A thread (about Steve Gregory)

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    Re: A thread (about Steve Gregory)

    I also don't buy the argument that Kelly and Vince are dinged up; sounds like a cop-out to me. Neither appeared on the injury report -- they were clearly a bit tired coming off a short week after a physical game with Buffalo. They then had to face a physical, run-oriented Jets team, as I said, coming off a short week. It's not terribly surprising that they looked a bit gassed, especially when facing a big, physical guard like Ducasse. 

    I'm not terribly concerned longterm, although some depth there would be nice. 


    Let's go Pats!

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    Re: A thread (about Steve Gregory)

    Gregory will screw you in a PA play, he'll almost always bite on it, but he's had some good games the last two.

    Viva Ronaldo! Viva Ronaldo! Running down the wing, hear United sing! Viva Ronaldo! 

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    Re: A thread (about Steve Gregory)

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    Harmon will supplant Steve Gregory at some point this year, the kid really brings it in run support and is in all the right places in pass protection; pretty impressive for a rookie.  I guess BB doesn't really need Mel Kiper's opinion does he...


    But....but!!.....Belichick could have easily got him in the 7th round!!!  I know this because I have access to each and every NFL team's draftboard.


    I wish we had a real GM.


    You are confusing him with Tavon Wilson.........


    No, I'm not.  People were doing the same b*tching routine about Harmon as they did with Tavon claiming BB could have gotten him later in the draft.