AL Davis Lives!!!!!!!

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    AL Davis Lives!!!!!!!

    Now that the Patriots have gone from patsies to an "ELITE" franchise,much like the 49ers of the Walsh/Montana era,I was hoping that the Hated Raiders would return to relevance on the national stage. Same could be said for the Cowboys.The NFL is much better league when the "lightning rod" franchises(YES WE ARE!!! ) are successful on the field.I remember watching every "dark days" games from Plunkett(barely) Grogan thru the "Turnaround " stage of this franchise( Parcells/Bledsoe).The thing that got me thru those roguh times as a young Pats fan is that no matter whom you rooted for, you still watched the marquee teams(Raiders,Steelers,Cowboys/Skins etc.) with as much passion(hate/jealousy) as if it were your own game.Hell in baseball, fans of the American league barely pay attn. to the NL (unless u play fantasy) until the post season.So when I saw that the Raiders had parted ways with a coach I could actually like (anyone who can beeyatch slap an asst and walk away teflon clean is ok in my book....Especially for football), I felt a twinge of sadness.They seemed to be headed in the right direction.Seymour/draft pick/tuck rule/Stingley/Late hit on Stabler... the game next year will be big regardless. Lets hope the cadaver AL Davis,with his one last breath isnt ruining the franchises chance to return to decency( them and their ignorant yet so fun to play with fans).....
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    Re: AL Davis Lives!!!!!!!

    sorry! I will hate the fkn raiders for the rest of my life. why? simple. Jack Tatum.