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Adrian Wilson Makes An Offer

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    Re: Adrian Wilson Makes An Offer

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    I am on board with signing Talib and Arrington. Talib could back fire, but he came cheaply and the Pats wanted to pay cheaply for the CB position. Problem is if he plays well, good bye after 1 year. They will never pay him, and we are back to same old same old.

    I am not on board with the Wilson signing, nor Ed Reed. Pats need a SS that will be here for more than 1 year.

    If the complaint about the problems of this defense are not coaching and alent but ontinuity, what did the Talib and Wilson signings do for them?

    I guess we now wait to see if 34 year old Abe's takes the offer and see if he can hold up for the year, and look for the next old guy next year?

    I am not, nor ever was a Jets fan. Just a Pats fan who for 2-3 years was concerned that they had the Pats concern now are the Phins. I can see them rolling out Wallace, Bess, Hartline, Keller and we have to cover them.



    You are not smarter than BB. Wilson could be here for 2 out of the 3 years to transition Tavon Wilson into the role. What is not to like with the GREAT Adrian Wilson? T Wilson actually did some nice things as a rookie and made some rookie mistakes.   You don't know more than BB and don't have some inside scoop on how they feel about Tavon Wilson in the future here. 

    Miami does this big splash crap every 4 years and no one knows how Tannehill's 2nd year will go.  Usually, switching out a slew of pieces takes some time to settle.  You can't buy a bunch of FAs and win a SB. It NEVER works in that first year UNLESS you have a base built. THis is what the Jets just did and I warned you.

    They have no LT, no lead RB and I can't even tell you who their starting CBs are.  You want a team with a lack of continuity on D right now, and it's Miami.

    A one trick pony in Mike Wallace makes them easy to gameplan for because everyone knows what he's out there for.

    13 million per.  Outrageous and pathetic money management on the market. A disaster for them in the long run. You'll see. Or, maybe you won't because you still can't admit how dumb and wrong you were in your Jets analysis.

    Yes, let's all be concerned about the Jets in 2010 and 2011 and now that BB has his youth base, you think it stinks, and somehow Miami interchanging parts because they botched their 2010 and 2011 drafts, somehow knee jerking moves to cover up those failed drafts is the remedy to blow right past NE.

    You just said you think NE will win 9 games next year.

    If anyone ever had a question about RKarp, don't question his stupidity now. My god.


    I actually said 9-12, but why let facts get in the way


    So your liking Amendola, Jones and yourself (you said you played and the Pats dont have anyone else) over Wallace, Hartline and Bess?

    I never said I was smarter than BB. Only you are, and good thing you have his ear. I am saying the odds are heavily stacked against a 34 or 35 year old S playing well in the NFL...even 30-40% of the snaps

    And dont put words in my mouth like you usually do...I am NOT advocating the PAts break practice and sign a Peppers, Williams or even Wallace for huge money. I am saying they need to pay for players in their prime that an contribute for more than 1 year. They signed 13 FA's last year, and it appears that 1 will be here a 2nd year, Gregory.


    I'll wait for NE's final roster before pretending I know the final roster in March, Corky.


    Also, NE has FAR SUPERIOR TEs than Miami in Gronk, Hern and Ballard. They signed Jets bust, Dusty Keller.

    If BB does bring in Emmanual Sanders, maybe drafts a DeAndre Hopkins, then yes, I'd take Brady's weaponry over Tannehill's.

    I'll also take our LOADED RB group over Daniel Thomas as a lead back in Miami, where he's never even shown he can be lead back as an injury prone back. I'll also take our O Line over theirs.

    Who is their LT? It's sort of an important position and if they go draft for it, they best hope they hit it.


    I am hoping their left tackle is not Vollmer. I think they are willing to go $8-$9m for him, and the Pats arent



    And that again would be Miami overpaying. He'd be going up against blind side and wondering if he can hold up. Isn't that why they just let Long walk? Fear of durability?

    That absolutely would be a typical Miami move.  Overpay and hope.

    they didnt let Long walk. They tried like hell to resign him

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    Re: Adrian Wilson Makes An Offer

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    Funny how none of our free agent signings have worked out and we're the winningest organization in the NFL... can anyone here explain that dichotomy?


    yes, very easily. Best coach in the NFL. Best QB in the NFL. Best offense in the NFL (at least used to be). Best prepared team in the NFL. Easy division. Playoffs have been a struggle.



    Tom Brady and the shotgun base, finesse spread called. 


    BB is tweaking the offense away from it, getting rid of the pieces that just couldn't keep the offense moving through 4 qtrs (Welker, Woodhead, etc), and you're too blind to see that.

    Tell me, Rkarp, what is our average for pts scored in AFC title games and SBs since 2007?


    I am willing to bet you that thge Pats run the spread just as much as they did last year, and Amendola will pay the same role that Wes did.



    I'll take the bet, but I wouldn't know how to quantify it.   BB leaves all options open, but they willl look for more diverstiy from the WR position and commit to run it as much if not more this year.


    I readily admit I don't trust that Brady will be forced back under center more.

    That, I will not bet on.

    I, however, would like for you to start your thread admitting defeat in your Jets cap analysis. By 3.12, they were not 25 million under.

    It was your bet, I actually conceded 5 million from your original premise and you still lost by the 3.12 cut off date. NY was not able to compete for top tier FAs as their roster has been gutted now in full on rebuild mode for years to come.

    You have quite a nerve challenging me to a bet with no real way to have parameters and not following the rules of our last bet that I won again.



    they were $22 milion under at 10:00 pm on MArch 12...So I missed it by 6 hours. I said they would be $20-$30 million under. I believe they currently have more cap space available than the Pats.Obviously it is fluid with Revis soon to be leaving



    You lost the bet. I saw the thread where you tought you won and like 10 people chimed in and bitchslapped you telling you that you lost.


    The whole point of the bet is because you mouthed off saying when the FA doors opened, NY would be competing with NE with cap space similar to what NE had.

    That didn't happen, you lost and you still can't admit it.

    Now, you're on here trolling the board, as some really odd supposed Pats fan telling us now that another AFCE opponent will blow right by this loaded team that BB has been building for the last 2-3 years.


    but I did win the bet. they were $22 under...and they would have competed with the Pats with similar $$ before Brady extended, which no one saw coming except for you. Thanks for telling Kraft to do it