A little help from an unlikely source?

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    A little help from an unlikely source?

    Just for the sake of a little discussion, in a Bedard article: If you thought it felt like the Patriots knew how to shut the Broncos down from the opening kickoff, you weren’t alone.

    "They played gap sound and gave us trouble in certain formations when we tried things,’’ Russ Hochstein

    "They did play a terrific game, they had us figured out from the beginning to the end.’’ Willis McGahee

    I’m as delighted as the next guy as to the Pats’ total domination of the Broncos. But I must admit that I am curious as to how much Josh may have brought to the party.

    I know, I know, he was brought on as an offensive assistant and heir apparent for the offensive coordinator’s position, but that doesn’t preclude him from making observations to the defense about Denver’s tendencies on offense.

    There’s no denying the Pats defense was ready for just about anything the Broncos tried. And they executed to near perfection. Particularly impressive was how they contained the option by stretching it out.

    The defense played way above any level that I've seen all season. 
    Perhaps, safeties coach/de facto defensive coordinator Matt Patricia had a little insight from Josh McDaniels.  If so it certainly payed off.

    Just saying!

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    Re: A little help from an unlikely source?

    didnt really need JoshMcD, when the D already had the insight of how to defend Denver when they played them in December.

    they obviously came out ready for a full game and pretty much took up where they left off where they dominated in Denver (excluding the 1st quarter of that game)