albert haynesworth

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    albert haynesworth

    think about it.

    -Even though we are 3-4 defence we do 4-3 all the time, he doesn't have to be play nose.
    -The most of the guaranteed money is already paid for.
    - Frees us our first rounder huh huh. we can get a running back or a wide reciever.

    -He isn't an ideal citizen.
    -Its still goona be expensive
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    Re: albert haynesworth

    Not gonna happen.
    He has more character holes than a swiss cheese. He keeps getting flagged for personal fouls. Kraft mentioned that locker room chemistry is very important and may have caused problems in 09. He wants classy guys and Fat Albert ain't one of them. More over, he just wants to go after QB and get sacks which will help him negotiate for more money when the time comes. So he won't be comfortable playing DE in our 34 and playing nose is out of the question. Not to mention the huge cap hit we have to take apart from a possible 2nd draft pick.
    No thanks sir, but I think I'm all set.