All in for 2013!

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    In the spirit of this post..why don't we look for diamonds in the rough on other teams and get the word.put to BB ...I'm very confident that teams with good wrs.have good wrs on the bench...teams with strong defensive lines have good players that might not get a shot BC of the strength of the starters...finally I'm convinced that teams need good wrs to win nowadays...Giants, Green Bay, Saints,.now Ravens...blueprint is there .

    go get TFB a stud WR...please!


    Problem is that every team tries to develop the next cheaper option at each position while playing the good players. Thats why a GB is probably letting two good receivers walk this year, because they are going to be too expensive and they have rookie contract guys ready to step in to starting roles. I see Hightower/Spikes in thhat light. Spikes is probably gone next year because his price will be too high, but Hightower will be ready to replace him. And the Pats would probably trade Spikes this year if they could get good value for him.


    spikes and mallet for a top 3 pick. that'd work for me.

    id take de werner probably, dt star a possibility too.

    bb would trade down and have 10 picks in the draft (he loves him some quantity picks. like a kid in a candy store). the top 2 being jags who hang around 3 years till its clear they have no value on a playoff team.

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    Re: All in for 2013!

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    please tell me all the players the giants "fell all over themselves" to get after they couldn't make the pats...

    that sounds like a rusty-ism

    This isn't a giant's forum, jints fans can go blow themselves.