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In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:


^This was supposed to be a counter to MArvin Harrison assualting two people (one a child) in the streets of Philly or Aldon Smith doing it?


Talk about a fail, Underpanties.


Don't try to change the subject, troll.  This is about Aldon Smith and the Anti-Patriot world at large.  This has nothing to do with Marvin Harrisoon.  Besides, we ALL know that Marvin Harrison wasn't charged with any crime, let alone murder, because the Philly prosecutor hates the Patriots. 


I am laughing at you and your ineptitude  and inability to understand something so simple.  Forget the GED, your not ready for that.  You need remedial reading and probably toilet training. 

Rusty owned.


Umm, what?


I am trying to change the subject as you swoop in to troll this thread as a COlts fan because you know I am right?

Are you denying the media hates Bill Belichick and THAT is the reason for the media overly-obsessing over every issue, regardless of how big or small?

Tell us, Underpanties.

Why can't I find one article on the Denver Broncos atrocious defense in 2013, which is worse than their poor defense in 2012?

Can you exlplain that? 

I would never deny that the media hates Belichick.  nearly the entire world hates Belichick.  It as obvious as the sky is blue.  The impetus for nearly all action or non-action throughout the world is in response to hatred for Bill Belichick.  Its obvious.  Anyone with a brain knows this is why Smith hasn't been charged with Murder.  We know this is why Harrison hasn't been charged with Murder. 

The only reason no one is talking about how poor the Denver defense is has nothing at all to do with Manning's historic fireworks on the other side of the ball, its because the media hates belichick.  In Indiana, the local media write about the colts, not because they are a local team, but because the media hates belichick. 

I got it.  I am onboard.  We are going to beat this drum until the sticks breaks, arms fall off, or ear drums burst.