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Adalius Thomas

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    Adalius Thomas

    Any chance he'll be active against Buffalo?
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    Re: Adalius Thomas

    Hard to say. 

    He has backpedaled some on his public talking.   With the whole team rallying around Moss because of outside criticism, I am thinking that BB would wisely want to bring this prodigal son back into the fold while there is a good opportunity to mend  fences in this insular feel-good moment after so much darkness for the team. BB would only re-open the can of bad vibes if he keeps AD in the dog house and upsets some of AD's more sympathetic peers.  Why not make the most of the team's bonding together against outside forces?  Is'n' this how the Pats won Super Bowls?  He still has skills and the play-offs are fast approaching.

    Then again, BB has already sat him twice now.  Terry Glenn got benched all season, then dumped, for his less damaging drug test fiasco, which was his second violation.  And at least Glenn played up to his contract.  Thomas can't say the same.

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    Re: Adalius Thomas

    I worry about that....well not really worry.  I think it will be interesting to see what BB does. He obviously has been ineffective this season, so I dont really see the upside that he brings in besides depth at LB.  As I mentioned before in a couple of other posts, I believe Burgess two best games this season were the two games that Thomas was out.

    I believe Thomas is probably the most talented LB NE has, but until BB uses him the way he was used in Baltimore he will continue to do what he has done since he got to NE.  Nothing.
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    Re: Adalius Thomas

    If he improved his attitude they could play him and I don't see that as being too far fetched.  The bigger problem is that he was invisible on the football field.  I took a look at his career statistics and he appeared to be average at best for his first 4 years in the NFL.  He then had 3 good years and the Pats signed him.  I think he is simply not that good. 

    With all his raw athletic skill he could be a special player but it appears he lacks whatever it is that makes great players make great plays. 

    I don't know what his work ethic is but if you gave Bruschi those athletic skills he would know how to use them.
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    Re: Adalius Thomas

    watch hes gunna go into the game( if active) wih a chip on his shoulder and somthing to prove hopefully... and if so hopfully we can get our 1st road win... but then agian this is wishfull thinking... wait how did we lose very road game but stil lead our division? are we just that good?
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    Re: Adalius Thomas

    I don't think so. I am sticking by my thought last week that the only way he sees time on the field again is to publicly take responsibility for himself. Until then, he isn't even sipping the Kool-Aid.
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    Re: Adalius Thomas

    Do they really owe it to Thomas to avoid any more bad blood by playing him?

    I hope he realizes that it was his own d*mn fault that Moss got so much negative publicity.  If the four players being sent home never got out and stayed private like it was supposed to, at the very least people would just look and say that Moss had a bad day.  At most, Moss doesn't have to deal with the distractions that Thomas created by leaking the news and has a good day (and it was THOMAS who should have manned up and taken the blame himself instead of dragging Burgess, Guyton, and Moss into it with him).

    I couldn't be less pleased with Thomas.  Sit his a*s*s down for the rest of the season so his value on the market is worthless and cut him so he can go play for the minimum.

    The only way I could palate seeing him is if they're showcasing him for an offseason trade...
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    Re: Adalius Thomas

    It's really a head scratcher. I am convinced something happened(I mean besides the press leak) and he's been sulking and or something. I don't get it.

    He had a good 2007 regular season (brand new system for him) while being used all over the defense. Then had a very good super bowl and I would argue the best player on the defense in that particular game.

    He was having a very good 2008 season (5 sacks in 8 games, broke his arm in the 9th and IR'd). Most likely would have had double digit sacks for the year if he didn't get injured but more importantly he was being noticed.

    This year... Now I am sure a lot of you read Mike Riess or did when he was at doing Riess pieces. I remember reading on more than one occasion that Mike thought AT was the best player in camp period. If I am correct, he used the phrase "on another level" multiple times.

    Then... Nothing. Nothing but dog house. Doesn't make any sense to me really. I am at a loss.
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    Re: Adalius Thomas

    In Response to Re: Adalius Thomas:
    I don't think so. I am sticking by my thought last week that the only way he sees time on the field again is to publicly take responsibility for himself. Until then, he isn't even sipping the Kool-Aid.
    Posted by EnochRoot

    Enoch, he may not have to take it public.  One has to think, with the type of coach BB is, that there was a "private" conversation between them in which BB, in no uncertain terms, told AT to get his head out of his a** and be a teammate.  In the end, AT is not doing himself any favors if he expects to market himslef to another team.  When the going gets rough, he becomes a malcontent?  He needs the work!