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Always admired ....

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    Always admired ....

    Red Auerbach as a person, coach/GM/President of the Celtics. My purpose for this post is the NFL Draft and the process of Redshirting. The process of redshirting is academic to College sports for various reasons. However, Red Auerbach did redshirt Larry Bird a year before eligibility for a Pro Team.

    The following Excerpt from Wiki:
    Despite knowing that Bird had a year of college eligibility remaining, he drafted Bird in the 1978 NBA Draft and waited for a year until the future Hall-of-Fame forward Bird arrived, finally setting aside his team salary rules when it became clear that his choices were paying Bird a record-setting rookie salary or watch him simply re-enter the 1980 draft. Bird then became the highest-paid Celtic as a rookie, with a $650,000-per year deal. Auerbach immediately sensed that the brilliant, hardworking Bird would be the cornerstone of a new Celtics generation.[2] /excerpt

    What do you think about NFL redshirting? If this was instituted by the NFL how interesting would it make the Draft? Setting aside (eliminating) the mandate as bolded in the above excerpt and just consider a rule of ownership of a redshirt player. Teams would be allowed to redshirt in any draft round limited to ONE redshirt per draft. Making this further interesting would mean that the redshirt player would be taken first round by the redshirt Team the following year, trade it away etc. I'm thinking this would be interesting to say the least. Sure still a crapshoot but using Johnny Manziel as an example .....How about you, any thoughts?

    Would NFL Owners/Mr.Goodall/Players Union and YOU see positive on this?

    Wishing all healthy and happy ...;-)

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    Re: Always admired ....

    BY using Johnny Manziel as an example, It dawned on me that he has 2 more years of eligibility at T A&M so in the event he still does'nt register for the draft then the original redshirt team has first option on him again. Meaning another Team could not possibly underscore the redshirt unless they trade for the pick.



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    Re: Always admired ....

    Not going to happen - no real benefit as you are just bringing forward a selection process that already has that built in with players coming out early. Plus you are adding in all the injury/developmental issues to an already imperfect evaluation process.

    I believe the NBA closed the red-shirt loophole after the Bird deal.