A punter?

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    Re: A punter?

    If you don't get it then you don't watch the Pats enough...  EVERYONE said the same thing about Ghost but that kids been nothing but clutch. 

    There is a HUGE difference between the 1st and 4th rated punter.  This sets us up for years and can be a single difference maker.  How many 34yd punts have we endured from Hanson???

    This fills a HUGE need.
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    Re: A punter?

    zoltan youtube
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    Re: A punter?

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    In Response to A punter? : A potential pro bowl punter over a potential 4th RB.  Yes. 
    Posted by Muzwell

    Oh Gawd, hes never put foot in the nfl and now hes a pro bowler lmao