Given they lost a Hall of Fame quarterback,I think the Patriots deserve credit for an amazing year.
The coaching staff and backup quarterback learned to adjust.
Thus, I cannot see all the handwringing over the draft.
The Coach can mold players and get people to come into the organization.
They do have problems and holes in the defense,but they can adjust with a few trades.If you consider the place of former draft picks,and then watch as they move and developed into the system where "everyone does their job",you have a recipe for success.This is a team effort.With a stronger offense you can rest the defense.If on the other hand you are always scrambling the defense gets too tired.This is one of the main reasons their pass defense looked so bad at times.
Boston is still title town in the minds of many around the NFL.It is the place you have to drive through to get to the Super Bowl.
I don't think the problem is the draft,I think the problem is the improvements in the Jets, Bills, and Miami.