AFC East Rosters

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    AFC East Rosters

    Combine the other three AFC East Teams you get a starting lineup of


    QB: Fitzpatrick

    RB: Bush, Spiller

    WR: Stevie Johnson, Devone Bess

    TE: Scott Chandler

    OL: Jake Long, ?, Nick Mangold, ?, ? (need help filling out the rest of the line...would probably lean towards Buffalo's right side though)


    Defense: 4-3

    Dline: Cameron Wake, Marcel Dareus, Kyle Williams, ?

    LBs: David Harris, Karlos Dansby, Bart Scott

    DBs: Antonio Cromartie, Jarius Byrd, ?, ?


    Point is, the AFC East Rosters outside of the Pats may not even build a Super Bowl contending team put together. MIA I think has the best defense in the division so they probably deserve more players. Fix this roster if you want. This is pretty sad though.

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    Re: AFC East Rosters

    Thats not a bad team if they had a QB. Chandler looked good against the Pats and both running backs are solid. Miami looks like they are finally getting things fixed down there and maybe a team to watch in a couple of years.