In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

2005-2012 Postseasons:


28TDs, 19 INTs


Compared to his first 3....

2001-2004 Postseasons:



11 TDs, 3 INTs





Brady has 42 TDs in the post-season, not the 39 you credit. But you sure as hell didn't get the totals from 2001-2004 wrong, did you dumbkoff? LMAO@U

And you have the balls to say.....

"But, it's also good to be an honest and objective fan who is genuinely discussing here, vs being a phony hypocrite like the ballwashers are."

Anybody worth a damn here spits on those words. There is NOTHING genuine about you. You have proven that a hundred times.

You're a hopelessly lost cause of stupidity and dishonesty Megatool.

You are bludgeoned DAILY for lies and just plain stupidity by me and others as well.

You're a joke here. Anybody who takes you seriously needs their head examined.