I do not care to see "matchups" of QBs. I care to see matchups of TEAMS. THis age of fantasy fans is just rediculous. And the desire to see QB matchups like Luck and Manning or Brady and Manning. I could care less. I like team football. Better teams usually win. We put too much stock and attention and accolades to QB. Yes I know that especially with the current rules it is a passig and so a QB league. But it is still a team game. No QB does anything without blocking. No QB does much without guys cathcing the ball and making plays. No QB gets too far with zero D and special teams.

The matchups that matter most if you can only pick one are the coaches.

Furthermore, the number of SB wins a QB has means only a little. Great players might just not be on good enough teams. Marino for example was unquestionably one of the absolute greatest of all time and he only made it to one SB (lost to SF, a great team with another great QB) though NO FAULT OF HIS. ANd history is riddled with great QBs who suffered being on bad teams.