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A little consistency from the refs

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    A little consistency from the refs

    Take a look at this picture, on the front page of right now:

    Tell me that the guy making the block on Hagler isn't making the same "hold" for which the Patriots were called back twice.

    I'm NOT blaming the refs for the game yesterday.  48% passing is losing football.

    I'm simply pointing out that this "hold" is something that wasn't called much the last couple years, and is called inconsistently at best even with the league's new emphasis on holding.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I hate judgment calls.

    The best thing the league could do is look through the rule book and see what doesn't really need to be there.  Rules I'd ditch:
    -Offensive pass interference
    -Defensive pass interference

    Rules I'd de-emphasize:
    -Roughing the passer (no diving at the knees and no hitting 2 seconds after the pass is thrown - before that, slam him, drag him, etc)
    -Holding (call it more when pass-rushers are past linemen and are being held in a headlock, but less when receivers and tight ends are trying to seal defenders in the open field)

    This is yet another post for which I'm not expecting any responses (I've been on a cold streak lately, despite trying to say sensible things), but it was on my mind, so I thought I'd share it.
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    Re: A little consistency from the refs

    Well we all know that the Jets were not holding our receivers on Sunday.  No one here is suggesting that the Jets defenders got away with holding.  No one. 
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