Just sitting here going over articles.....

Seriously how lucky are we as New England sports fans?

Last year the Bruins win the Cup, the Patriots were in the Super Bowl, and now the Celtics are 1 game away from the Finals.

It just goes to show how the Coaches of the Pro Sports teams here in the Shiiity of Boston are the best sports has to offer. Face it, our forefathers slapped the Red Coat British and sent them home crying (just like the Jets, hmmm are the Jets British?):)

I gota tell ya, I miss New England, the Ice Cold Beers, Haddock Fish, Clam Chowder, B&M Beans, Women with sweaters, although from May to December the women here are always in tightie short shorts.

Thank You New England!
For the days of Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan, Red Auerbach, Tiny Tim, Carl Yastrzemski

Anyone remember Willie Whistle the clown from chanel 38 in the 1970's ?

Feel free to post pics of your old remembered Boston favorites...