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Rex Ryan - New Chargers head Coach ???

     I don't see Rex getting fired. Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, and current OC Tony Sparano are another matter. Rex is a good coach, whose done a great job with the Jets' defense. He has nothing to work with on offense. Though Mark Sanchez will never be a Brady-like franchise QB, he's servicable. But, he needs to be surrounded with weapons. He currently has none. Who does he have to throw to...Jeremy Curley?? Top RB Shonn Greene isn't as good as BJGE, or Stevan Ridley.    

Rex Ryan is a great defensive coordinator.  I don't think that he motivated the Sanchize particularly well, or Plaxico, and maybe not Quinton Motivation Coples either.  If the hallmark of Rex Ryan teams is that they fall apart and act stupid, that usually won't win him a head coaching job, not with his record.