1)  I listen all the time to Pats haters
    The Media, My Friends and acqaintences

The Media - Mostly former players who have an axe to grind

But when ever i ask anybody why they HATE BB and HATE TB
all i ever hear is that they win too much. They can never
say anything else - ( oh that BB is a cheater- but as is ayto Ravens fans- you mean thatas tbetter than murdering somerone?

BB and TB never ever say anything bad about another team
or player- they acknowlege others all of the time
Idiots like Suggs - who beats his gf and then marries the
idiot - are not worth listening too, Unfortunatelu we have
to listen to ESPN and NFLnetwork aholes who will carry always carry a grudge

2) The Pats will always beat up on inferior teams -
   to win against the best they needed Gronk to be healthy
   and this year they needed Talib to play

   this is 2 years for Gronk -
     i think we beat the Giants in the SB with him healthy 
     i think the raven game goes another way with him playing

   BB had Talib on Bolden and Dennard the other wr -we were fine
   We could stop the run. We had a very D good game plan

   Bolden went off when Baltomore realized we had no one else to cover
   We couldn't score easily w/o Gronk

   If they didn't ahve Bolden - the Rvbens probably lose

3) I still don't get the fumble
   the only replay i saw was Ridley sitting down, the ball come lose
   agianst his leg and go loose - i thought he was down
   And if he had a concussion = how? did he get a helmet to helmet?
   a penalty not called??
   "Can someone help me on this??"

4) The refs - suck - I mean can they stay out of the way?
    Shouldn't they be inshape and not old???

5) We need a burner
   We need more help in DB"s (our get hurt a lot)

   We will win the AFX east next year - but once again
    we will not know how good we are until the playoffs
6) The /ravens really didn't put that much pressure on TB

7) the 18-1 season
    the better team did not win
    they needed a once in a milennium helmet catch
    and our all pro CB to drop an INT
    ( and it po's m to hear him now cackly about
     how he has Eli's #, ints him all the time -
      but the Ahole didn't cthc the most important one)

 8)  Winning in the playoffs is very very hard
   I didn't want to go to the SB and lose

   I believe TB will win one more