Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

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    Re: Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

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    I don't think we have much choice but to put Wilson out there and see if he becomes a target, it's too late really, we had our shot at signing Gholdson this off season and instead went the cheap route...again. Wilson just looks stiff to me, he doesn't look like he can break down in space and make a play and that's surprising. I fully expected his long speed to be gone, but I didn't expect that ability to quickly fire into a guy in the box to be missing...and maybe it isn't? Maybe we just need to see more?

    I'll tell you straight out that I've seen nothing in Harmon or Tavon Wilson that leads me to believe they are anything more than backups/special team players, and that's don't draft guys that high for that purpose. Gregory has no range, athleticism, power, size, speed or strength - I seriously can't believe that guy is even out on the field. When his agent told him Belichick was interested in him, he must of thought he wanted to buy his condo for little Stevie Belichick.




    How can we have afforded Goldson? McCourty is due his new deal.  If you sign Goldson to what TB just did, McCourty would have leverage and we'd probably lose him.




    BB never pays that kind of money in the secondary either. Please learn that there is a cap and please learn that BB has a formula with certain salary allocation to each positions.

    Do you ever think before you bash BB and/or Kraft? There is a cap. We had some cap space, certainly as much as any playoff contender last year if not way more, but jesus.

    Wait until Revis's new deal kicks in down there. 

    Would you walk up to BB and call his son "little Stevie Belichick"?  If not, don't do it here, please. I know it's hard for you, but try to show maturity at least once a day.

    As for Wilson, what plays are you talking about while in the box? I can numerous plays where BB had him in the box later in the game with the 2s and 3s and he made tackles or took on their TE in man coverage, where the coverage was good, with the ball going elsewhere.




    Alright, lets play GM for 30 seconds and see if we can solve this huge salary cap dilemma. We have this guy on our team right now that really can't play corner (Kyle Arrington), lets take the 4 million we gave him, and the 1-2 million we gave A. Wilson and sign Gholston. I'm certain we could of had Gholdson's first year cap figure under 6 million. As for next year and our dire need to retain McCourty, why don't we do something totally out of the box? Lets wait and see if the guy can actually play safety at a high level for more than five games, because that's all he's done. If I'm a GM, I'm not going to stay up nights worrying right now if I'm going to be able to retain a guy that failed at corner, had off season shoulder surgery and has done very little to establish himself as a player that will warrant a huge, high priced contract. Now McCourty very well may have a pro bowl year at safety, but he very well may not too.




    You're telling BB, a future HOF coach (and GM), that he is wrong in thinking that a guy like Arrington is not a player he wants?  Arrington is one of the better nickels in this league. He's durable and consistent.  There's a big value there. He's a steady outside CB. I don't' see what the issue is. You're still on this excursion


    ANother guy you and others like to mock here is Rob Ninkovich. BB loves him too and he, too, needs a new deal.  You have to look at who you like and will need to pay in the future.

    Your financial planning must be horrendous.  As a teacher, you don't have a 401K, so I can see why you don't have a clue on this. lol

    So, you're wrong. Paying a Safety 8 million bucks per year with McCourty due is moronic.

    You can't have that kind of money in the secondary. I am not even sure TB can pay Mark Barron when his contract comes due if Revis and Goldson are there.

    Barron is halfway through his deal at the end of this season, so TB is banking on basically a 3 year window that the investment in that part of the field in a small window. Pretty tough division to think you can win a SB in the next 3 years.

    Good luck!

    I like BB's way better.


    What a shock, we don't agree!

    I think you place Arrington in a little higher light than everyone else, and where he should be. I've watched him play, I've seen him at camp...if that's one of the best nickel corners in the league, then the league has got problems.

    I don't mock Nink, I think he is a good player that has grown on me a bit. I do think that if this guy walked after his deal is up, he would be very replaceable. What is it like when you buy a car or anything of consequence? Because you fall in love with these guys just because they are "starting" and have a jersey. What is that like? You must get ripped off quite a bit, because you are so in love and just can't walk away. Belichick would find a replacement for Nink in a month during the off season.

    And are you saying McCourty is a better safety than Gholston? Because you make it sound as if he'll be getting a similar contract - and if we're the ones that give it to him we are complete morons.

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    Re: Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

    Yeah rusty, I didn't even know who Goldson was! Bawahaha! Hey, if I didn't, at least I knew that Curtis Martin could catch...funny how you didn't know that being a big Patriot fan and having the guy play here for three years. Lol!

    And Arrington moves well laterally? That's interesting because he can't move well as the ball sails over his head for completions, but Arrington doesn't know that...he never turns his head to find out. Maybe Arrington should be our safety?

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    Re: Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

    I dont think that is a fair assesment at all. It has been established here on the board ad nauseum, no one wants a different GM than BB...


    Not true.  I want a different GM than BB. 



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    Re: Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

    I just read this whole thread and despite some good points made by all sides I think Rusty has owned it. Little to no mention of his wharped, erroneous, fallacious, border line psychotic hatred for the great one, and he was dead on accurate with his take on Adrian Wilson, Gregory, not going after Goldson, how BB managed the salary cap and especially Arrington being a top nickel corner in the league.

    Well done big guy.


    "Defense Wins Championships"

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    Re: Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

    I have to disagree, Adrian Wilson will start the season playing strong safety next to McCourty at free safety, the defense you saw, in fact the team you saw against the Lions will look nothing like the team that will take the field game one.    Belichick is at practice every day, he knows exactly what he has and he's not going to risk losing players like Wilson, Vince or McCourty when he has so many unproven guys auditioning for jobs.     These old pros are using the preseason as a warm up, they practice tackling, wrapping up, being in position but they aren't going to risk injury exploding on some undrafted free agent WR trying to make it as Detroit's 5th receiver... try again.     The same guys go off the rails at this time every year, why is now supposed to be any different.
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    Re: Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

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    I agree mostly Rusty, but Rodney was nobodys free safety at 6'1# 225. He was just good enough to cover the slot which was a rarity and something I dont expect. I have noticed AW expect when he tries to tackle, he cant break down and square up. Lets hope it works out but Im a little disappointed and I think we need more help.


    "Take care of my B*tch, I may need her back in a couple years"

    Brady to Manning after Wes signed with Denver


    Look at it like this:


    1. A. Wilson is not Rodney. I think Rodney is a HOFer. I think Adrian Wilson has had a debatable HOF career. He got buried in crappy Arizona his whole career. He's like Aneas WIllaims of SSs.

    2. Talib is here to start the year. He won an offseason award.  Dennard, I feel, will be here.

    3. So, even if Gregory is the starter next to McCourty, at least those guys have had a year together, a full camp, etc. I am not saying Gregory is good, but serviceable.  I was hoping A. Wilson would beat him out, but without having enough range, you probably aren't going to start here. BB likes to mix and match Safeties and skill sets. With McCourty starting with Gregory, it appears that will be your starting duo.  It is what it is, just keep in mind, McCourty hasn't been out there yet. It's been a mish mash of Safeties similar to how our O Line was last year, mostly due to some injury issues like Vollmer.

    4. Improved pass rush.  I think this is a given. They have more guys who can do it.

    5. Wilson only needs to be a strategic guy in here. I have seen zero scheming here with him. WHy would BB blitz him in preaseason or how is a rover type sub player needed now?

    We'll see. I don't recall Harrison's first 3 preseason games here so I can't comment on impact with him in preseason that year.

    He did have two tackles in the 3rd preseason game.   Wilson had 2-3 last night on 15 snaps. But, I think it may be clear now that A. Wilson won't be a 3 down guy here. But, I'll take a quality sub player if it includes maybe he and Collins for slower guys like Spikes and maybe Nink on 3rds.

    This is some incredible back pedaling here on your part. Huge!!

    You were saying two months ago how this guy was not going to be coming off the field and was a lock for the HOF! You said this was your 1a signing for the safety position (Reed being 1). 

    And I haven't seen a ton of Wilson this summer, but if he doesn't have more range than Gregory, then the guy doesn't have a pulse. He has to have more range than him, if he doesn't, the guy just flat out shouldn't be here.

    But man, you sure are back pedaling in a huge way.

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    Re: Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

    I guess there is a question as to whether the off-season acquisition for defense have been "successful" or not.  The pass rush have shown signs of improvement - the DBs still remain questionable.  The Patriots might be okay if the pass rush can get to opposing QBs when needed.

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    Re: Adrian Wilson Made me Miss Meriweather last night

    The guy can't COVER-not a good thing if you're a safety--he would make a better LB but not big enough against the run and too slow to cover backs and TEs - I think he should get cut