Aldon Smith

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    Aldon Smith

    Would you want the Pats to pick this guy up if the 49ers release him. Instant game changer,him and chandler jones would take this defense to unimaginable heights, especially with our new secondary.


    But he's also a complete knucklehead, and the "bomb" comment might be too soon especially considering what anniversary is coming up.


    I do believe that there's at least a 33% chance he's cut...49ers have had a rough offseason and might decide to make a statement...

    I don't think id like this guy wearing the uniform, I believe his off field stuff is starting to pile up way too fast at a young age...but the thought of him on this defense is intriguing

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    Re: Aldon Smith

    It's interesting. I want to see what all the facts are at the end. I read that he wasn't out of control like it's reported but just agitated. That's a pretty big difference. I still think he's an idiot for getting himself into that position but it may not be as bad as it's being reported.