the offense 18 of 25 72% completion rate ZERO interceptions

    This is not Bill O'Brien this is Tom brady and Randy Moss.

    Bill needs to pull randy off the field the next time tom does this.
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    Re: A calm fan's perspective

    braylon's beard looks stupider than brady's doo...
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    Re: A calm fan's perspective

    In Response to Re: A calm fan's perspective:
    btown....   I think more than anything else, the success of the Patriots from the 2001 - 2004 years followed by the close call in 2006 then the undefeated regular season in 2007 have fans blinded by an expectation the Patriots can be the same all the time!  They do not see a league of others teams that improve and think the Patriots can keep up at will.  The bar they have set in their minds for the Pats is such it takes VERY little for them to be disappointed and see the world crashing around them!
    Posted by agcsbill

    your right. the expectations are extremely high for a young defense. They see the uniform and think Rodney is about to fly into the QB or Bruschi is about to make a crazy deflection or Ty Law is taking back a pick 6 to the house. 

    At the same time, it really does not look good when we lose this game the same exact way we lost all, if not most of last year's games.

    1. Road game
    2. Bad playcalling
    3. Total meltdown in the second half.

    the guys need to fix this now or even me and you will be trully dissapointed. Last year, we blew road wins where we were winning, mostly, by at least 10 vs jets, dolphins, broncos, colts, texans (we werent trying hard, but still), and saints.

    the worst of those were indy, miami, and denver. those losses were just devestating and I do not want to see a repeat of those.