Agent Calls Jets' Wilson and Coples BUSTS

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    Re: Agent Calls Jets' Wilson and Coples BUSTS

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    Rusty in meltdown mode with his usual Jet banter...he should head over to his favorite hang out spot "Gang Green" and never come back.

    Hey rust! Tell us again about "salary cap hell"...that scary scary place that left the Raiders with 70 million to spend this off season. Lmao.

    I am in "meltdown" enjoying watching your Jets cut busts like leaves falling off trees? How does that make sense if I hate the Jets, called their collapse to the T, and now enjoy its aftereffects?

    THe board sees you as a complete moron, but that statement you just made adds to the list.

    The Jets trade 2nd rd picks to rent overpaid players in the cap era and toss 2nd rd picks by missing on them constantly.

    It'd be one thing if they hit on their 1st rd picks and others, maybe developed some late rd picks or UDFAs like BB, but they do NONE of that, Cupcake.



    Real Pats fans enjoy the Jets circus.  The fact you don't, tells the board all it needs to know.

    Now we see where you learned about football...over on the Jet's board with your buddies. You ever score any oxy over there? Got to feed the habit, you know.

    Maybe you should move your palatial garden style condo to NY? You and Wayne Chrebet can oxy up and hit on the girls at Hofstra? Bet you'd love that! You can tell them you have a galaxy s4 phone and know so much about music. Lol!

    ^Arguably one of the weakest attempts at a zinger in messageboard history.

    Give it up, Cupcake. You, RKrap and Bustchise are now moritfied because of how you bought into what Woody Johnson was selling all those years of .500 teams only to dribble out sub .500 teams now and for years to come.

    Don't you feel kinda stupid for saying "I wish we did what the Jets did!"?

    I would. I'd feel really, really stupid showing how ignorant I am with teambuilding concepts, after BB built a dynasty here with the formula, right underneath your nose.


    How is that possible? Why would a Pats fan not like what BB has done and praise a losing franchise like the Jetsies?

    Can you explain that, Cuppie?


    What is with the ie word endings. I may not be a homophobe, but they do use that suffix quite often. What gives? Tell us Queen ie. Has anyone ever noticed how the Queen Bean averts responding to the poster who could crush him like a grape. I know, because he could fight his way out of a wet paper bag with a tear in it. He's all web muscle and nothing else. In other words, he a zero, nada, zilch, rien.........should I go on. It's fun making fun of an, 'as Babe would say', imbecile.

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    Re: Agent Calls Jets' Wilson and Coples BUSTS

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    The Jets picked Stephen Hill over Alshon Jeffery?

    FWIW BB picked Brandon Tate over Mike Wallace, Taylor Price over Antonio Brown and Chad Jackson over Greg Jennings or Brandon Marshall. The rustbag is such a pathetic hypocrite.. 

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    Re: Agent Calls Jets' Wilson and Coples BUSTS

    Dougie all u do is post time and time agian about the jets , if a Pats fan talk Pats football. Dougie are you a double secret Jets fan ?

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    Re: Agent Calls Jets' Wilson and Coples BUSTS

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    I am not at all sure why a Jets fan would want to show his face anywhere let alone in a place where they are humiliated year after year after year. And reading its comments I cant find a single thing that its trying to say. Its all meaningless. Like saying "I can beat up your little brother".... over and over. Just nothing there...

    But to speak to the thread's subject, boy it is huge the number of bad Jet high draft picks every year COMBINED with moderately weak middle round and late round picks and with the failure to build through FA and trades and undrafted players. Not total failure in building a team. They have some very good D linemen, pretty decent LBs and a few decent O lineman. But little depth and some huge wholes you could drive a healthy 9 win team through.

    Whether it is Gholston, or Hill or Coples or Wilson (or maybe Miliner) etc... etc... etc.. etc.. etc.. etc... And they go from Sanchez to whats his name... wow....

    But I get the Jets "brain trust"    """"""strategy"""""...... It is a passing league with Peyton Manning cryinging rules so the Jests let Revis go then let Cromartie go and get no one... and they get an OLD LT then a starting to fade Chris Johnson while going nowhere with their TEs and WRs. And who needs a QB when you are not going to throw... except of course you want your QB to be a top 3 team runner... of course....

    Great strategy....

    I GUESS THAT IS WHY THE PATS HAVE HAD A BETTER RECORD THAN THE JESTS FOR 13 STRAIGHT YEARS NOT TO MENTION 3 SB VICTORIES AND ALMOST 2 MORE... What a truly amazing difference in success. WHat a truly lame "brain trust" in NY.


    It appears that Rich Cimini from agrees with you this morning!

    1. Swinging and missing: The release of wide receiver Stephen Hill underscored a shortcoming of the Rex Ryan regime -- the inability to develop offensive draft picks. In the first five drafts under Ryan, the Jets picked 19 players on offense, none of whom have developed into anything close to a Pro Bowl player. In fact, three of the four highest-drafted players are gone -- quarterback Mark Sanchez (first round, 2009), lineman Vladimir Ducasse (second, 2010) and Hill (second, 2012). The last hope from those drafts is quarterback Geno Smith (second, 2013). Running back Bilal Powell (fourth, 2011) and wide receiver Jeremy Kerley (fifth, 2011) are nice role players, but they're not game changers.

    There are a few reasons for the drought, namely: Instability (three offensive coordinators), a defensive-minded culture created by Ryan and, of course, questionable drafting. Hill was a big, big miss. He was actually the No. 14 player on their draft board, well ahead of fellow receiver Alshon Jeffery, who was picked by the Chicago Bears two spots after Hill (43rd overall). To be fair, many of the scouting services rated Hill over Jeffery. The Jets' mistake was trading two draft picks to move up and rushing him into the lineup with no fallback option. Hill never was the same after his killer drop as a rookie in New England.

    2. Stephen (Lam) Hill: I ran into former Jets great Wesley Walker at the recent Hofstra practice, and we got to talking about Hill, whose future with the team already was the subject of speculation. Walker's opinion on Hill was clear: Keep him and continue to coach him up. He felt Hill had too many positive traits to be jettisoned after only two years. Walker brought up the name of a former teammate -- Johnny (Lam) Jones. The mere mention of Jones' name is enough to make longtime Jets fans cringe, but Walker didn't mean it in a negative way. He made the comparison because he felt Jones was a talented receiver who never fulfilled his potential because he wasn't properly developed. At least Jones got five years before he was dumped; Hill got only two.

    3. Cornering the market on mistakes: General manager John Idzik deserves to be criticized for his handling of the cornerback situation, especially now that Dimitri (Don't Call Me AWOL) Patterson is a goner, but this whole Darrelle Revis angle is tired. That bridge was burned by both sides, and the Jets weren't interested in repairing it. I didn't criticize Idzik at the time, so I certainly won't second-guess him now. My problem is that his non-Revis plan wasn't any good. In free agency, he identified Patterson as a starting-caliber player even though he had only 20 career starts and had played with six teams in 10 years, wearing out his welcome in most places. (From what I understand, he was considered a diva around the Jets even before he went AWOL.) Instead of doubling down in the draft, Idzik didn't draft a corner until the third round -- the injury-prone Dexter McDougle, who is out for the season. How's it all working out?