Consider the following:

Jermail Porter was a heavyweight wrestler at Kent State, finishing sixth in the NCAA wrestling championships.  He has a 119-43 career record, winning 29 consecutive matches as a senior.  The 6′5″, 310-pounder didn’t play football in high school or college. Porter was selected by the Patriots as an Offensive Lineman. 

The interesting thing here is that Porter is not the first wrestler to be signed to the Patriots OL, but I believe he is the first wrestler with zero football experience. This seems to me to be a radical thinking-outside-the-box move by BB and/or Dante.

The elements that make for a good wrestler include: learning and applying  fundamentals (footwork), learning techniques, and maintaining excellent conditioning.  To me basically, this is no different than what a football OL learns- and since good wrestlers are always polishing their techiques, they should not miss a beat when picking up football techniques, including squaring up, correct drop step,  proper hand containment, and avoiding the temptation to lock up (holding). A good wrestler has an inherent sense of leverage, and is not easily duped or overpowered.

I wonder if this is the beginning of an interesting trend that BB and/or Dante have delved into, or if this is just a random occasion.