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Alternate Draft Scenarios for Patriots

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    Re: Alternate Draft Scenarios for Patriots

    TexasPat3: Though theorizing an imaginary draft is fun take a look at the players in your imaginary draft and compare them to what they actually took:they took Vollmer who was rising up the boards like a rocket as a LT because of his size-while Oher had dropped precipitiously from an early 1rst round pk to a late first rounder and he was being projected as a RT,I think BB and Dante saw Vollmer as the better value with more untapped talent.Chung is a wash. This is where it gets tricky;We trade up from 47 to 41 so we have back to back picks and we get Ron Brace instead of going offensive line and in your scenario with the 4th pick we take Martin but instead we get what should have been a 1rst Butler.Then Tate would be a wash as would Mckenzie and you are right we get 2,2nd rounders next year with BB's selections and we get the guard Olhnberger who BB and Dante preffered instead of Levitre,so the I like your draft had it played out that way,I think we got true value at each of the positions you were concerned about.This was not an overly talented draft but the were a lot of the same level player available from late first round to say mid 4th round.
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    Re: Alternate Draft Scenarios for Patriots

    Nice subject Pat.  I think it proves to us further that this was a pretty good draft for the Pats.

    Looking at your after draft what I see is Oher in place of Brace and Butler.  I don't know if I would do that.  Not to mention the two draft choices for next year as you pointed out.