Albert Breer

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    Re: Albert Breer

    Virtually all the good reporters have deserted the print media. What they are left with are young writers with no resume, and lazy hack columnists. 

    Breer is trying to be the next Felger. He can't even begin to reach that level of sucktitude.
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    Re: Albert Breer

    Breer is a leading journalist.... .... typos at least!  Don't know his agenda, but I do know his sloppiness....maybe that's why he seems to favor the Jets over the Pats.
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    Re: Albert Breer

    In Response to Re: Albert Breer:
    In Response to Re: Albert Breer : I don't think you remember the 2001 team.  Or 2003,  or 2004 for that matter.  Remember having to use Troy Brown as a defensive back?  Remember Antowain Smith?  Who played corner opposite Ty Law?  How many times did we watch punt fall short?  What did Jermaine Wiggins do OUTSIDE of the playoffs in 2001? Point I'm trying to make here, those teams were not held in high esteem by the media.  only exception was the 2004, they got SOME love, but in truth, the Media wheels didn't start really liking us till 2005, which is laughably ironic.   I don't know how this team will do, but I believe that many of my concerns watching last years games were addressed.  Our offense seems set to have a varied attack that concentrates on converting on 3rd down and scoring in the red area.  Our defense, slow and bad in coverage, is faster and seems to defend the pass better.  The pass rush still makes me nervous, as I haven't seen them get there yet.  But they are close, and scheme MAY fix that.  But we were in most games last year, and small improvement on D and larger improvements on O should get us over the top.  Dolphins are a bit better, but not much.  Jets actually took a step BACK on offense, I think.  Defense seems the same.  
    Posted by TroyBrown80

    That is absolutely spot on in terms of capturing the perception of the Pats at that time.

    All we ever heard about for years was Indy and Pitt in the AFC. 

    NE was never considered a great team until they won SB 38 and rolled into the 2004 season.

    People have poor memories of how that whole DYnasty era unfolded. To this day, I have never seen a classic dynasty team so passed over in terms of understanding how great those teams were.

    This is the salary cap era and their success then is actually why there are so many irrational fans now.

    Couple that era with the SB 42 loss, the first under BB, and some are just beyond logical in looking at things rationally.

    If NE had won SB 42, I'd be we'd see far less of thise behavior with opinions on this board with some NE fans.
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    Re: Albert Breer

    In Response to Re: Albert Breer:
    As soon as I heard that Brady had signed his extension, I immediately came to BDC to see if Breer had anything to break...but yet again, scooped by Schefter, and of all people...PETER KING! haha sorry Breer But in all honesty, it's not that he hates on the pats, he doesn't write anything people of the area want to read. Prime Example: going on a tour of other teams' training camps?! I don't give two sh$%s about what the redskins are doing in TC! What I want to know is how our guys look and what's going on down in Foxboro. Example 2: That slam article on Moss the other day saying things rarely end well with know why that is?! Because he got stuck with nobody to throw him the ball, and he was tired of busting his behind and wasting his SUPREME talent only to have his QB get sacked again and again..once Culpepper got busted up, it was all downhill from there. And let's not forget, it was ONLY 2 teams, one of which was Oakland. That doesn't even count as a team.
    Posted by gtg5017

    There is no doubt Breer and his bandits here have been told to approach the Pats in a certain way, similarly to the model of ESPN and how they do it there.

    It's very obvious. Do the Bruins, Celtics or even the Red Sox get such biased anti-coach coverage?

    No, they don't. The Bruins coverage here is very fair and at times almost pom-pom laden as they prop of Jeremy Jacobs for 35 years of ineptitude.

    Franconca gets every pass in the book because he's a nice guy and a great politician when it comes to dealing with the media.  Same with Doc Rivers.  The  media loves him.   He talks a lot and gives great quotes.

    With BB, we all know, he talks and gives little to no info with canned answers.

    This is the source of the snide one liners buried in their columns.    Every column focuses on the negative, regardless of how small it is.  Sure, some of the aspects of the focus are accurate, but most are not.

    Look at Bob Ryan, Young and Gasper's columns from the other day. They all focused on some dramatic and irrational premise surrounding the Pats.

    Meanwhile, Breer cut and pastes into his blog and asks fans dumb questions.

    Horrendous Pats coverage here at the Globe. Fans deserve much, much better than this.  This is a top 3 sports market anywhere in the world. 

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    Re: Albert Breer

    Breer can have an opinion!  But he is still a journalist hack. 
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    Re: Albert Breer

    In Response to Re: Albert Breer:
    Garytx, most of the reporters I've read that grade the Pats out at less than ten wins, site the Patriots are really, really,  old and need to get younger. In other words, most of them are "cut and pasters" and really have no clue about the Pats.
    Posted by rtuinila

    Really?...old?  Wow.  That's a new one on me.  I haven't seen that one.
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    Re: Albert Breer

    In Response to Re: Albert Breer:
    People who are 100% confident in our corners going into the season just aren't grounded in reality.  I'm not saying our corners will be bad--in fact, I have very high hopes for McCourty and am hoping for the best from Butler--but these guys are too young and untested for anyone to know whether they can play at a high level or not.  And even if they do turn out to be top-notch players, they are certain to go through at least some growing pains this year.  Corner is a hard position to learn, and guys don't usually step in and play perfectly from their first day in the NFL.  I'm sure even BB is nervous about his corners this year.  So, yeah, it's wrong to say corner is a disaster for us yet--but it's equally wrong to assume we have nothing at all to worry about with our starting corners.  Time will tell, but going into the season corner is a big question mark. It could turn out fine.  It could be a disaster.  Tomorrow's game will certainly be interesting, though, because our young guys get matched up with good receivers on a team with a good quarterback.  If our corners hold up well, I'll be significantly more confident about their ability to hold up for the season.  If they struggle, though, I won't get all depressed, because it's still early and they've got some time to learn before we're really in trouble. This could be a work in progress and our week seven corners could have the same names as they did in week one, but be very much better players. 
    Posted by prolate0spheroid

    I don't think anybody here is going in with the idea that the CBs are going to be absolute studs and will take over the world.  They are talented young CBs that will make some bozo moves to go along with the great ones.  They have talent and now it's about gaining experience.  Belichick obviously knows this and probably doesn't mind so much about mistakes as long as they don't repeat them and learn from them.

    I do agree with you on the Bengals though.  This is a great test for the young secondary.  If they hold up here things will be looking up.
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    Re: Albert Breer

    Nobody knows how the Pats will play this year.  Shaughnessy says that today and it is true. We just do not know.  But the same goes for every team.