Anyone who thinks BB is wrong on this isn't thinking logically.  Yes, WE can be late for work.. but we're not making millions of dollars a year to be at those meetings and play a game.  BB was perfectly within his own rights to send the guys home - after all, 56 other guys made it on time (including practice squad guys) so why couldn't he?  You don't hear Moss, Guyton, or Burgess moaning and complaining about the weather and all that nonsense.  Everyone else got there on time, he should too!  If you want to make that kind of money, you should make sure you are EARLY and do everything possible to make that franchise feel like you are worth the money they are paying you. 

I think he's gone after this year, or so I hope.  I never wish for anyone to be released or traded, but this guy has not lived up to the amount of money he's being paid and now he's being a whiney baby about being sent home.  So, he can take it elsewhere and be late to another team's meeting.