Okay, today was awful. There's no way around it. But this team still has talent, and they have done more with less. They had the Colts beat in the 2006-2007 AFC championship with Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney as their starting wideouts. A less motivated Corey Dillon and Maroney were running backs. They still beat a Chargers team that is stronger than they are this year. The big question is how do they adjust the offense now that Welker is out. Here are some ideas:
1) Use Edelman as mini Welker. He has a similar skill-set, but doesn't have the experience yet. I wouldn't depend on this too much, but Edelman will catch his fair share of balls.
2) Use tight ends and spread the ball around! It isn't Madden football anymore with Moss or Welker. Brady needs to spread the ball to the open guy, even if it's Stanbeck. 
3) Screen the crap out of teams. They build their O line to move, so this is always in their arsenal.
4) Run the ball better. Terrible line play today. Maybe run Maroney between the 20's? Morris is a human injury, and Taylor has great vision but doesn't have the speed anymore.