A few reasons to be optimistic about the game last Night

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    Re: A few reasons to be optimistic about the game last Night

    if holt isnt truely in the picture(heard he was slow earlier in camp) bill will cut him early to give a chance to catch on somewhere else...
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    Re: A few reasons to be optimistic about the game last Night

    Anyone want to call me crazy for saying, for months now, this team will smash offensive records on their way to the Super Bowl?

    I agree with everything being said. 

    1)  A run game, which they showed last night, will open up play action.  Something we didn't have last year.

    2)  Edelman is potentially a bigger threat then Wes.  He looks faster and appears to me to have more breakaway potential.

    3)  The D is young, fast, mean and making tackles. 

    1 win down 22 to go.  Bring on the season.
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    Re: A few reasons to be optimistic about the game last Night

    Slater is a gonner. No way he makes this roster. There are about 2-3 guys ahead of him on kick off/punt returns. Plus, the other guys have more value as they are projected starters or near to it. McCourty and Edelman first to mind here. 

    Like all I was happy to see Murrell. He looked strong and great at POA. 

    I'm wondering like the rest of you what we will do now that Warren is out for the year. Russ mentioned possibly moving to a 4-3, others say stay in our base 3-4 and Wright, Lewis, Brace, Deadrick will be able to man the spot. 

    After considering it, I like either scheme for us at this point. I could see us in a 4-3 with GWarren/Wright, Lewis, Wilfork, Cunningham/Burgess/TBC as our front 4 and Murrell, Spikes, Mayo as our back 3. Numerous combinations with this front, throw in Pyror, Brace and others and we have a lot of options to change it up and do it quickly.

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    Re: A few reasons to be optimistic about the game last Night

    I realize this is the preseason and most of us have blinders on but did any of you watch the 10 minute 20 play drive. Remind you of anything? The era of the read/react defense is over. This is the era of the attacking defense. This team will only be successful if it can outscore other teams. Now with the loss of Ty Warren, I think a wild card and first round exit would be a good year.
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    Re: A few reasons to be optimistic about the game last Night

    In Response to A few reasons to be optimistic about the game last Night:
    [QUOTE]I know it's only the first Preseason game but there were a few good signs in last nights game that left me looking forward to next weeks game against Atlanta. #1) The Starting Offensive line was not only Cohesive they were aggressive in the run game and made BJGE look like a decent running back. Dan Connely made a Killer Block to spring the Law Firm for that 6 yd TD Run. People should have a little less anxiety about Logan Mankins right now although I'm sure we would all still like to see him signed for the right price.
    RESPONSE: Agreed...the starting OL played pretty well.

    #2) The Starting Defense Stuffed the run extremely well with the exception of 1 Barry Sanders like run from Bush. They were aggressive, fast and very good tackling which is something I haven't been able to say for a couple of years. Spikes is the real deal. That's pretty obvious already and you know he's going to improve from where he is right now. Patrick Chung had 6 tackles and was probably the Best D-Back on the field. Good solid tackles too. When he hit them, they went down.
    RESPONSE: Spikes led the team in tackles, followed by Chung.  Both can play the run, and tackle. The question marks on them concern their range, and ability to cover. But, with Ty Warren gone for the year, the question becomes, "Do the Pats have enough beef, and depth, on the DL?"  

    #3) Edelman is a Wes Welker clone. Put both of these guys on the field along with Moss stretching and Good luck to any defense that thinks they can stop us. We are completely stacked at Wide receiver and even Hernandez looked sharp at TE and when he was split out wide.
    RESPONSE: Edelman is a good, young slot receiver...while Welker, if healthy, is the best. Expect a huge year out of Randy Moss, who is playing for his final contract. The question mark is WR opposite Randy. If Brandon Tate develops as hoped, the Pats could be, as you say, completely stacked. 

    #4) Special teams has got a good boost in the return game with McCourty. This guy looks like Ted Ginn out there with the speed, quickness and instinct on where to attack the return coverage. I'd be surprised if he didn't return a couple for TD's this year. Zoltan had 3 punts buried inside the 20( Closer to the 10 Yd line ) and he had a 50 yd punt that seemed to hang up for ever. It doesn't seem like much but we won the field position game last night because of that and Hansen couldn't do that.
    RESPONSE: This is one of the things that left me pleasantly surprised. Winning the field position battle is huge. The Pats showed that they have some guys who can be effective as return men...and "Zoltan the Magnificent" looks like the real deal. 

    All in all I'm pretty happy and can't wait for Atlanta next week.

    RESPONSE: Agreed. Lets' hope for an injury free trip to Atlanta...CAN YOU DIG IT!!!! LOL!!!!
    Posted by ewhite1065[/QUOTE]